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September 20, 2021, 3:17 pm



MeChat In 3 Minutes Or Less

Doing business online has exploded over the years. Modern businesses, organizations and municipalities require a flexible and sustainable digital strategy to navigate a successful economic recovery and maintain a competitive advantage. 

MeChat Universe is a social network for businesses who need digital space for commercial use. Each digital space is connected to a QR Code and a suite of business tools to help users:

  • start a business,
  • market their business,
  • take payments online or in person, and
  • build generational wealth with others - all without leaving their digital space.

Plus, customers can join the digital space and in the future businesses will be able to collect payments and track funds inside their digital spaces.

MeChat connects digital spaces to other buyers and merchants from across the world through software, insights, and a digital universe. 

Customers and users use QR Codes to access digital properties and other digital assets. To invest in MeChat‘s modern economy users can contribute to passion projects that build wealth and grow each contributors portfolio.

MeChat’s digital property, QR Codes, and other assets are SMART  and can manage a range of FinTech services including the collection of customer data, payments and more - all in one place. 

How SMART is MeChat?

MeChat is:

  • Specific (Establish a simple, clear numerical Purpose to track).
  • Measurable ((BI) Business Intelligence tools to track your progress).
  • Achievable (Create measurable Outcomes with goals, tasks, and objectives).
  • Relevant (Each outcome is relevant and realistic to your business plan or life purpose).
  • Time bound (Create reasonable timelines within budget to achieve outcomes until you reach the next level).

MeChat digital spaces are sold by level of access to professional services, tailored business tools, advance analytics, and tradable digital assets; all of which increases the value of digital properties by creating generational wealth and sustainable businesses. 


Can I Preorder A MeChat Code NOW?


Preorder now for the term you need. All digital spaces will be completed, and released on or before July 3, 2022 (MeChat's launch date). The more preorders we have the faster we can begin to onboard businesses who preordered to facilitate digital business, build digital Economies, or create Metaverses on MeChat.

Preorders can be obtain by renting, leasing, and purchasing digital assets to bundle with the Free QR Codes users are giving when they sign up

While renting digital spaces may be limited and incur higher transaction fees, leasing digital spaces include additional opportunities and assets such as:

  1. Digital Wallets
  2. Sustainable business tools
  3. Self-employed benefits
  4. Professional services
  5. Royalties, Dividends, and Passive Income

All five digital assets are rented or leased on a monthly or annual basis with the expectation that MeChat takes care of:

  • maintenance of server space
  • partnering for discounted benefits and community perks
  • providing on-demand software development
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • free patching
  • community backups
  • among others, so QR Code owners can focus on their business while increasing the value of their QR Codes and building wealth.

The new update will also feature a global online shopping mall called, MainStreet, U.S.A.

Likewise, to advertise to buyers across the world QR Code owners can purchase ad space on MainStreet. 

Buy renting, leasing, or purchasing the server space that powers their QR Code and adding digital aasets to their virtual properties QR Code owners can become digital tenants and landowners in MeChat’s digital universe. 

As digital tenants and landowners you will have accesss to MainStreet, U.S.A. where you can buy and sell:

With the new MeChat.Us upgrades, QR Code owners will be able to take advantage of banking, professional services, and enterprise software – all in one.

* To preorder QR Codes, preorder now on

🚨 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL 🚨  Preorder a Level 2-9 Universe Subscription and get your subscription free until July 2022.  Use link above to Preorder your digital asset from MeChat’s News Desk.


Do you want a free QR Code for your business? 

When you own a MeChat Code you get more than a QR Code to view PDFs. Your QR Code includes the digital space, tools, and passive income that you need to build wealth.

Plus, no prior landowner or business experience needed. MeChat provides you with an online, convenient, flexible, and mobile Buisness Center to help you: 

  • Access professional services
  • Enjoy concierge networking opportunities
  • Management teams
  • Take a deeper dive into your business model
  • Improved your company’s valuation
  • Discover and mitigate key risk factors

While offline, QR Code owners will be able to attend MeChat sponsored events, town halls, and corporate retreats. 

For new users start by getting a free QR Code on:




Top Benefits of MeChat QR Codes

With any MeChat QR Code businesses can:

  1. Receive improved control, oversight, and management for your business,
  2. build marketable communities for people who are passionate about their brand or purpose,
  3. responsibly collect customer data by selecting only the data that they need,
  4. fairly compensate customers who want to sell their personal information to
  5. fairly compensate QR Code owners who want to sell their marketable consumer data, and
  6. perform secure and fast transactions such as receiving and sending payments - all in one place.



How to Join MeChat

Until MeChat launches July 3, 2022,


MeChat will be releasing new features and removing others as we complete the universe's final framework. 


Create an Account Today on to reserve a guaranteed space and service in MeChat universe. Plus preorder today and get to try out experimental digital features. 

Preorder Digital Assets on to help support development:

MeChat is here to help you with your questions: Sales: (404) 955-0382

MeChat for Vendors (Manage your physical operations - On the Go)

MeChat for Startups (Business Strategies, Software, Systems and Intelligence)

MeChat for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Business Startup Services that's one click away)

MeChat for Investors (Islands)

MeChat for Developers (APIs for building Banking, Calendars, Social Networking, and more using MeChat to power your digital business)

MeChat for Municipalities (Toursim, Convenience, Increased Revenue)

MeChat for Sponsors (Sponsors)

MeChat for Project Managers (Project Manager)

MeChat for Educators (LMS)

MeChat for Social (Linktree vs MeChat)

MeChat for Freelancers (Make Full-Time Income on a Part-Time Schedule)

MeChat for Merchants (Payment Processors, Tournaments, Membership)

MeChat for Leadership (Retreats, World Building, Monetize Your Purpose)

MeChat for Purpose (Bridging the Equity Gap Between Black and White America)

MeChat for Passive Income (Royalties, Dividends, Bonuses, Community Chests)

MeChat for Family Members (Cryptocurrency members of AJFF (Antonio James Family Foundation))

MeChat for Visionaries (Cloud America, Modern Economy, Miniverses)

MeChat Membership (Get Involved in the Making of MeChat)

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