Invest in MeChat Universe

Invest up to $31 million in MeChat Universe to turn our financial literacy course into a video game to make learning business and financial more visual and interactive.

- Business Plan

- Financial Projections

- Demonstration

You can also invest in the startups that are currently enrolled in our Financial Literacy Course.



Graduate and you will win positions as part of your rewards.


The game is about collecting as many positions that you can, in as many business plans as you can, before graduation that occurs at the end of the business season.


MeChat Universe will provide activities each business season for users to win additional positions into other players business plans. Graduates can win up to 30 times their initial investment.


Graduates can CashOut their positions for cash, other rewards, and professional services throughout the offseason. Positions carry over into the following business season but cannot be cashed out until after the business season.

Business Season July 3 to Graduation.


Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your characterโ€™s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.