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Thank you for sponsoring a newsroom this will help kids in underserved communities become future change makers.

The Good Life party is a social club sponsored by MeChat. MeChat is a boutique software design and development company that create engaging applications for the Good Life Party.

As a way to make a difference in local communities MeChat and the Good Life party will partner to open Good Life centers in opportunity zones and underserved communities across America

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Enter the number of newsrooms you want to sponsor. Sponsored newsrooms are $250 each, per month.

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Breakdown of Sponsorship

If you are not looking to sponsor, but want to add newsrooms to your institution or organization, click here.

When you sponsor newsrooms are $250 each, per month, your gift helps the Good Life party maintain and launch Good Life centers across America. For transparency your sponsorship generally breaks down each month to pay for:

  • $10 for online newsroom
  • $100 towards STEM facilities
  • $50 towards staffing
  • $65 towards operations
  • $10 shared between all centers for individual expenditures
  • $6 towards R&D
  • $5 towards other (legal, marketing, etc.)
  • $3 towards events and awards
  • $1 towards Rainy Day Fund
  • If you are not looking to sponsor, but to license new newsrooms for your institution or organization, click here.

Sponsors get an Extra Vote

Sponsors are automatically invited to Good Life political and networking events, including fundraisers, red carpets, and choosing a 2024 Presidential nominee.

As a sponsor you will get two votes toward choosing a 2024 Presidential Nominee.

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