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Addressing the Ambitions of a Mayor: Bridging the Financial Education Gap

MeChat Universe and Mayors are Spearheading Financial Literacy Education to Empower Low-Income Communities

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

September 13, 2023, 5:34 pm



MeChat Universe wants to help Mayors bride the Financial Education Gap in their communities using a new transformational, more impactful approach. 

In the pursuit of ambitious goals for your city, it's crucial to acknowledge the stark financial literacy gap within low-income communities, which prevents a city from reaching its full potential, thus making it more difficult to budget transformational legacy projects and provide essential and ambitious goals that grow your city. 

MeChat Universe, a leader in cutting-edge financial literacy education, is driving the effort to increase public awareness for financial literacy education by forming strategic alliances with local mayors. Together, we will offer your city a customized financial literacy program that will educate, revitalize, and coach low-income communities on important financial matters like bank accounts, stocks, and investing in their neighborhood.

Below, we explain how MeChat Universe helps mayors create enduring legacies and growth for their city by offering MeChat Universe as a distinctive program offered in your city.


Filling the Financial Education Gap

By centralizing financial education efforts within cities, MeChat Universe can educate and enable a larger number of citizens to contribute valuable assets to their communities, with their efforts aligned with citizens own unique needs and aspirations.

MeChat Universe not only changes how low-income communities approach and discuss financial matters, it empowers users with the tools and infrastructure to execute what they learn in our virtual business environment.

More Accessible 

Traditional financial literacy programs focus on the youth, however MeChat Universe focuses on bridging the gap from age 3 to adults retiring in poverty.

We can work with your whole city to craft a  comprehensive financial literacy programs that reflects your culture and is adaptable to every city's budget and current programs. 

Measuring Impact and Ensuring Accountability

At the close of each annual program cycle, MeChat Universe technology automatically delivers comprehensive reports directly to each Mayor. These reports will be accompanied by detailed studies showcasing how your initiatives have positively impacted your city's economy and elevated the financial literacy of its residents.


A Holistic Approach to Empowerment

Cities that choose to partner with MeChat Universe stand to gain from a holistic blend of financial, personal, and professional development workshops, each spanning six months of the year. 

Additionally, MeChat Universe collaborate with top-tier consulting firms to establish itself as the go-to financial literacy platform for cities eager to foster economic growth from within.


Using  Technological To Leap Financial Literacy Forward

MeChat Universe stands out by motivating users through an engaging, gamified curriculum designed to 'unlock' financial resources. The curriculum adjusts the difficulty of questions to match users' financial proficiency levels, ensuring an inclusive learning experience.

Moreover, our cutting-edge technology introduces a dedicated financial literacy school, equipped with student IDs, a virtual library, and a wealth of resources. 



This virtual learning environment empowers citizens to craft their own business plans, launch enterprises that provide employment opportunities, and efficiently manage their finances, including establishing business credit lines.

Notably, our school's world-class technology streamlines the certification and qualification processes for city services, saving valuable man-hours, reducing administrative errors, and thus, saving your city substantial funds.

"Every city's growth hinges on the financial empowerment and education of its entire population, irrespective of their income level," emphasized Filmmaker Antonio James, the Director of MeChat Universe. "Mayors and financial institutions can collaborate with MeChat Universe to chart a distinctive path towards financial freedom through world class education, encompassing budgeting, cash flow management, financial psychology, personal development, and essential life skills," he continued.


An Adventure to Financial Freedom and Success: Pilot Phase and Subscription Information

Since its inception in February 2023, MeChat Universe has witnessed rapid growth, attracting over 3,000 individuals and investments exceeding $700,000. We are expanding swiftly, providing a pathway for individuals ready to surmount financial barriers and navigate towards financial freedom.

The next pilot phase for cities is scheduled for July 2024, spanning six months and will include 20 workshops and additional learning aids to help users navigate the system and new role in life. Institutions, cities, and community organizations alike, are highly encouraged to subscribe now to ensure their program is fully developed in time for the upcoming season. 

Note: A minimum 30% deposit is required for activation, the rest must be paid 90 days before the start of the pilot season. Each additional coaching session packages are 4 sessions per $15,000.

For more information about the MeChat Universe Financial Freedom Project, visit www.MeChat.Us.



For Ordering, Questions, & Media Contact:

Angelo Byrd

CEO of MeChat Universe

Email: [email protected]


About MeChat Universe

MeChat Universe is a leading provider of innovative financial literacy education, committed to empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial success. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, MeChat Universe is on a mission to transform the way people approach and manage their finances, ultimately driving economic growth and prosperity in underserved communities.


What's The Next Steps

Using our Sponsorship Rate Card, here is an outline of the next 20 steps in the sponsorship process:

  1. Needs Assessment: We'll start by understanding your specific sponsorship objectives and requirements in more detail.
  2. Customization: Based on your needs, we'll customize the chosen sponsorship package to align with your goals.
  3. Pricing Negotiation: We'll engage in negotiations to arrive at a mutually agreeable sponsorship fee.
  4. Contract Drafting: We'll draft a formal sponsorship agreement outlining all terms and conditions.
  5. Legal Review: Both parties will review and ensure legal compliance and clarity of the contract.
  6. Signing the Agreement: Once both parties are satisfied, we'll sign the sponsorship agreement.
  7. Payment Terms: We'll establish a payment schedule that works for your Family Office.
  8. Integration Planning: We'll plan how to integrate your brand into our team's activities and communications.
  9. Jersey Design: For title and platinum sponsors, we'll work on the design of the team jerseys featuring your logo.
  10. Marketing Collateral: We'll create marketing materials and content highlighting our partnership.
  11. Event Planning: If applicable, we'll coordinate your involvement in team events and tournaments.
  12. VIP Access: We'll arrange VIP access for you and your representatives to team events.
  13. Public Announcements: We'll plan the official public announcement of our partnership.
  14. Press Releases: We'll prepare press releases to share our collaboration with the media.
  15. Content Creation: We'll develop content to promote your sponsorship across our social media and digital platforms.
  16. Merchandise Collaboration: If desired, we can explore collaborations on team merchandise featuring your brand.
  17. Performance Tracking: We'll set up metrics to track the impact of our partnership on your objectives.
  18. Feedback Loop: Regular communication to address any questions or concerns and ensure satisfaction.
  19. Renewal Discussions: As the season progresses, we can discuss renewing and expanding our partnership.
  20. Post-Season Review: We'll conduct a thorough review of our partnership's success and areas for improvement.

These steps will help us ensure a successful and mutually beneficial sponsorship journey. We're excited to work closely with your Family Office and embark on this exciting esports sponsorship adventure together.





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