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October 12, 2021, 2:08 pm



MeChat Universe is a financial education game that teaches people how to create wealth through the lens of an entrepreneur. 

Rather you start a business to turn your passion into profit, improve the lives of others, or achieve financial security MeChat Universe will guide you through entrepreneurship until you are living the life of your dreams.

In MeChat Universe it’s much easier to become your own boss as each character comes with it’s own CEO Toolkit to simplify business ownership until you understand your business and finances and start making creating moves that gets you closer to your financial goals. 

If you would like to start playing, invest in one of the 14 game characters to:

  • Join the next game season
  • Join the ultimate conversation on financial literacy
  • Create a fully functional business
  • Get up to 30x return of what you put in it
  • Find Product market fit
  • Complete a business plan
  • Achieve a positive cash flow
  • CashOut monthly passive income
  • Amass lifelong assets

If users successful start their business according to their characters Roadmap To Success they will graduate and collect up to 30 times their investment in game winnings.

But if users don’t graduate, user looses the game, receives nothing, and must pay to play again for another year.

Characters in MeChat Universe start at $10 per year and users only need one character as one character can own, partner, and invest in multiple startups in the Universe.

As characters graduate levels in the game they will collect as much cash, rewards, and level ups as they can.

The decisions players make in MeChat Universe will impact players’ stats and real-life financial goals. 

By turning business and money into a playable game, players can level up as they become more financial literate, giving players the ability to:  

  • receive expansive business education & financial knowledge
  • manage daily operations & projects
  • establish systems & cultures
  • manage human capital
  • improve communication with your team
  • create and manage repeatable processes

until users create new virtual worlds that: 

  1. Empower economic freedom.
  2. Reduce unemployment.
  3. Uplift emerging markets out of poverty.

Only in MeChat Universe can players become what they play, earn from what they build, and get the latest in:

  • SaaS Technology
  • Best Practices
  • Business Systems
  • Online Training
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Business News
  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurial Advice
  • Vacation and R&R Rewards
  • Millions of new opportunities created by players worldwide 
  • Do anything business all in one place

MeChat Universe is designed by celebrity business coach and Hollywood Film Director Antonio James



Key Features

  • The next business season starts July 3, 2023. Order your characters now 
  • Real life-RPG game To Become An Entrepreneur  
  • Take your Skills, Passions, Knowledge, & Purpose to the Next Level
  • Start a Successful Business using Financial Literacy and Hands-On Training
  • Play 14 Levels of The American Dream Financial Course 
  • Complete Tasks Within Each Players’ Virtual Environment
  • Receive Daily Guidance from Mentors and other Players
  • Get up to 1 Year to Play On Your Own Time
  • Graduate with Certificates, Rewards, Honors, and Achievements


Everyone is required to graduate from levels 1-14, but subscribing to higher level character can give you a toolkit to make completing lower levels faster, easier, and more enjoyable.




How Do I Access MeChat Universe?

MeChat Universe is modeled after major city centers where millennials live, work, and play in co-op spaces and unlimited career-enhancing perks - all in one place. 

To make our “business city” more accessible to people MeChat Universe is played mostly online. 

For example, instead of meeting in-person players create virtual newsrooms to meet up and share news, contribute to tasks, host video meetings, audio conferences, and live events. 

The game features a Corporate IDE workflow system that players can log into and build a visual replica of their company’s identity.

After buildout, players login to MeChat Universe to play and graduate 1 of the 14 levels of the  "American Dream”, RPG game created by Hollywood Film Director Antonio James

Players can also attend one of  MeChat Universe in person events such as playing golf, fundraisers, and tournaments .  

Once logger in, players need to create an account by choosing a virtual character to help them navigate the process of writing a business plan, getting a business licenses, and applying for a LLC and EIN.

Once players have a virtual character they can own as many spaces on the game board as allowed. By default, each character gets assigned a 1x1 virtual space on the game board for 1 year. 

Because players can only acquire virtual assets if the virtual plot offers that asset it is important that players purchase their game space in the correct virtual neighborhood

To be safe, players can buy all virtual assets from MeChat Universe virtual plot.  

The virtual game space includes all the virtual assets to brainstorm, run the business easier, and create the most iconic business they can in that year. 

To play visit www.MeChat.Us. 


Can MeChat Universe Help Me Solve My Business Challenges?

Yes, entrepreneurs can login to MeChat Universe to unlock 14 levels of key solutions to:

  •  help solve business challenges  
  • unlock skills 
  • improve their business acumen
  • discover answers
  • become a great leader
  • improve cash flow and finances
  • become more mentally equipped to overcome critical business challenges

Players progress through the game by starting a business and partner with other players.

Additionally, players can gain (XP) Experience Points and positions to help solve other business’s tasks to help other players pass their level.

Each of the 14 characters in the game has its own role, status level, financial literacy toolbox and everything that character needs to learn, think, create, and start a business in MeChat Universe. Also players can add up to 13 of their friends to help them start a business as business partners.

As “business owner” you choose who becomes chair, presidents, trustee, secretary, and the rest of your board of directors.

As a full board your team can create additional executive committees, or similar governing bodies to help you build the business from scratch.

Together you will:

  • learn how to start a business,
  • make investments, 
  • and graduate from all 14 financial levels in MeChat Universe until each of you are achieving your idea of the American Dream. 




Can MeChat Universe solve local challenges?

for municipalities subscribing to one of City Hall characters, MeChat Universe will provide your community, starting at first grade, with a life-long financial asset that will:

  • boost business ownership, 
  • increase job creation, 
  • help small businesses
  • establish safety nets, 
  • create more local Fortune 500 companies
  • promote the local culture,
  • give sustainable jobs to homeless,
  • and significantly save your city a combined average of 10%-25% on your existing welfare, business, and online services' budget over 10 years. 





What are Ownership Positions?

To progress, as owner of your business you must lead your “people” through growth and prosperity until you and your team build a thriving virtual world managed by a world-class business empire that you built and can sustain itself. 

Every virtual world offers some form of goods and services for sale, recreational, fraternal, social, political, or communal purpose so long as the virtual space is used for commercial use.

To conduct commerce, players need to obtain in-game credits called, “Positions

Positions is like cryptocurrency, except positions is easier to CashOut for: 

  • cash in hand
  • merchandise
  • vacations
  • business services
  • VIP benefits

Also, players trade Positions:

  • To increase their income streams by using their positions to invest in the success of other players in the universe.
  • To hedge against downturns & inflation in the real-world with a highly liquid, virtual cash equivalence as positions yields higher interest than storing money in a traditional bank.





How Can I Earn More Positions? 

MeChat Universe pays players who give back to the business community, such as:

  • Harvest Land Sales (aka Reflections) : Users receive positions from every land transaction. MeChat Universe receive 30%, the rest is split throughout several funds. Users can earn up to 12% of their default Land Bank balance as Reflections per month. When a virtual real estate transaction occur, all other virtual real estate owners will earn up to 12% back in positions each month according to their virtual real estate balance.  
  • Offer Subscriptions: When users subscribe to your premium content they pay in annual subscriptions, or month to month. 80/20 split
  • Gifted Positions: Users can send other users positions. 80/20 split
  • Earn Positions: Visit other users' virtual real estate & complete tasks that contributes to the success of that user's virtual real estate. 
  • Win Positions: Win Badges to Level Up and earn even more positions as you play Antonio James World Building game.
  • Collect vAPY: Keep $100,000 or more in positions in your virtual real estate balance and start earning up to 18% vAPY.  After the first 100 virtual real estate orders the vAPY will begin to decrease from 18% to .05% by the 5,000th sale. vAPY = virtual annual position interest.
  • Earn up to .005% in Loyalty Positions: From storefront sales that you make directly on site.
  • Earn up to .002% in Cash Back Positions: From purchases made at member businesses using their QR Code Point of Sale system. 




How To Upgrade My Character In MeChat Universe?

Characters are free to start a community, however to get the tools to start building a business in MeChat Universe you will need to upgrade your character’s virtual space by visiting the MeChat Universe Map.

MeChat Universe offers several 1 year subscriptions that bundled virtual spaces with business features, automatic security updates, maintenance, and patches

Upgrading a virtual space is highly competitive as players must place a bid for virtual real estate.

The highest bid wins the virtual space at the end of 30 days from the last highest bid. Once you win a bid, a representative may contact you to welcome you to the Universe and schedule a video-call demonstration. 

During the demonstration, your Account Rep will discuss: 

  • How to use your virtual real estate.
  • The right products to achieve your business goals.
  • Discover areas where you can use automation in your business.

Everyone who didn’t win the bid will receive ownership positions into that virtual space.

Note: There are several types of virtual real estate spaces that users can invest in to become members:

  1. MAP
  4. PLOT
  5. ACRE
  6. LOTS

Each type of virtual real estate is located across 5 Universe Districts, each with its own gameplay: 

  • Financial Literacy District = Learn to Earn
  • Business District = Play to Earn
  • MainStreet District = Shop to Earn
  • City Hall District = Volunteer to Earn
  • BONUS District = Play to Earn Extra with Games & Quests

As, virtual real estate development is on back order, members need to order virtual real estate at least 90 days in advance of any business strategy to allow MeChat Universe time to customize your undeveloped virtual real estate space for occupancy. 

For free demonstration of how to upgrade your character email us. 

You can also preorder virtual real estate, or 




How to Get a $3,500 Scholarship to MeChat Universe?

Membership starts at $3,500 and vary widely depending on what users add to their membership, such as self-guided tools, and financial systems.

However, for emerging entrepreneurs living in poverty or opening businesses in opportunity zones they can qualify for low cost or rent free memberships with virtual lots bundled with all the tools, guides, and more to start a business and succeed in business within 1 Year. 

To qualify for free or reduced membership users  must:

  1. Submit an application on
  2. If an application is approved, recipients will need to virtually attend Angelo's Financial Literacy Empowerment Dinner & Charity Auction
  3. Live in an at-risk community, opportunity zone, or emerging market
  4. Provide a 3 minute video pitch to our “shark tank”.

Your video should demonstrate how you plan to use your virtual real estate to:

  • level up financially
  • provide new opportunities for all members
  • provide new discounts for tenants who join your virtual neighborhood




How to increase the value of your membership?

To increase the value of your membership you will need to increase the value of your virtual space.

Your virtual space is based on:

  • the membership tier level
  • virtual real estate features & perks
  • Location (coordinates) of the virtual real estate
  • number of efficient tenants operating in the virtual neighborhood
  • number of jobs the virtual space creates
  • number of startups the virtual space incubates
  • market factors involving the virtual real estate industry
  • Targeted Compounded Returns the virtual real estate is expected to earn


Once you create a MeChat Universe account, you can invest any amount into your virtual real estate to immediately start building, earning extra income, and driving your business forward. 

The key is to develop your raw virtual real estate into a virtual business hub where other entrepreneurs can work, play, build, and thrive. 

By providing virtual spaces that break down barriers many entrepreneurs find challenging users can extract the greatest value from their membership by using their virtual real estate to achieve 9 things: 

  1. Establish an emergency fund or retirement account for the virtual real estate.
  2. Collect rent from virtual tenants similar to collecting payments from residential or office buildings.
  3. Open up a shop and sell digital assets and physical items to users and guests - on and off the platform.
  4. Recruit other founders to become tenants in your virtual neighborhood. Users who join your virtual neighborhood as tenants can become vendors, suppliers, investors, incubators, and advertisers to other tenants in your neighborhood.
  5. Answer users’ questions about their virtual real estate and business. For example, users may ask how to use their  virtual real estate tools to make crucial and difficult growth decisions
  6. Show users how to employ strategies to their virtual real estate to improve their finances and investments
  7. Enhance your virtual lobby until it inspires other users to boost their entrepreneurial spirit and confidence, and join your virtual neighborhood
  8. Aid franchises and startups in your virtual neighborhood to improve their productivity and efficiency
  9. Guide entrepreneurs to identify their goals, achieve their strategies, and level up





What Happens If Other Members Do Not Do Their Part?

MeChat Universe aggregates a intranet of trade partners consisting of emerging entrepreneurs, investors, business incubators, investment funds, and CEOs into a single cooperative, who are committed to:

  • increasing the quality of life of business owners.
  • progressing the health of our overall business community.
  • continuing development of MeChat Universe.

In return, users automatically gets rewarded by MeChat Universe as they provide other users with guidance and tools necessary for them to reach the next level and create their own financially literate, virtual business neighborhood. 

If users fail to meet their obligations, after 12 months they will need to auction the virtual real estate off. The liquidated proceeds will be split accordingly between the owner and the co-op community.



How to Attend MeChat Universe Soft Opening

Between now and May 2022 founders can order virtual real estate and get 1 free invite into MeChat Universe’s exclusive, soft opening in Atlanta, GA on July 3, 2022 where virtual real estate owners will enjoy: 

  • An Open Bar
  • Celebrating virtual real estate ownership
  • Red carpet with Step and Repeat backdrop
  • Dj or live music
  • VIP area for million plus estates
  • swag bags and more. 

The event takes place on July 3, 2022. 









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