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MeChat Universe roadmap to starting a 6 figure business.

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October 12, 2021, 2:08 pm

Do you want to be a part of building new worlds with new economic freedoms? 

MeChat Universe is a SaaS game that lets players bypass asking family and friends for money, applying for bank loans, venture capitalists, Wall Street gate keepers, and more by creating a digital universe where the super fans of Brands contribute to their favorite Brand's digital world and digital spaces that 

Almost every digital space in MeChat Universe automatically generate revenue, however to unlock revenue users must progress through the game and eventually become a Master Builder. The total levels users can achieve in the universe are:


Joining MeChat

As a SaaS company,  MeChat Universe is open for business to anyone who apply for membership and is accepted into the digital economy. 

By becoming a member of MeChat Universe users get to:

  • Start a business.
  • Join other digital digital spaces.
  • Generate extra income from home creating digital worlds.
  • Progress through several financial levels within the digital universe.

Each new world creates real-life opportunities, adventures, and experiences for other members by adding digital assets based on the owner's business model or registered Purpose. 

If you decide to build a world, instead of utilizing your digital space to start a business, there are additional Community Standards that will apply to your digital space, with two that standout the most:

  1. Build a world with a Purpose
  2. Build as a team.

Like any digital space on MeChat, anyone can join you in your new world, while super fans of your your business can become a Contributor to help you create a functional economy within your world and share in the rewards with you.


What is the Goal of MeChat?

The goal of the game is to lease a digital space based on the type of world you want to build and create a sustainable strategy that others can join and make extra money from. 


What is the Purpose of MeChat?

MeChat is a SaaS game designed for the purpose of empowering people with the business startup tools they need to uplift themselves out of poverty?

With a sustainable business plan, financials, sales team, and marketing strategy any digital world will begin to guarantee passive income for its Contributors, providing a steady stream of passive income, thus economic freedoms, that your super fans need to achieve financial stability for generations to come, as long as Contributors are contributing to the growth of the world. 


How to Create a Thriving Economy

Economies are made up of the businesses users start as they progress their way through the world build game. The choice is up to the digital space owner what happens in their space. 

The digital world you build can uplift you and your Brand and attract investors, new customers, talent, distributors, and Contributors from around the World.

Will you join MeChat Universe to start a business or build digital new worlds, you take back the control from Wall Street and empowers economic freedoms for all.

MeChat Universe is an online business startup simulator designed to uplift emerging markets out of poverty and create economic freedom, where economic freedom doesn't exists. 

Even those who want to time to start a business before they are ready can login to MeChat to get help:

  • getting a business license and LLC,
  • managing routine, day-to-day processes,
  • establishing a professional culture,
  • managing human capital,
  • protecting employee privacy,
  • improving communication, and
  • empowering workplace diversity.

To meet this mission, Builders use MeChat's self guided business simulator to put in practice their business strategy, financial empowerment, and management concepts at a deeper level, and receive real-time data and rewards in return. 

To progress through the universe, Startup Builders can transform their digital space into a multi-million dollar brand by registering a Purpose to create and manage a growing digital space. 

Even users with no prior business experience can get started, simply by leasing a digital spaces based on their financial goals. For example, common goals include to:

  1. Setup your Digital Space with Personal Choice
  2. Stake your First Business to increase your world’s Value
  3. Get Listed as a Digital World for Easy Access to other Markets
  4. Get Assets for Financial Stability
  5. Live Within Your Purpose using Passive Income
  6. Get the Freedom to build a Functional Economy In Your Image
  7. Protect Your Financial Freedoms, property, and self from external aggression.

To get started, world builders must first apply for a MeChat account. After being accepted, users log into their free digital space where they can achieve their financial goals by:

  • building out their digital space,
  • forming a strategy for their digital world,
  • building a community around a common Purpose, and
  • soliciting Contributors to help manage their digital space.


Attending MeChat Graduation 

Growing a functional a economy using nothing but your entrepreneurial sprit, skillset, experience and natural abilities to develop a structure, systems, and content is not for everyone. Therefore, top performing worlds and earners are acknowledged and awarded each year.

During July and November, world builders can enter their digital space into MeChat's World Building Tournament where digital worlds compete on a global stage to test their strategies, initiatives and new ways of doing business.

The most sustainable digital businesses and worlds will get nominated to:

  1. Win Monetary prizes, awards for greater Financial Stability.
  2. Earn additional Generational Assets.
  3. Obtain more Economic Freedoms.




How To Be A Successful World Builder in MeChat Universe

Users lease digital space to create new worlds from scratch or buying or trading for another user's digital world that they discover on MainStreet, U.S.A. 

Users choose their own goals and objectives based on the strategies they develop for their Purpose, with the most common strategy is to build a sustainable business that monetize the Purpose. 

Users can both start, grow, and work within their digital world that span a multitude of industries, such as retail, finance, marketing, hospitality, and other service based business. 

Once users have decided how their world is going to operate they may for strategic partnership with members from MeChat Universe, or by inviting their own teams to help them manage the day-to-day of their digital world. 

The gameplay involves no money to begin and, therefore, dedication and effort is required to advance through the universe economic levels. With each level, world building becomes increasingly complex with new challenges that will require World Builders to use entrepreneurial skillsets, strategy, and resources available to them to increase the value of their digital space and obtain ownership into additional worlds that they discover throughout MeChat Universe. 

The system choices they can use to transform their digital space into a digital world depends on their strategy and the digital neighborhood they choose to be apart of. To help users get started, MeChat provides users with a World Building Product Catalogue with 36 software systems for them to select from and add to their world. 

World Builders level up their personal lifestyle with diminishing returns having the ability to scale as their skill level increases. World Builders also levels up software systems and VIP access to events and professional relationships. 



Starting a New World

Once users decided to use their space to create a new world, they will need to first, register a purpose for your new world that citizens want to join. To register a Purpose with the community, simply purchase a Digital Space with a Purpose (generally, Level 2 digital spaces and up).

After your Purpose is approved, you will see the “Purpose Tab” on your Owners Panel. To get started, click the Purpose Value on the Purpose Tab to form a world building strategy that will create a functional digital economy around the Purpose that you registered. 

To get help with forming a strategy, World Builders can:

  1. solicit Contributors, from MainStreet, U.S.A,
  2. Invite their existing team members, or
  3. hire MeChat to provide professional diagnostics and help manage their world. 

The goal is create a solid strategy to monetize your Purpose either by your self or with others in order to build a financially, functioning digital world that helps each Contribution get closer to achieving economic freedom in their real-life. Plus, digital spaces with a Purpose registered can be used to enter the annual World Building Tournament where Contributors compete against other Digital Worlds for cash and prizes.

When building your new world, MeChat divides strategies by three categories:

  1. Crafting
  2. Innovating
  3. Gathering



Defining a purpose, creating a business strategy for that purpose, building a team, and furnishing your space.

MeChat also measures the cost of time and effort it takes users to start a new business in order to improve startup to market deployment times.




Efficiently creating a sustainable Digital World, Laurels from making positive local change, Laurels from the World Building Tournaments, The world's ability to offer new experiences, concepts, and/or relationship.



Entering the World Building Tournaments, Contributors participation in town halls, creating community rebuilding and service opportunities, and creating networking opportunities for your citizens.


While a digital business can be setup in a digital space within 90 days or less; how long it actually takes to build a digital world with a functional economy depends on the amount of effort users and their team put into completing the objectives and goals MeChat provides and the strategies they create for leveling up.

The economy centers around a Digital Wallet that users can use to dispose of unwanted assets or obtain new assets and services by making transactions with other users. Additionally World Builders can transfer ownership of their world, or put the digital space up for auction in MeChat's international trading post called, MainStreet, U.S.A. 

In addition to digital spaces, users have the option of adding additional digital assets and lifestyle services from MeChat's Product Catalog to achieve aesthetic and utility bonuses, as well as obtaining a competitive advantage for recruiting top talent and Contributors.



How Do I Get Money From A Digital World?

Regardless of the digital space, members main goals are to increase their financial literacy and get more revenue added into their Digital Wallet in the process. 

To gain revenue, users have several options, with the most common being to:

  1. Start a business or add an existing physical business to the digital space to collect revenue from selling your products and services to your existing customers. Using MeChat allows you to streamline many inventory and counting functions.
  2. Stake a business by purchasing a Staking Licenses inside someone else's Digital World. The purpose of Staking is to obtain more visitors to your World by displaying your digital as a breakout within another member's digital space that may be more popular or has more traffic than your space.
  3. Become a Contributor for as many Purposes as you can provide value for and receive Passive Income from royalties based on your share on contributions. But beware if your Leadership Score or Team Player Scores decrease other worlds may not accept your contributions.
  4. Sell Advertising Space on your News Desk. However, you must publish at least 5 documents before an ad will be displayed.
  5. Sell Your Data to advertisers and marketers. When other members are compiling their e-mail lists and forming their strategies they may need to acquire data. Each time someone needs your data they will have to contact you and offer you between .02 cent up to $1,000 for access to your data.
  6. Sell Your Content to buyers and collectors. From NFTs to publications to podcasts, each time someone wants to redistribute your content they will have to contact you and offer you between .02 cent up to $1,000 for access to your content.



How Do MeChat Uphold Economic Freedom?

MeChat is designed to measure and put in practice institutions and policies that are consistent with obtaining, organizing, and protecting economic freedoms. 

Individuals login to make a living via their own self-interests, skillsets, and with the freedom to make their own economic decisions. 

Follow the 7 steps above to get started building your new world, or exploring your Digital Space and the MeChat Universe on your own terms.

To ensure each digital world in MeChat Universe is receiving value according to the universe’s 3 pillars and 7 cornerstones, MeChat establishes a regulatory committee to measure economic freedom and quantitative and qualitative component. 

The regulatory committee, or MeChat HOA, is similar to the Heritage Foundation,, Fraser Institute, EFW index, and national standards grouped into four broad categories:

  1. Digital Rule of Law (property rights, government integrity, judicial effectiveness)
  2. Universe Economic Size (government spending, tax burden, fiscal health)
  3. Regulatory Efficiency (business freedom, labor freedom, monetary freedom)
  4. Universal Open Market (International trade freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom)



Get started building your economically free worlds, apply for membership in MeChat Universe.

For more about world building:





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