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Article By Antonio James, MIQ

October 12, 2021, 2:08 pm






Continue reading ONLY if you want to build a business that allows you to be financially independent this time next year; if not, stop watching right away.

MeChat Universe (www.MeChat.Us), is a virtual business school where we partner with local organizations and grassroots movements to address the wealth gap between MainStreet Communities and Wall Street.

MeChat Universe as a whole gives students the opportunity to build what we call a BLICKY, a 20-year dream business, with the help of consultants, online courses, a peer network, a startup toolkit, and an interactive business season that mentors students as they develop and grow their business.

Compared to the 70% of businesses that, statistically speaking, are guaranteed to fail in the first 10 years without our virtual business school, MeChat Universe students develop enterprises designed to last 20 years or more, hence why we refer to their businesses as a 20-year "Blicky" or just BLICKY for short.

Immediately after graduation, students who invested in a BLICKY can CashOut any extra rewards they earned, raise their professional standing, improve their financial situation, and generate passive income for the next 20 years, barring the sale or neglect of their Blicky.

Entrepreneurs can lock in their school tuition for a duration of 1, 3, 7, 14, and 20 year investments because Blicky's prices fluctuate yearly in accordance with the market value of the toolkit and objects retained within its virtual limits.

During the term, students get access to additional resources including enhanced workspaces, business plan templates, training rooms, side quests, financial assistance, and more that are all integrated, managed, and allocated to their "Blicky".

Even though the start of the business season isn't until July, students can begin developing their Blickys earlier by selecting "create a business" from the menu.

When you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. First, choose the BLICKY you want to create.
  2. Next, select the training course.
  3. And Last, attend the self-paced learning classes, and MeChat Universe will show you how to create a business plan, set up your Blicky's training center, develop your first business strategy, and land your first client.

MeChat Universe alerts students to any problems that could prevent them from successfully finishing their entrepreneurial journey and any business adventures they attempt along the way

Once your Blicky is operational, you'll become a certified, 6-figure business owner with a self-sustaining, 20-year enterprise.

Which, this brings us to Lesson 2: Why It's Important to Start A Business As A Certified Entrepreneur.

For graduates, MeChat Universe provide official rankings & valuation that lenders and investors can leverage to determine funding allocation, especially when no business history or business credit exists. 




In MeChat Universe it doesn’t matter if you start as a consultant or a student, to qualify for membership, students must raise their Blicky score to 100%; however, students will unlock additionally rewards starting at 80%.

To increase your score, attend the available classes, once students reach 80% they will enter an annual rally, without any further activity.




Research suggest that the average person can increase their odds of success by 129% if they use a business plan.

MeChat Universe wants test this theory by pairing students with experts and hosting the largest cash tournament in the world based on those statistics.  

How it works is you consult a certain amount of students living in poverty and in return you can win up to 30 times what your tuition.

To win rewards, students must complete 80% of their lessons before July 3rd if they want to advance to the next round.

At the end of each tournament students can CashOut what they won.

Any questions?

Ready to win?

Signup now on www.MeChat.Us






Key points

  • start a 20-year business called a BLICKY
  • an annual esports tournament to win additional school rewards and win HUGE prizes
  • invest in the students that are homeless, lives in underserved communities, qualifies as the working poor, and each other
  • entrepreneurship certificates giving at the end of the business season



How To Start A Business In MeChat Universe

MeChat Universe is your sign to start a business and join the ranks of Elon Musk, Robert F Smith, Bill Gates, and John Rockefeller.

Everything you need to create a 20-year BLICKY is included in your tuition.

To start a business, login to MeChat Universe to obtain vast knowledge and technical skills about everything business, finance, & tech-related. 

Launch a workshop for your business idea to draft a business strategy based on your knowledge. 

Once the business plan is created your virtual training room will be set up and unlocked based on the information you included in your business strategy.

Train for 15 minutes per day or 24/7 to continuously enhance your business concept as often as you desire. 

Additionally, log in frequently as we occasionally release new business creation  features, sometimes even daily.


How To Start The Tournament

There are three tournament stages in total.

Qualifiers, including consultants, can signup and start the Tournament only during the off-season (before July 3). 

🌎 👾

As Qualifiers, pitch an iconic idea for a story-world using a reimagined business plan template.

One iconic grand prize winner will receive $100,000 in cash & prizes and their story world gets to split 10% of total prize pool.

To start creating a story world or to compete in the Tournament, click on a Match and complete it and the others until your score reaches 80%


Tournament Courses

Players can level up past the course they signup for. 

The Tournament has 14 Tournament Courses with each Course having its own guidelines, rules, & restrictions for playing a fair game.

The higher the Course, the better the prizes but also higher signup fees.




Tournament Stages



When all matches within a Stage are played, you'll have to wait for the Stage to end and check the results. 

If you advance to the next stage, you will unlock new locations and features to join the rest of the players in the next Stage. Otherwise, you loose and can't proceed to the next Tournament stage.

The Tournament is broke down into three Stages: 

  1. Qualifier (off-season)
  2. Semifinals (July 3)
  3. Finals (September)



  • Players can join a Tournament only during the Qualifier Stage (offseason). The off-season has no rewards. Complete 80%+ of matches to  proceed to the next stage. 


  • Semifinal Stage Sponsor a  virtual neighborhood. Hit targeted KPIs to proceed to the next stage. Win up to 30 times from users that you sponsor



  • Final Stage Partner with other finalists in a skills challenge. 
  • During the Finals users join each other as citizens, vendors, distributors, allies, and contributors. 
  • The Top players win and the most iconic player wins $100,000 or 10% of the tournament prize if less than 1 million players entered. 


Every Stage is limited in time




Players can see their rank, positions, and more from the esports concepts section on the Tournament Page

The Tournament Page will display the name of your Tournament Bracket, how many matches you've played, how many are available, and your current score. 


Tournament Score

All players receive Tournament rankings, scores, & points. The more points you score in matches, the higher your place is in the rankings and the more likely you will qualify for future stages.



Tournament Restart

You can not restart the Tournament once you signup. You will have to pay for a new tournament to start a new tournament. No refunds.






MeChat Universe BACKSTORY

99% of people will never make over $600,000 per year. This means so many people will never: 

  • enjoy experiences of a lifetime, 
  • invest in meaningful projects, or 
  • take advantage of opportunities available to them.

And without new opportunities can we really end poverty and homelessness?

MeChat Universe is the newest sport for business (The first is the stock market) featuring an annual esports tournament where the “haves” and the “have-nots” by betting on each other’s successful.

To begin to end poverty, our goal is to get 1 million players by getting sponsors for each tournament.

Each consultant will get a certain number of business plans that they can give 30% to family, staff, or customers. The other 70% of the plans will be automatically assigned to someone living in poverty under the consultant‘s virtual neighborhood.

The consultant will win points, rewards, and cash for each business plan that succeeds in the tournament until they max out at 30 times their investment in cash and rewards.

The business plans in MeChat Universe give storytelling new life by letting players create virtual stories that they can invest in to make come true.


What is a Story World?

MeChat Universe has an online MBA program for graduates called Story Worlds. Story Worlds turns students Blickies into a virtual business empire  with a thriving economy. 

The story, regardless of creativity, puts users as leaders of their undeveloped world in which users must describe to other users and form a society, culture, and commerce that other users may want to explore and join.

This “virtual world “ gives students the ability to try their hand at running a real life simulated world that is limited only by their imagination. Their story can take place in a far away galaxy, inside the center of the earth, or in their local community.

As long as students create a compelling story for their BLICKY with a mission statement others believe in every student can make your story come true.

If you want to play signup on



How To Progress In MeChat Universe

The goal is to have the most iconic idea as voted on by the community, panels, and AI in order to win as much money, rewards, and positions as you can

Players use the Tournament Page like a dashboard that governs and: 

  • converts ideas into story-world
  • expand players’ business empires
  • compete for cash, iconic prizes,  professional certificates, and recognition. 

To progress, players will prove their own skills and knowledge by rising up the levels and then using their success to become expert business coaches, incubators, accelerators, esports teams, and business leagues to lower level players.

To progress in your career, you must graduate the qualifiers through level 14. 

In each new level, you and your executive team make continuous improvement until you all build a thriving, self sustaining story world exactly as planned. 

If successful, you and your world will win more cash, prizes, endorsements, and harvest assets that drive passive income for everyone in your world.

As a career, players evolve into entrepreneurs and go on to become professional and famous world builders. 

To play, Signup on www.MeChat.Us



Rather users write a business plan to turn a passion into profit, improve the lives of others, or achieve financial security for themselves and those around them, MeChat Universe will guide users through entrepreneurship until they are living the life they know they could be living.

All it takes is for you to win is login online, create a plan, apply financial literacy to your idea, and win.

The decisions players make in MeChat Universe will impact their character’s stats, ratings, and real-life financial goals. 



You will own a profitable business that transforms business ownership and financial literacy into a playable opportunity to win partnerships, rewards, and more. 

In the competition, each location offers new missions, quests, and activities to level up the business plan. If the business plan works the player will graduate to their next level. Graduate from the first three levels of the game will qualify the business plan to win Business grants, 30X what they put into their plan, and play in the annual esport tournament.


By turning business and money into a playable game, players can:

  • negotiate with suppliers and competitors
  • receive expansive business education & financial knowledge
  • manage daily operations & projects
  • establish repeatable systems & culture
  • manage human capital
  • improve communication with your team



Once operational, Story Word users in MeChat Universe will own a meta world that:

  1. Empower economic freedom.
  2. Reduce unemployment.
  3. Uplift emerging markets out of poverty.



Only in MeChat Universe can players become what they play, earn from what they build, and get the latest in:

  • SaaS Technology
  • Best Practices
  • Business Systems
  • Online Training
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Business News
  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurial Advice
  • Vacation and R&R Rewards
  • Millions of new opportunities created by players worldwide 
  • Do anything business all in one place



What are Business Assets? MeChat Universe is designed by celebrity business coach and Hollywood Film Director Antonio James to help users create wealth. one way is through business assets:

  • Cash reserves 
  • Land
  • REITs
  • Inventory
  • Rental facilities
  • Production equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Company-owned vehicles
  • Patents
  • Royalties 
  • And Intellectual property



Each business plan enters an annual raffle to win $100,000.



Users who successfully complete all 14 levels in the game will will an additional $100,000.



The team of the Grand Prize winner will split 10% of the tournament pot



What are Ownership Positions?

As you transform your ideas into a viable business, it will soon become a story-world.

Every virtual world offers some form of goods and services for sale, recreational, fraternal, social, political, or communal.

To conduct commerce, players need to trade in-game currency credits called, “Positions”.  

Positions can trade for services in the game or CashOut for: 

  • cash in hand
  • profit-sharing
  • ownership in other players story-worlds 
  • merchandise
  • vacations
  • business services
  • VIP benefits
  • invest in the success of other players in the universe
  • store cash to hedge against downturns & inflation in the real-world with a highly liquid, virtual cash equivalence with higher yields than storing money in a traditional bank or fund.



How Can I Earn More Positions? 

Users who go pro in the PBL, can earn additional positions from:

  • Share Game Sales (aka Reflections) : Users receive positions from every business plan sale in the game.  Users can earn up to 30% of their annual Business Plan Fee as Reflections per year.   
  • Win eSports Competitions
  • Offer Premium Content/ Subscriptions: When users subscribe to your premium content they pay in annual subscriptions, or month to month. 80/20 split
  • Join eSports Teams: Esports Teams  will pay players an annual salary to train
  • Gifted Positions: Users can send other Business plans positions. 80/20 split
  • Gain Sponsorships 
  • Earn Positions: Visit other users' Simulators & complete tasks that contributes to the business plan’s success. 
  • Win Positions: Win Badges to Level Up and earn even more positions as you win tournaments.
  • Collect APY: Keep $100,000 or more in positions in your land bank balance and start earning up to 30% total winnings on the balance. 
  • Earn up to .002% in Cash Back Positions: From purchases made at member businesses using their QR Code Point of Sale system. 








MeChat Universe is a great source to learn civics, financial literacy, planning, team building, mental training for balance, and business development - all in one.

The official site of MeChat Universe is www.MeChat.Us. Any other website is spam.

MeChat Universe is also home to the esports Premier Business League (PBL).









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