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How to Become an Icon In MeChat Universe

The #1 online financial literacy game to help business owners live a life like an icon

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October 12, 2021, 2:08 pm


Welcome to MeChat Universe



Hi there, do you want to be iconic? 

MeChat Universe is a Financial Literacy game that pays you to start an iconic business inside our #metaverse game. 

To get in the game, MeChat Universe players need a location to play in. MeChat Universe offers 1x1 acres of land starting at $250. 

As you Level Up in the game you will get additional business courses, tools & reward$ to guide your way 🐳

Players get 1 year to Succeed in building an iconic business, or they will have to:

  • Flip and Sell the #GamePlot, or 
  • Purchase land in a Business District to save their progress for next year‘s game season and Tournament.

After visiting, users can easily acquire a game plot from the Universe Map. When choosing a plot, users have two different gameplays to start their business: 

  1. Business District to start a business from scratch, or 
  2. Tournament District to progress through 14 iconic business levels with content, videos, courses, trusted information, opportunities & resources to take your business to the next level.

In addition to being the #1 financial literacy game, MeChat Universe deep dives to provide business owners with tailored incentives, courses, and side quests to:

  • Start an iconic business from ground up
  • Build wealth using your own skillsets
  • Collect passive income from a metaverse you create
  • Buy, Sell, and Flip digital land and Business
  • Become financially independent



To get started, MeChat Universe has several digital businesses that you can start online, or you can add an existing business to the plot.

To Level Up in the game, players progress through 14 Iconic levels of gameplay that teaches players how to build up their plot into a purposeful metaverse with a thriving economy.

Along the journey, players earn NFT badges and cryptocurrency by

  •  completing milestones,  
  • competing with other plots, and 
  • unlocking even more features and services.

Players can compete in a “Post-season”  to reach the highest level in the Universe: Level 14 Master World Builder, the most iconic us all! 

Each year a new group of players get to become iconic.





How to Play MeChat Universe?

When players start a new game they choose a plot on MeChat Universe Map.

The goal is to build an iconic business playing as one of the following icons:

  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Become a leader
  • Become a speaker
  • Become a journalist
  • Discover a cure
  • Community organization
  • Be an activist
  • Become a mogul
  • Become a philanthropist
  • Become a politician fighting for word builders, digital business, and crypto 

To begin, players choose one their locations from the Universe Map to play in. 

Use that business you create on your plot to achieve as many levels as you can before the Tournament, while collecting rent, icon points, crypto, and rewards along the way. 

But be careful to monitor your plot’s analytics and KPIs or you will allow Freeloaders to infiltrate your plot and crash your world! 

Freeloaders are in-game trolls that will derail your iconic ambitions and prevent you and everyone in the plot from leveling up. 

To level up, players need to join winning teams that can lead the world to prosperity, purpose, and standards.  

When successful, the plot will run efficiently and be able to discover and mitigate, both freeloaders and threats.

To build out the plot players need to add ”infrastructure”. Infrastructure is where MeChat Universe differs from other games, metaverses, and business simulators. 

Instead of 3D virtual buildings to build out your digital world, MeChat Universe lets players establish:

  1. a governance system and business processes. Players pay rent to, learn from,  and may practice your governance system
  2. a professional culture that players can play as your citizens, talent and customers
  3. an online store to sell products and services on the land
  4. enterprise-level tools to help players succeed in business
  5. 14 iconic, financial literacy courses 

As players build up the plot and reach new iconic levels they will unlock additional immersive RPG-like controls over the plot’s reality, finances, and resources.

Thriving plots win crypto, rewards, and perks that automatically payout to every player that contributed to the plot’s success. 

However, if your location’s cultivation strategy is not efficient the digital world will not appreciate in value and no rewards will be harvested; therefore, top talent in the world may leave your plot for a location that has the potential to win and collect rewards.



How To Start?

To start, go to MeChat Universe Map and choose the district for your plot. Players should choose their locations based on the white-paper strategy for the location.

Once you join a plot, make contributions to the tasks and documents that the world publishes to gain experience points, rewards, and crypto for your share of contributions.

As owner of the plot, you can invite high performing citizens to the plot’s management team, called the ”Board of Directors”. 

As players continue to build out their plot they will graduate to even higher iconic levels that unlock additional courses and features that help players achieve their iconic world building ambitions faster.

Players can utilize the management team and citizens gained during the “season” as a competitive advantage to compete in the post-season‘s World Building Tournament. 

At the conclusion of the World Building Tournament the season is over. 




How much is a plot of land in MeChat Universe? 

Icons Build Worlds! 

MeChat Universe gives players secure digital plots of land with the freedom and tools to create their own metaverse. 

Each plot is a commodity, like precious metals and crypto.

However, plots in MeChat Universe is used to collect, store and fortify the assets players amass in the game.

The size of the plot that you own is categorized as one of the following locations:

  • MeChat Universe: $1T MeChat Universe (Not For Sale)
  • Galaxy Map: $1B per Galaxy (One Galaxy includes a map with 1,000,000 plots.)
  • Planet Map: $142M per Planet (One Planet includes a map with 100,000 plots.)
  • District: $4,333,250 per District (Buy a district, includes up to 1,500 plots depending on owners design.)
  • Parcel: $254,902 per Parcel of Land (each parcel can rent out 177+ acres.)
  • Plot (GAME PLOT): $3,750 (Retail $6,250) per plot in a District (New. From first bid. Each plot can rent out 30 acres)
  • Acre (CITZEN PLOT): $1,447 per Acre (added to any District Plot. One Acre is 1/30 of a District plot; therefore, one plot can hold up to 30 acres without upgrading to a parcel. New. From first bid. Can’t add land to an Acre. Can add unlimited lots.)
  • Lot: $29.99 per Lot (lots are staked in any acre or plot. Flat Rate-No bid for lots. Unlimited lots. )

Above are wholesale prices that MeChat Universe offers players. Players can resell or rent their locations to other players for profit. 

Collecting Rent: Owners set the rent price by setting the upcharge percent. By default, rent = base price + Staking Fee (percent up to 30% of base price.)



Parcels are categorizes by the number of plots it have and are displayed on District Maps as larger than the normal 1X1 plot. 

The smallest parcel is called a “Collective”:

  • (Small) Collective (3x3) 
  • (Medium) Large Parcel (6X6) 
  • (Large) Premium Parcel (12X12)
  • (XL) Estate Parcel (24x24)

Additionally, to reflect future market trends, MeChat Universe releases new maps, financial literacy updates, and features annually after the conclusion of the World Building Tournament.

90 days after the Tournament ends all Tournament locations (that are not renewed) will be cleared and a new set of players will get a chance to play in the tournament. 

To renew without interruption, players will move their equipment, status, or rewards to a Business District Plot within the 90 days.



How do you graduate to the next level?

Do you want to compete against other icons across the world?

Once a year MeChat Universe hosts a global World Building Tournament to test players Iconic Skillsets, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Business Acumen
  • Entrepreneurship 

During the tournament, players join a participating location‘s board of directors and together they have 90 days to transform the location into a new world with a Purpose. If players can’t find a location to join they can start from new.

The tournament requires players to form a business empire with players from all 14 world building class levels

As a team you will manage the operations of the  plot and over 90 days achieve as many KPIs, milestones, and tasks as possible to create a world of prosperity, purpose, and standards. 

To win, icon hopefuls will need to transform their plot of land into a sustainable location before the end of the tournament. To win awards the location must have a projection to last at least the next 25 years.

High performing worlds get nominated for a star-studded, graduation-style, awards show  that awards cash and prizes in excess of over $1,000,000  with legacy badges to get their plot  “retired”.

The most iconic award giving out each season is the Level 14 badge.

Furthermore, the world you lead to prosperity and purpose should be able to prevent freeloaders and other threats from bringing down your digital world.




How does the plot collect rent, taxes, payments, and more?

MeChat Universe is great for entrepreneurs that want to socialize, sell products, manage back office process and more - all in one place.

MeChat Universe is an open world game where every player owns digital land to cultivate it and harvest the land’s rewards. 

To cultivate the land, players must populate their location with software, games, and other digital assets. 

For maximum revenue players should populate their plot around a specific purpose or community.

Players can also HODL the land and allow the market to dictate the plot‘s value. 

Additionally, plots can be used as a financial asset to trade for other digital assets.

Players can become Digital Landlords and generateextraincome from collecting “rent”.

Digital Landlords collectrent” by renting smaller plots, acres, and lots on their land. For example, players rent lot to access:

  • a QR Code
  • a single application, software or business tool that players need to build up their plot
  • a Lot #



Is MeChat Universe a Good Investment?

Building worlds in MeChat Universe has its benefits.

For many players, MeChat Universe is the first step towards investing in financial literacy, business coaching, wealth building, self-employment, and startup tools. 

Players also gain critical financial literacy skills by practicing:

  • personal finance
  • buy, sell, and flip digital land 
  • investing in stocks, business, & real estate
  • accounting
  • taxes
  • maintaining a business emergency fund

Besides FOMO and Literacy, MeChat Universe is a great investment because it provides the freedom, control, and knowledge base to:

  • Live a life of purpose
  • Control over creating your own income 
  • Achieve financial stability and security 
  • Withstand tough times
  • Become financially stable

Plus invest early and get the best returns.

As plot values fluctuate, some players who find the game too challenging may want to sell their plots and positions in the game. Other players can purchase the plots at auction.

Start playing MeChat Universe now by selecting a plot from the Universe Map.


How does Plot Value fluctuate?

Plot valuations fluctuate rather players manage the digital investment property or not. 

However, players get paid extra for ensuring their plot provides value to other players.

Factors affecting plot value in MeChat Universe includes:

  1. SUPPLY: The total supply of plots available in the universe vs land sellers. 
  2. DEMAND: Demand will increase based on how useful the location is to buyers, investors, citizens, tourists, and other players. As MeChat Universe become more commonplace, and more businesses start to use their locations, the demand for digital land will increase.
  3. SCARCITY: Only a certain amount of plots will be released each year and they will be fist come first serve.
  4. SPECULATION: Like any market, digital plots fluctuate based on the market’s perception of its potential to increase in value at any given time to include valuation changes, cash flow, and sustainability of value.
  5. PURPOSE: How many people believe in your idea, or intend to contribute to your plot? By creating a metaverse with a purpose, others will want to join and contribute to your concept, which drives up value.
  6. CAPABILITY: Unlocked systems, perks, and tools will determine if users stay and help you build up the plot, or flee for “greener pastures”.
  7. LIQUIDITY: How much money can the plot lend to your citizens? Unlock financial tools such as loans, credit, and other financial incentives to offer users.
  8. OWNERSHIP HISTORY: Location Ledger to determine how easy it is to sell the plot.
  9. MANAGEMENT TEAM: The team managing operations on the plot. An “A-team” with a sustainable roadmap that accomplish projects and milestones will achieve higher valuations.
  10. PARTNERSHIPS: Forming the right partnerships can send plot values skywards.
  11. FUTURE VALUE: How much the plot is projected to payout over the next 3 payouts, 1 year, etc
  12. MERCHANT ACTIVITY: Is the plot generating revenue from selling physical products and services
  13. CAPACITY: how many people join the world as engaging citizens commenting, replying, and contributing to tasks
  14. USAGE: Community usage of scanning the plot’s QR Code
  15. REWARDS: Badges, Levels, and other rewards the plot can achieve
  16. SOVEREIGNTY:  Is the plot Owned by a sole proprietor, corporation, non profit, or government? Government owned digital lands can significant impact a plot’s value
  17. WHITE PAPER: Like a business plan, this paper includes everything potential investors and other players need to know about a plot, such as tokenomics, technology, purpose, financial details, and so on. 

When a plot is useful users will want to access more of it, which increases the demand, thus value of your plot vs another plot.

As players want to join your plot as citizens and make contributions to it - the demand for the plot increases - which takes more resources to run, making one plot more valuable vs another.

As players find world building success the badges will unlock additional tools and levels.


How is rewards, location value, and digital ownership verified?

MeChat’s AI technology manages, broadcasts, and records all transactions throughout the universe using the latest encryption and technologies. 

Plus MeChat Universe:

  • automatically emails all invoices, 
  • features an open public ledger, and 
  • players can even attach NFTs for additional ownership verification.



How do I protect myself when World Building? 

All investments incur risks and buying into MeChat Universe, while fun and exciting to play, poses the same. 

When playing in MeChat Universe there is a few things players need to research and be aware of before joining, contributing, or making purchases:

  • Management: Who owns the plot? Is there management team complete with at least 1 team member from each level.
  • Recognizable figures: Any known contributors attached that can add credibility to the plot’s world and its purpose.
  • Investors: Are there other major investors who are investing in the plot?
  • Infrastructure: Is the plot fully developed, or is the plot looking to raise money and recruit talent to develop it? The further along the plot, the less risky it is.
  • Ownership: Will you own positions, contribute, or just be a citizen of your plot.
  • Transparent: Trusted plots are registered with MeChat Universe under regulated KYC-Anti-money laundry policies.
  • Accessibility: What type of digital assets does the plot have unlocked that will help you turn your contributions into cash in hand or purchase items with ease.

Additionally, adding exsisting projects and business can have irreversible, unintended negative consequences if the strategy is not efficient. 

Any World Builder should be aware of all risks before playing this game.








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