MeChat Universe Announces Rules for 2025 Business Plan Con

Step into the world of MeChat Universe, where people invest significantly to craft business plans.

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October 22, 2023, 2:28 pm






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MeChat Universe is offering a unique opportunity to join the ranks of professional sports. Owners can build up their virtual schools into a professional and competitive space for buying, selling, improving, and trading business plans. 

This is an exclusive opportunity to be a part of a Professional Sports Club, driven by your business acumen. Each business plan in MeChat Universe offers not only an educational path but access to training, technology, and a thriving startup community. 



MeChat Universe Benefits

Overall, MeChat Universe Makes It Easy To Learn and Succeed.

MeChat Universe reimagines the business plan as a dynamic tool that connects virtual real estate offering high-yields with learning progression to create "competitive actions." Users login to write a business plan in MeChat Universe because business plans in MeChat Universe can be certified, unlocking up to 14 streams of income that are exclusive to our platform.

Each level comes with its cap, and excess contributions go towards a jackpot and student services. 

To enhance your earnings, you can upgrade your virtual school to the next level. This combination of business plans and virtual assets provides never-before-seen, multiple income sources and ample room for personal and financial growth.




  • Best Educational Investment: A chance to invest in a top-tier educational opportunity.
  • Fully Online: Flexibility to engage in franchise ownership from anywhere.
  • Professional Sports Franchise: An avenue into the world of professional sports franchises.
  • Flexible Schedule: Adapt to your schedule with online seasons spanning six months.
  • Professional Certificate Program: Elevate your expertise with a comprehensive certificate program.
  • Annual Sports Draft: A platform to draft and cultivate high-performing business plans.
  • Become an Independent Contractor: Not just a sport, you own a unique business endeavor.
  • Don't Wait - Inventory is Limited: Seize the opportunity while it lasts.





Competition Benefits 

With MeChat Universe Anyone Can Achieve Business Plan Success

By leading your virtual school to victory in business plan competitions, such as the annual Business Plan Olympics, both coaches and players can unlock numerous benefits, including virtual training spaces, access to over 14 roles for their business, strategic planning guidance, LLC for degrees, a prestigious graduation, and trademark filing.

In addition to the unique income opportunities and income streams available through MeChat Universe, you'll enjoy:

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your entrepreneurial spirit, opening doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations.
  • Constant Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends, strategies, and skills necessary for business success in our fast-paced world.
  • Flexibility: Access MeChat Universe from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to learn and participate at your own pace.
  • Real-World Application: The skills and knowledge you acquire on MeChat Universe can be applied directly to your business or startup, making it a practical and valuable resource.


Ownership Benefits

If you're looking to supercharge your business dreams, create a powerful business plan, build your expertise, connect with a supportive community, and unlock additional income streams, MeChat Universe is the place to be. 

  • Unlock New Income Streams and Multiple Sources of Revenue:
  • Unlock Your Full Potential With Greater Impact

By implementing your own business and financial goals and vision, you can offer the next generation of businessmen with business plans that are unique. You will have a team of ambassadors who go on with the knowledge, skills, and values that only your school can offer. 

Players will take with them your coaching lessons and guidance and implement them into their schools to continue your legacy, offer evolving-rewarding impacts, and a new way for others to improve. 


Ownership Term

Ownership is for five Years. After 5 Years, you can sell the team or renew for another 5 years.

During this five year period, Experience the Thrill of Your Asset Being Cheered by 20,000 Enthusiastic Fans

At the end of the year, we host a Global Championship to crown the top business leaders in the world. The 4-day business conference is live with location to be determined. Only owners are invited as guest to the conference.


Ownership ROI

MeChat Universe presents a pioneering concept in the world of online education and business, offering a platform for individuals to trade their knowledge for cash. This franchise model allows you to set up your own virtual classroom in our online school. Your classroom size is determined by the number of business plans you coach, and for each startup you help establish, you can earn up to 12% of their annual profits, based on performance. There is no limit to the number of startups you can coach, providing substantial income potential.

Again, this business model allows you to earn up to 12% of each startup's annual profits, offering the potential for substantial returns, with the possibility of up to 30 times your investment in a year.

While the annual club fee is set at $45,000, you can anticipate an average annualized return of 5 to 10 percent over the term. 

This investment opportunity does not account for the additional avenues for profit-sharing and potential growth that being part of MeChat Universe offers.


Team formation

One team consists of 14+ buy in levels. 5 prequalifies.

A MeChat Universe team is a composition of diverse buy-in levels, with 14 players, each representing a specific skill, experience, or resource level. This structure allows for the creation of well-rounded teams that accommodate players with varying skill levels or resources (buy-ins). You will choose your final 14 players from the pool of business plans you develop through the season.


Our Goal

  • Impact: Take business plans from distressed markets and help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Sell Controlling Interests: Enable opportunities for controlling interest sales.
  • Secure TV Buy-In Deals: Explore television broadcasting agreements.
  • Empower Entrepreneurs: Elevate business owners to newfound wealth through MeChat Universe Teams.
  • Master Business, Finance, and Personal Development: Elevate your business prowess and skills.
  • Sell controlling interests 


Our Mission 

Our mission at MeChat Universe is to create partnerships that enhance the business acumen of our students, foster success, and make an impactful difference in their lives. Our online business school offers unique opportunities for income generation and impact within a thriving community. Join us on your adventure to becoming a successful businessman and writing a business plan that will act as your roadmap to success.


Our 5-Year Vision: Breaking Barriers and Fostering Inclusivity in Competitive Education

MeChat Universe creates an inclusive arena that aims to revolutionize online sports by breaking down traditional barriers and creating an inclusive and engaging environment where education, business, and finance professionals become players of all skill levels that collaborate, compete, and grow together. Our unique match dynamics, collaborative strategy, progression, inclusivity, and spectator engagement promise a dynamic and inclusive sports experience.


Ownership Requirements 

Our platform caters exclusively to business coaches, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, business plan writers, and CEOs.

Virtual School ownership in MeChat Universe is highly regulated and a competitive process. Most individuals or groups interested in owning a sports franchise seek to purchase an existing team or sponsor a team, than starting a new school from scratch.


Ownership Details and Opportunities 

MeChat Universe introduces a unique platform to learn and develop business acumen, trade knowledge, and make a substantial impact on your personal and financial growth. Our franchise model offers various streams of income and the potential for legacy inheritance.

To prevent large ownership groups, buying a MeChat Universe school must be led by a single individual who owns a controlling interest of at least 45 percent of the team, although a family member can account for one-third of that stake.


Education & Professional Requirements 

Ownership does not require owner to be an accredited investor, universally recognized as a business personality, or have an MBA, however, without one of those two, owners must demonstrate their business proficiency through our comprehensive 5-step prequalification program, showcasing their capacity to enhance and advance a business concept.


Financial Requirements

Owning a sports franchise is expensive. Beyond the initial buy-in price, but owners are responsible for ongoing operating costs, player salaries, and more. This is precisely why MeChat Universe provides franchise owners and their respective teams with diverse income generation avenues.


Ownership Restrictions

We welcome a diverse community of owners but have some exclusions, including casino owners and illegal brands.


Stadium and Facilities

Franchise owners often need suitable facilities, such as stadiums or arenas, to host games, train, and host community services and events. These facilities need to meet certain standards and be approved by the league (MeChat Universe).


Ownership Transfer

Change in ownership requirements must also be approved by a league vote.


Owner Engagement

Assist us in our mission to develop better businessmen and practices. Owners zoom calls allow for collaborative efforts that encompass:

  • Weekly Progress Calls: Stay informed and collaborate on regular progress updates.
  • Monthly Team Calls: Stay connected and informed with regular progress updates.
  • Online Reports: Access detailed reports to monitor your franchise's performance.


Owners vs Coaches

Owners own the school that creates a teams of business plans. 

The team is “managed” by a coach, this individual can be the owner. Owners can do both, ownership and coaching, or Owners can hire certified experts to coach and prepare teams for competitive play. Players career path gives them the ability to advance to become Certified Business Coaches.


Team Benefits

The Top Schools Will Earn Bragging Rights.

The most outstanding virtual schools and classrooms (business plans) in the universe will receive accolades, such as the Championship Trophy of Icons, Olympic Medals for Businessmen Excellence, Business Plan Ownership profits, Business Plan Homecoming Tickets, and Business Plan Conference Admission. New Teams and sponsors Require League Approval



MeChat Universe: The Inclusive Arena aims to revolutionize online sports by breaking down traditional barriers and creating an inclusive and engaging environment where players of all skill levels can collaborate, compete, and grow together. It has the potential to be more than just a game, fostering positive social values and enriching the gaming and esports landscape.


Know the Difference

What’s a business franchise and is it the same as a sports franchise?

A business franchise and a sports franchise are not the same, but they share some similarities in the concept of franchising. While the term "franchise" is used in both cases, the context and meaning are different. In business, it's about replicating a successful business model, while in sports, it's about owning and operating a team within a league.

  • Business Franchise: A business franchise is a business model where a franchisor grants the rights to independent entrepreneurs (franchisees) to operate their own business using the franchisor's brand, products, and support systems. Franchisees pay fees and royalties to the franchisor in exchange for the use of their established business model, marketing, and ongoing support.


  • Sports Franchise: A sports franchise refers to a professional sports team, such as a baseball, basketball, football team, or MeChat Universe new business league. These franchises are typically owned by individuals or organizations and participate in competitive-activities related to the league. The term "franchise" in this context signifies ownership rights to a team in a particular league.


Match Dynamics

MeChat Universe features dynamic matches with objectives that require different skill sets. For example, some objectives may rely on the expertise of higher buyin players, while others may need the coordination of lower buyin players.


Spectator Engagement

  • MeChat Universe could be a compelling sport to watch, as viewers witness the dynamic strategies and teamwork within diverse teams.


Game Modes

  • Tier Match: The standard mode where teams compete to achieve objectives, with buy-in levels determining team composition and strategy.
  • Tier Training: A practice mode to hone skills and experiment with different roles within the buy-in level.
  • Tier Championship: Seasonal tournaments where teams from different skill levels compete for the MeChat Universe Championship.


Progression and Rewards

  • As players excel and demonstrate teamwork, they earn rewards and advance in buy-in levels, facilitating their continued growth. The game also features customization options and special items to unlock as players progress.
  • Players can move up or down buyin levels based on their performance, ensuring that the teams remain balanced over time.


Community Building

In addition to spectators, MeChat Universe fosters a vibrant online community where players from all skill levels share strategies, tips, and mentorship. Forums, chat systems, and social features within the game promote interactions and cooperation among players. This will create fans who wish to become the iconic businessmen they see in MeChat Universe.


Esports and Tournaments

MeChat Universe hosts numerous business competitions including a global Business Olympics, large-scale tournaments, professional teams, and dedicated fan leagues. The unique team composition and strategies within the game promise to attract a significant esports viewership.


Educational Value

Educational institutions are encouraged to use MeChat Universe as a tool for teaching teamwork, strategy, and inclusive leadership.

In MeChat Universe, success hinges on teams harnessing the strengths of players across various buy-in levels, creating a truly inclusive online sports experience.



Growing Your Sports Franchise

Much like Ivy-League universities, our master classes deliver a top-tier education and offer exclusive tools and resources to foster success at all levels.

As users progress through their business plans and attain certification as experts, they seamlessly establish novel virtual schools that players can offer for subscription. These, in turn, aid other startups operating costs at lower tiers.

By owning virtual schools you can setup multiple sources of income with master classes to teach you how to collect.


Venture into MeChat Universe to Buy, Sell, & Trade Knowledge

Financial literacy, self-care, and business success are best achieved through a well-structured business plan. Explore our virtual campus to embark on a journey of owner-2-owner learning and growth.


Ownership Training

Don't worry, everyone begins completely new, however, MeChat Universe will guide you through the process. 

Complementing this feature, comprehensive training is inclusively provided as part of your buy-in tuition package. Additionally, each business plan features curated master classes that will expertly instruct owners on idea creation, plan development, and the methods to amass assets and manage these resources.


Own Your Virtual School Sports Club In MeChat Universe

If you're interested in writing a business plan or selling your knowledge, subscribe to our 2025 school year and get to explore our universe today.

Join Us on a Journey of Growth and Passive Income and in less than five years be a part of MeChat Universe transformation as we launch to a global audience, offering the chance to grow passive income. Our revolutionary technology simplifies life planning, offering learning concepts in financial literacy, business startup, financial statement analysis, and overall business mastery through the business plan.

Together, with a plan, we'll work towards your personal goals, while also helping others succeed in their business journeys. It's a win-win!


Reserve Your Space now in MeChat Universe 2025 Business Plan Adventure School

If everything sounds good, the next step would be to sign the independent contractor agreement and figure out how many business plans you want in your school.

Space is limited based on available school resources, such as conference seating.

Let's discuss further how we can turn your vision for a MeChat Universe school into reality!









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