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How To Become a Business Coach In 2023 (Basics)

1 on 1 Business Coaching Sessions For Small Businesses To Executives

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

June 5, 2023, 11:58 am



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What is a Business Coach?

A business coach is different from business consulting. In consulting you are the expert, and in coaching, the client is the expert.



What does a Business Coach do?

A good business coach is both a life coach and a business coach at the same time. We provide clients with: 

  1. Curriculum Guidance: Help with writing a winning business plan.
  2. Accountability: We inspire clients to get things done between sessions.
  3. Set Goals: List and rate the client's priorities. The Priorities are their Outcomes. Help them with at least 3 Outcomes. 
  4. Plan of Action: Guide clients toward Strategies and Structures to achieve the goals.
  5. Fresh Perspective: “You can't read the label from inside the jar”. We provide a fresh perspective to identify threats and blindspots in client's business they may not be seeing.
  6. Life Coach: Lead clients to their own truths about their business with empathy. Help them eliminate “Dead Weight” and “Leeches”. Help them deal with toxic projects.
  7. Bigger Possibilities: Highlight the bigger picture to discover and move towards achieving new levels of opportunities using their business.
  8. Cheerleader: We support clients in their mission statement, processes, systems, methodologies, and growth and is excited to be a part of the success of the client's entrepreneurial journey.



How to Become a Business Coach

  1. Gain Experience: Certification is not required but recommended. 
    1. MeChat Universe offers a business coaching certification program.
    2. Do Speaking engagements.
    3. Watch business coaching videos on Youtube
  2. Gain Knowledge: Know Business, the industry you are serving 
  3. Choose a niche business market to coach. Focus all your energy on helping founders in this industry.
  4. Be a shoulder: Listen to what they are saying and what they are not saying. Listen to what the client is avoiding. Try to pull out the unspoken. Don't think about what answer to give, instead ask the right questions! You dont have to know all the answers, the clients have the solution. 
  5. Call to Action: Like a gym training, you may have to really light the fire under a class ass. Do not be a yes man, be the truth and support.
  6. Look out for issues in their personal life: Founders stressed about personal issues will need a renewed mindset and self care or it can impact their business and stop them from reaching the next level. 


How to Price Your Packages

  1. Price Your Services: Do not charge by the hour, charge by the outcome. Help them with at least 3 Outcomes per campaign.
  2. High Ticket Pricing for Meaningful Conversations to grow their business. 
    1. Dont charge by the hour change by the Package.
    2. What is the ROI of the result of your services. 
      1. What is coaching result worth to that person? 
      2. What is going to change in their business and what is the value of that. 
      3. How much of your time will be dedicated to the client. This package is 6 hourly coaching session with a follow up call. Think about additional hours for
        1. Prep: Researching the business
    3. Baseline Pricing: Take the gross revenue you want to make per year in your business and divide it by the number of hours you want to work in your business. Never charge under $1,500 per package per client. $2,500 minimum for 6 sessions.
    4. List outcomes and Put value on the outcome. What's that worth, what will you pay for those results
    5. Ask for referrals of people who could value coaching.
  3. Commissions: Your coaching price will be the 10% commission for the Class Package that you are helping them with for the year. 
  4. Group Session: When you know your niche you can host 6 sessions for $2,500 per group class (or target budget) with 3, 7, 15 or more clients that all need the same outcome, once you start seeing the patterns in your clientele. 
  5. Get Leads: 
    1. Lets how Book a Free Call for 15 minutes or Book a Full 60 Minute call (costs) 
  6. Example Business Coach Packages

If you don’t feel comfortable charging these prices, DO NOT LOWER THE PRICE. PLEASE CONSIDER referring back to the section: How to Become a Business Coach above to increase your knowledge and experience, thus confidence in your value. 


Starter Package:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Email support
  • Price: $1,500 per month

Growth Package:

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Bi-weekly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Email and phone support
  • Goal setting and accountability tracking
  • Price: $2,500 per month

Executive Package:

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Weekly 1.5-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Business strategy development
  • Leadership development
  • Price: $5,000 per month

Comprehensive Package:

  • Duration: Customizable (minimum 3 months)
  • Multiple coaching sessions per week (duration and frequency based on client needs)
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Intensive goal setting, strategy, and implementation support
  • Pricing varies based on the duration and intensity of the package. Typically starts at $10,000 per month.





How to get started with Business Coaching?

You can provide business coaching in a few ways:

  1. In Person
  2. Online
  3. Digital Product


Our Digital Product Has GROWN!

Hire me and other business coaches in MeChat Universe for 1 on 1 business coaching and join over 2,000 other entrepreneurs to Unlock Your Full Potential and celebrate Achieving Success.

Between July 3 and December 4th, Us business coaches will be hosting, recorded, live and group coaching classes to people interested in starting and building a business. To get the zoom link, signup for the class that you want to join, or pay annual tuition for one of our Class Bundles.

We also offer 1 on 1, three part sessions starting @ $9,999. Or you can find additional unqualified coaches for as little as $60 per 30 minute session. 


About Me

I am Antonio James, a dedicated and experienced business coach with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and professionals reach their full potential. With 20 years reaching success across several industries I’ve designed MeChat Universe as the perfect technology to change millions of lives by offering direct access to my knowledge, experience, and proven track record of success. 

Starting July 2024, MeChat Universe we allow me to coach more of you more efficiently, meaning reduce waitlist times and tiered class sessions to get more of you where you want to be faster.


How to Attend A Class

Watch, Attend, or Listen to one of our weekly classes

Join 1 on 1 or over 2,000 individuals and organizations in my 2023 Business School Year where we transform each other’s businesses through Oversight, Vision, and achieve outstanding results together and with a new entrepreneurial mindset.


Services Offered

There are 2 ways to join us

  1. One-on-One Coaching:
    • Personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique goals and challenges.
    • Identify and overcome obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.
    • Develop strategies to enhance your leadership skills and business acumen.
    • Create actionable plans using my OVC Model to drive growth, increase profitability, and improve efficiency.
    • Includes a 3 Class coaching and strategy session with Antonio James


2. Attend Group classes

Attend Classes to experience Team Building and Leadership Development:

  • Build high-performing teams through effective leadership strategies.
  • Foster a collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Identify and leverage individual strengths within your team.




2023 Weekly Coaching Programs

Writing a business Plan: Antonio James

Starting a business: Antonio James


2024 Weekly Coaching Programs

Writing a business Plan: Antonio James

Starting a business: Antonio James

Growing a business into a corporation: Angelo Byrd



Hands On Benefits

  1. Create a Business Strategy and Execute
  • Analyze your current business model and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop a comprehensive business strategy to achieve your long-term objectives.
  • Implement effective planning and execution techniques.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing market trends.

     2. Learn how to Market and Brand “You”

  • Create a compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.
  • Enhance your online presence and leverage digital marketing channels.
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.




Client Success Stories

2023 real-life client video is begin produced of students we have worked with and their success stories. We will highlight specific challenges they faced and how MeChat Universe and our coaches helped them overcome those challenges and achieve their goals.

We will briefly offer the Client Name, describe the client's business, their challenges, and the results achieved through your coaching.


Here is an example of a Client Success Story using our OVC business model: 

Client Name: Jane's Jewelry Boutique


Jane's Jewelry Boutique faced the challenge of limited brand awareness, ineffective marketing strategies, and lack of differentiation in a saturated market.


When I began working with Jane, I noticed that her business lacked a strong brand identity and online presence. Potential customers were unaware of her unique jewelry creations.


Together, we developed a compelling brand story that showcased Jane's passion for creating exquisite pieces. We crafted a distinct brand identity and built a visually appealing website to showcase her collections.

Change of Entrepreneurial Mindset: 

I guided Jane to shift her marketing strategies from traditional approaches to a more targeted and digital-focused approach. We emphasized the importance of understanding her target audience and leveraging digital platforms to reach them effectively.

Results: With the oversight, vision, and change of entrepreneurial mindset, Jane's Jewelry Boutique achieved remarkable success. Her brand gained recognition, and customers started to identify her jewelry as distinct and exceptional. Sales and customer engagement improved significantly, leading to increased revenue and business growth.

Jane's success story demonstrates how strategic oversight, a clear vision, and a change of entrepreneurial mindset can transform a struggling business into a thriving one. If you're facing similar challenges, let's work together to unlock your full potential and achieve outstanding results.


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Ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your business goals? Let's connect and discuss how my coaching services can benefit you and your organization.






"Working with Antonio James has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Their guidance and expertise have helped me overcome significant challenges and take my company to new heights. I highly recommend their coaching services!" - SD JAMES TRUCKING

"I was struggling to develop a clear business strategy, but Antonio James provided me with invaluable insights and practical steps to move forward. Their ability to understand my vision and offer tailored solutions is remarkable. I am grateful for their coaching support." - CCC CARPET CLEANING



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