Welcome to a better life, a Good Life

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#BuildWorlds with #Purpose

The 2020 election showed the world who half of America is. The keyword is “half” for the other half we want to make money together, laugh together, debate together, grow together, and live together.

We can’t make other people like us and it’s exhausting trying to make others love us. So instead we will love ourselves.

MeChat is the official platform for the Good Life social club and a safe space for the Global Majority.

A Community for All Your Needs

MeChat showcases the value of Blackness

MeChat is an online city. Our online community is divided into four parts.

  • 1. MeChat - the Community
  • 2. Good Life - Campaign, Fundraiser, Coalitions
  • 3. Community City Hall - Make Deals
  • 4. The Foundation - Commissioner’s Office, The American Standard

Community Spirit

MeChat community Motto: Together Stronger Always

Our colors:

  • MeChat Green

  • MeChat Blue

  • MeChat Pink

Join the Good Life

Apply Now for a Good Life monthly membership and get exclusive Good Life social club benefits, advocacy, and collaboration opportunities only available to MeChat clients, sponsors, and subscribers ready to make a difference in their communities. The purpose of the Good Life party is to discover, train, and hire world-class developers, innovators, and change makers.

Open Call for Community Leaders

There are some people who are born to teach and then there are people who are born to lead. Right now this world needs leadership. MeChat fosters a community of thought leaders and creatives. But most important we are everyday people who have stories to tell.

In a League of Our Own

Prominent Black Americans exemplifying the Good Life

Below are Nobles of the Good Life, people striving to inform or bring the Good Life to Black America

  • Bernie Mac (RIP)
  • Kevin Hart
  • Rhianna
  • Rick Ross
  • Young Geezy
  • Meek Mills
  • NLE Choppa
  • Yo Gotti
  • Black Youngsta
  • Juicy J
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Bill Cosby
  • Tyler Perry
  • Ice Cube
  • Queen Latifa
  • Ladell Beamon
  • 21 Savage
  • Matt Williams
  • Roland Martin
  • Boyce Watkins
  • The commissioner

To nominate a Good Life example to be added to the list or to report a name on the list that you believe does not actually represent a Good Life then:

  • Write an article explaining why you believe that person does or does not represent a Good Life, or is or are not supporting the Good Life mission properly, and tag our verified Good Life newsroom.
  • We will read your article and make a judgement call.

The Hood’s Cable

Every American has a right to information

Not everyone can afford cable, but every household has a smartphone. With this in mind it is MeChat’s mission to provide daily breaking news for free to underserved, unforgotten, and the unheard so that every American can make informed decisions.

Showcase your Portfolio

It’s your portfolio, make it official with MeChat

Want Free Promotion? Write Gossips.

  • Showcase your work next to industry professionals.
  • Get a newsroom to do content marketing and get free publicity.
  • Get subscribers from the community to donate.

We are continuously adding ways to make your news stand above the gossips. However, to ensure your voice is heard you need to constantly produce credible content. If you need ideas to write about just write about Good Life moments.

A Sanctuary for Black Voices

Your newsroom is your voice.

Rather it’s gossip or newsworthy we all have a story to tell, MeChat gives you a microphone in the form of a mobile newsroom to reach the world with your message

Are you ready to become your own boss

Only one character per account.

Your character will receive 12 months of access to play inside MeChat Universe virtual business simulation game. Afterwards you can renew to play in the next business season or auction off your character’s virtual assets that you amassed playing the game. Thank you for playing in MeChat Universe, a financial literacy game designed to help guide entrepreneurs to financial wealth.