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Rebuilding Communities One Business at Time

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

August 16, 2021, 2:43 pm



What is the Bank of MainStreet, U.S.A?

When MeChat launches in 2022, it will feature its own banking system for MeChat businesses. MeChat exercises no control over the business operations and there is no continuing relationship between MeChat and Digital Business owners. When MeChat launches in 2022, your digital business will be able to be purchased and traded globally using all major currencies and commodities, such as bitcoin, doge, AJFF, SAFEMOON and other cryptocurrencies.

MeChat shows a new generation of entrepreneurs how to use their money to build power and purify the corruption that we have always known business ownership to have, by building businesses that is powered by your own talents, mission, and purpose. And once you start making continuous money in your sleep from what you love doing, you will start to get power, and collectively the power dynamics to create change will shift to MainStreet, U.S.A.

When MeChat creates 90 million entrepreneurs, the 99% will dictate how society works. 

Own land, own ideas, own something. MeChat gives you a way to own intellectual property siting at home on the couching using your cell phone. An asset that can be sold, transferred, or scaled. 


Black Commerce Vs White Commerce

We live an Atlantis, where wealth is an abundance, but its people go starving. Is America turning into North Korea and China, or will we become the guiding light the world yearns for. 

It's simply not accessible that Americans must revert to getting title loans, house loans, and even risking your cars titles simply to generate extra money for everyday expenses like education, gas, child care, paying bills, and even, eating. 

At the end of the day, we all live in the USA, and the government doesn’t care about the Black and the White of how they go about maintaining equal commerce. Its about the green (money), so when we think about Black Commerce vs White Commerce - the only difference is scale, basically how much money is circulating between black commerce communities vs white commerce communities.

Despite what fake news lead you to believe, Congress is highly active. In fact, there is a whole lot of tax laws that benefited the rich, like those that the trump family took advantage of, and the same ones that will send you and your family to jail. But it’s not because of what you did was illegal, but because you don’t own anything to justify the tax breaks that the 1% of owners get to enjoy! 

As of 2021, statistic show that Blacks have an estimated $1.3 trillion gross national income but only two percent is recirculated in the Black community. In fact, there are only 42 Black-owned banks out of the 4,374 commercial banks and 627 savings institutions in America.

To further highlight the racial-economic gap, only 8.7% of Fortune 500 board of directors is  Black, while 82.5 % are White. However, as we build this new cloud America, we do not focus on racism as the disparity but how the scale is so tilted because of:

  • Social parameters/ environment: Lack of access to quality Education, many Blacks do not have the family and relationships to obtain wealth to start a business, Without connections no-one (black, nor white) will have the same Economic Opportunities
  • Population size: We are only 13% of the population (check census). Therefore, $1.3 Trillion is only a fraction of the $21 Trillion that USA brings in. Therefore, equal opportunity will never be within reach when national revenue contribution is unequal.
  • Historical precedence: No matter what you believe about what happen before or after 1619, by 2021, Black people begin life with a slower start due to slavery. In the military they refer to past events that effect your present lifestyle as PTSD. Mental Health must improve, if the wealth gap is to close.

All of this effects who America has become and how black communities utilize their money and view themselves when it comes to being considered America and is not conducive to liberating black commerce into the 21st century as these challenges also affects how black people go about getting their money, and shapes our view of what it takes to achieve wealth.

For example, during the Breakfast Club interview with Mrs Pat, she discussed how a lot of the spaces that she tried to enter into didn’t know how to accept or craft her background in a way that it could be mainstream marketable. Which led to their only conclusion that if Mrs. Pat wanted to move forward with venture capitalists that she would have to suppress her blackness and appear more “inviting” to white America.

MeChat prevents the degradation of black culture, ingenuity, and standards, and ultimately all Americans, by providing a pathway towards success in America without having to code switching. Currently, Blacks are limited in what they can do commercially because of our unwillingness to conform to cultures outside of our own. While there are some in the community such as Candace Owens, Juan Williams, Micheal Steal, Terry Cruz, Tiger Woods and others who have historically jeopardized who they are, and even going further to completely forget their communities, altogether, there are far more, like 20+million of blacks who would rather use their own revenue to increase black business ownership in spaces that the aspiring entrepreneur desires, ignorer to continue living their truth.

With MeChat, Black owners no longer have to risk their personal finances to support their dreams. MeChat gives them new opportunities, and multiple channels of venture funding, where they can have the same access to capital, resources, and knowledge as every other American.

“I’m willing to not reach 1 billion users if I can get 1 million purposeful entrepreneurs that want to participate in commercial commerce the right way” says Antonio James. “When we think of commerce we think of: Wall Street vs MainStreet , making as much money as possible, zero sum game, but that’s not Commerce -  it’s greed. MeChat focuses on each individuals Purpose in life and provides a healthier, more sustainable pathway towards achieving success, economic equality and the American Dream - for all.”

Without MeChat, we will continue witnessing the destruction of our cities, protests across America, and the division that the last 400 years of White-influenced commerce has brought into the 21st Century. In Comparison, Black commerce, without negative influences, anywhere in the world is by nature - moral, spiritual, and family-oriented beings who believe in living for more than just money.

Before slavery and high incarceration rates that equally decimated black family dynamics, we were believing in higher powers; spirituality, being a brothers keeper, and taking care of the environment, our neighbors, and each other. When left to our own vices, black economies historical created all-inclusive villages that any visitor could come and learn from, be a mentor to and focus on Purposeful innovation; all of which clashes with the existing, mostly white-dominated commerce society which focuses on bottom lines and cash flows. It’s not that white commerce does not have non-profits but that its not as inclusive as a Black-Powered commerce society would include.

The problem is to create a way for 2 way of lives to exist under one democratic system so that all Americans feel like America is their home.

William E Gladstone once said, “Commerce is the great equalizer of the wealth of nations”,  meaning the movement of money within a nation should be enough to keep everyone fed and supplied with their basic needs. America has the potential to be this generation’s Atlantis. We have the wealth, the diversity, and leaders with the desire to move this country forward, but as we have seen over Covid, not everyone share this idea of one nation, together.

So instead of fighting for the next 400 years, MeChat empowers those willing to take a leap forward by allowing both white commerce to thrive, while allowing the other half of America to experiment with a Black Powered Commerce thats focus on Purpose; not money, not being the first, not being a leader - but focus on being a community.

While operating concurrently under one Demarcated constitution, this new online Cloud American commerce economy will begin to transform real world society from a zero sum game, into a purpose-driven economy where together we build Businesses, get rich, work for purposeful companies, invest in sustainable ideas, and drive an increased human connection. MeChat is that bridge between the past and the future.

However, “MeChat is not designed to save humanity, but to provide America with a second chance at forming a more perfect union, where national borders only serve as dividers for accessing different traditions and cultures and not as a means to control money without any real Purpose or any meaningful Direction.

The Advantages of Black Commerce

By combining MeChat’s multi-purpose business tools, messaging and payment technologies with Purpose-driven Commerce, both registered and non-registered users can connect to MeChat's digital economy by logging into any browser or by using their phones to scan a member’s QR Code.

Once logged in, MeChat Universe becomes a social hub for entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers everywhere by offering a one-stop-shop for starting a business, trading, investing online shopping, in-store payments, lending, receiving business intelligence and more. And by the summer of 2022 MeChat Universe will launch a super app to expand the features of the badge that you own.

For example, as MeChat Universe continues to expand, MeChat Wall Street Badge is like buying a house, the digital business that comes with the badge is your asset and you can sell it or keep it and pass it on to your kids for generational wealth. 

MeChat simplifies business ownership by automating startup challenges so that entrepreneurs can build a legacy and an asset that others find value in. As entrepreneurs build up their digital business using MeChat’s business checklists, intelligence, and community, your business will become more valuable to other wealthy entrepreneurs seeking to build a similar idea, but does not want to start from scratch. 

MeChat does not build businesses for you but provides step-by-step instructions to empower entrepreneurs to use their own talents and skills to come up with their own business ideas, systems, and procedures and once entrepreneurs build their digital business to their liking MeChat makes it easy for wealthy individuals that find value in what you have built, be able to invest or purchase the business from you – all without leaving MeChat. 

Join MeChat now, stay tuned for updates, and get the opportunity to turn survival into success. You have the constitution right to be wealthy, MeChat is the most accessible way of achieving it. 



Written and Edited by Antonio James and Ashley Harris



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