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MeChat Universe: A Black Powered, Purpose-Driven Economy

12 Standards and business strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build wealth and diversify their portfolio

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

August 14, 2021, 7:57 pm



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As MeChat's digital universe continues to grow, we have found it necessary to begin quarterly calls for all Family Members seeking to get involved in this new cloud American economy. Attached is a video and article for all members, employees, and inquiring visitors seeking membership into the Antonio James Family Foundation and access to our Family Foundation's suite of Family Products, such as with our newest commerce society - MeChat, our blockchain and cryptocurrency service - AJFF, our lifestyle-builder - Blurbbed, and Urbanstylz, among a dozen others.

With the launch of MeChat, all family members and guest will need to register a business on MeChat to remain a member of the Antonio James Family Foundation. In addition to accountability, MeChat gives you the tools, systems, and resources to become economically independent, similar to how Blurbbed helped thousands around the world become their own person.


Key Summary

Hi, I’m Antonio, 

My whole life I’ve heard about the 1%, but coming from Memphis, TN I have always lived in the 99%. The reality is the 99% is suffering because we don’t have access to real opportunities to create wealth. 

Plus, according to data, the MainStreet vs Wall Street disconnect, only ends up causing 70% of entrepreneurs who do take that step to build wealth, to eventually fail, and loose what they have without fair compensation. 

MeChat empowers the “Every-Man” with business strategies, business intelligence, and connections to get direct access to different vendors, buyers, suppliers, lenders, and distributors all in one place so wealth can be created and redistributed in MainStreet neighborhoods, and not just on Wall Street.

I am investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of MeChat to fight against high taxes on the wealthy; while providing minority communities with new opportunities to create their own wealth. Furthermore, government handouts is not the solution because its fiscally irresponsible and printing more money for stimulus only causes more inflation. I also believe that it’s every man’s responsibility to build their own wealth. 

The good news is there is now a solution for those who really are the next in their family to generate that first million dollars. 

So, what’s the solution. Well, MeChat Universe was created because like me so many Americans believe that the answers lies in “self”. In your own talents, your own ideas, your own natural skills, your communities, your environment, your standards, your culture – your village – and collectively, now our own Digital Universe. MeChat creates a new cloud American economy, where every American can start, build, and grow a successful business on their own terms and with equal opportunities as wealthy American entreprenuers. 

See, Black American issues isn't capitalism. Our issues that 99% of America face, stems from the government’s inability to create a sustainable path towards ownership. For the last 400 years, America has been creating laws to help stimulate the economy, but only a “thumb-full” of that money ever trickles down to MainStreet, America. Since 1619, no-one has figured out how to help every American, who has entrepreneurial desires, get access to self-sustainable, equal opportunities to generate wealth. So myself and my team of advisors, innovators, designers, developers, politicians, celebrities, and others just like you have created MeChat as that answer. 

Again, MeChat wants every American to become self-sustainable business owners by having real access to the opportunities that the 1% gets so that every American can start to generate wealth for themselves, their family, and their local communities. MeChat gives you the tools to achieve the American Dream so that you don’t have to be dependent on the government, or anyone else. With MeChat, entrepreneurs don’t wait on the check, they make the checks come to them.


Why Now

I needed time to design a self sustainable platform that would be inclusive for all. We begin with Blurbbed several years ago, however, the events of covid-19, George Floyd protests, mass shootings, and even global warming has confirmed that regardless of race or location, all of humanity is tied together, and that we to expedited the development of a solution now, not later if we are to save American democracy.

With the internationally televised Capitol-riots, Americans and the world now understand how fragile democracy can be if Americans allow frivolous ideologies to guide our morality and American culture like a 3rd world country. Furthermore, these same Ideologies that have historically contributed to the formation of America’s current ecosystem are no longer sustainable as a nation, nor wanted by a majority of the electorate.

In fact, throughout 2019, 2020, and now 2021, Americans have been eager to develop a progressive America in this post-covid world, yet lack the means and leadership to develop their ideas and ambitions into progress that can make the change that society is so desperately yearning for. Americans are searching for a unified American Culture that doesn’t lead to the destruction of the constitution, life, liberty and justice and that does not continue to contribute to the corruption that festers in American politics and current commerce society.

However, Americans also does not want to start over. We want to build on our successes and learn from our mistakes and to do that we need a non-destructive environment where the American experiment can continue to flourish.

Therefore, the mission of MeChat is simple: to create a diverse, all inclusive, and online commerce society that is based on historical Black Culture, Ingenuity, and Standards.

Members join MeChat because they recognize that if our leaders cannot right the ship,  this experiment called America that we all love and contribute to will sail humanity towards an end, quicker than global warming. And so myself and millions of others who refuses to allow America to fall during our generation is creating MeChat into an economy for future generations and a new Cloud America for present generations to build.


Why, specifically Black Culture, Ingenuity, and Standards? 

The short answer is because I was born a poor black man in America; and so I have the prerequisite experience to understand the needs of the people, the wealthy, and the economy. 

Over the years, I have picked myself up from what minorities call, “the Mud” and grew dozens of successful businesses that I was able to turn into wealth that pays for my luxury toys. I have charted a path towards success and as commissioner and founder of MeChat I found that the way to success was to stay true to my culture and community, stand firm on my beliefs, and strive for something higher than myself. In all, I stayed true to the 12 Core Standards that ensured I too would own a piece of the American Dream without jeopardizing who I am or the community that created me. 

In fact, I never forgot the people in the mud, and that is what drives me and MeChat members to kept building. Not everyone needs to be black to have empathy for those who needs access to opportunities. As a black man in America I understand why there is people that needs Medicare, needs social programs, and need those stimulus checks because they can’t generate the wealth needed to take care of their own basic needs. 

But as someone who have rose out the mud and through the ranks of economic classism I also understand that what is wrong with America is not that capitalism and democracy doesn’t work or that systemic racism exists (which it does), but that only people with ownership has power in America. So getting even a small piece of ownership is vital. 

And borrowing and loaning stuff to get wealth is not ownership, because then the person you are borrowing it from owns you. Remember, the person with ownership is the person at the end of the day with power, the liberty, happiness, and the justice that you want.

MeChat helps you be that next Owner. MeChat is not an asset, MeChat gives you assets. The News Desk that comes with your Digital Business not only keeps others informed about your business, but it is also your equity. With MeChat YOU ARE THE OWNER. Not a renter, not a leaser. You are an owner of a business that gives you ownership in our MeChat Universe and a physical asset. The business that you create on MeChat can be used as collateral to receive real-world goods and services and to make large purchases in life such as buying a home, car, vacation, or G-4 plane. 

As MeChat is quickly becoming one of the most widely used applications in the world. The key features of our Digital Universe will continue to evolve from its initial multi-purpose online messaging app for businesses into an American-inspired, owned, and built - Commerce Universe, created to reflect commerce as seen through the lens of all Americans as if negative influences never affected Black America.


So What Does a Purpose-Driven, MeChat Economy Look Like?

A purpose-driven, MeChat-Powered economy means having 40+ million entrepreneurs operating purposeful businesses and brands that focus on entertainment, education, MainStreet Banking, thrilling adventures, social justice, mental health, innovation, pushing the world forward, and solving new age challenges.

With Americans-leading the way, MeChat will evolve into a Commerce Universe governed by the American constitution and MeChat Universe voters that make decisions on everything from the 12 Core American Standard, policies, and opportunities that are proposed for our cloud commerce society. Additionally, MeChat's Board of Directors will also appoint a MeChat HOA that will protect our cloud economy against threats to our cloud America, our cloud economy, and your businesses.

Entrepreneurs login to MeChat to simplify business ownership by automating their startup challenges so that they can build a legacy and an asset that others find value in. As entrepreneurs build up their digital business using MeChat’s business checklists, intelligence, and supportive community, their businesses will become more valuable to other wealthy entrepreneurs seeking to build similar ideas, but does not want to start from scratch. 

For clarity, MeChat does not build businesses for you, but provides step-by-step instructions to empower entrepreneurs to use their own talents and skills to come up with their own business ideas, systems, and procedures and once entrepreneurs build their digital business to their liking MeChat makes it easy for wealthy individuals that find value in what you have built, be able to invest or purchase the business from you – all without leaving MeChat. 

To maintain continuity of our commerce universe, MeChat community is united by 12 Core American Standards that provide clarity and understanding of what’s different so that we can live a life that is not offense to others who seek to build with us. These 12 Core American Standards are:

  1. Strengthen the Family: The next generation of change makers will need to understand and believe in Family Empowerment. We want to incentivize procreation through defining family roles based on dynamics and not gender.
  2. Gender Roles: Regardless of your sexual preference, MeChat acknowledges masculine and feminine perspectives.
  3. A Belief In Something Greater.
  4. Competitive: MeChat members strive for Greatness and we promote ourselves and our own Brands using our Digital Businesses and News Desks to reach the world and be a competitive force in the field you choose.
  5. Capitalism: MeChat is a free enterprise. Capitalism works when society has these 12  Standards as a way to Incentivize innovation as we work towards common goals, friendships, support, and understanding between people, MainStreet businesses, government, and Wall Street.
  6. Democracy: American version of Democracy is a concept worth fighting to get right. In our cloud America these 12 standards gets us closer to getting it right. Every Digital Business begins with equal options and opportunities to make connections, create promotion, obtain wealth, and reach audiences.
  7. Loyalty: You do not physically harm other community members. No matter who you are or what your status is the family comes first.
  8. Nature first: MeChat members believe in taking care of the earth. We also listen to nature first, science second. For clarity, Natural/nature = can occur without chemicals or physical adaptation.
  9. Parental Roles: Kids should be allowed to be kids - and should not be forced to grow up to fast. Children are born looking for superheroes; they should not have to save their parents. Again, the younger generation should not have to save their elders - they should be able to build upon what elders have provided for them.
  10. Indecency: Make “privacy” exclusive again. Every economy has double standards but MeChat promotes equal morality.  If we ask women to not walk around with their breast out (excluding breastfeeding) in public, then children should not have to see a man in a thong in public (excluding the beach, pride festivals, and places defined for promiscuous behavior).
  11. Racism: no matter what your color is we are all united by these 12 standards as a foundation of what it means to be an American. Therefore, we will always remain all inclusive for all people who seeks to build with us.
  12. Accountability: Speaking up for yourself. Taking ownership of personal space and publicity defining personal borders and general boxes. Additionally,  it’s ok to make and learn from mistakes, when those mistakes makes us change to be better humans. It’s also ok to want to create sub-populations, or nations that are defined by a similar culture and defending that culture. Likewise, securing the boarder is necessary for creating a utopian America in order to protect our 12 standards, our national unity, and our agreed upon way of life.

While users do not have to believe in these 12 Standards to do commerce with any MeChat Business, if you do believe in these 12 Standards then you qualify for membership in our MeChat Universe.

Let us fulfill the promise of our founding fathers by using MeChat to ensure every American has the tools and opportunities to succeed in acquiring the wealth necessary to sustain life, liberty, justice, and happiness. 

Take your business online with MeChat now and start building a business that generates $30,000 per month, with higher performers generating income up to $30 million per year and more. 

To continue learning about MeChat and our Black-Powered Universe, please review the latest version of MeChat’s Admission Book. (Must Be logged-In to access)


How to join MeChat's Universe?

  1. The first step in joining our Cloud America is to first, understand and agree to our 12 Core American Standards.
  2. Next, each member will need to demonstrate how you plan to contribute to our Cloud American economy, and not be a freeloader draining resources. To demonstrate your Greatness, each member must obtain a digital business, by logging into MeChat.

Being affiliated with terrorism, Nazism, Communism, or any form of racist activity can disqualify you for a digital business. Prior violation of child, or sexual laws, or if you were deported previously, you are most likely ineligible for a visa. All cases are determined on a case by case bases.

If you need additional information, please watch the video above, or click the hyperlinks above to learn more about each subject. 


Written by Antonio James, Edited by Ashley Harris

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