What Does it Take to Get into Owners’ Club?

The Business Club that’s defining American Standards 🇺🇸

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March 26, 2021, 11:22 pm



Only in America, is it controversial to say that you have Standards.

Owners’ Club is like a cloud America for businesses owners, moguls and change makers who share the same beliefs about family, loyalty, and Greatness as the Owners' Club.

United under 8 American Standards, Club members come together in support of and to network, write policy, create opportunities, be entertained, promote, and preserve the Club’s 8 Standards.


How Do I Join the Owners’ Club

The Owners’ Club created Agency Groups Messenger to keep Owners connected and to create an American lifestyle bubble that extends around the world. Plus, Club members get early access to Agency Groups Beta before the launch on July 3, 2021. 

Agency Groups is a group messenger for businesses to communicate with, train, and measure employees throughout their life cycle and customers throughout their customer journey.

Agency Groups also gives business owners the ability to turn their inner circles and groups into well-functioning teams and businesses. 

With Agency Groups, business and users come together to collaborate with other groups and businesses around the world for group chat, to learn, innovate, build, and collaborate around similar interests.  (Like a Facebook for LinkedIn)

Through Agency Groups,  Owners’ Club members also receive additional royalty and revenue opportunities, and get access to locked features, priority acces, and privileges that the general public doesn’t have access to. 

Do You Agree To Preserve the Owners’ Club’s 8 American Standards?

Owners’ Club is governed by Bylaws and a Code of Conduct. 

The Owner’s Club represents the new diversified American Identity where all type of users come to collaborate with their favorite inner circles, groups, associations, fraternal organizations and businesses on life-changing learning opportunities, extracurricular activities and with other users who share the same ideas, aspirations, and 8 American Standards. 

Rather Club members login to Agency Groups to stay informed with their favorite charities and projects, buy and sale NFT real estate, or communicate with each other on shared objectives and world-changing missions all Owners’ Club members will preserve the following 8 American Standards:


1.To Oppose Racism

No matter what your skin color is we are all united by these 8 American Standards as a foundation of what it means to be American. That being said, the commissioner launched Owner’s Club to alleviate the inequities that existed towards Black people.


2. To Strengthen the Family

To create the next generation of change makers Owner’s Club incentivizes balancing family roles based on dynamics, rather then solely gender. 

Kids should be allowed to be kids, this includes being allowed to live and learn without being forced to grow up faster than their peers.

Guardians shall create “table talk” conversations to give youth the pros/cons of their intentions and decisions. That being said, children are born looking for superheroes, they should not have to save their parents. It is guardians obligation to protect, educate and guide minors along their journey into becoming self-sustainable, productive adults in society. 


3. To Hold a Belief In Something Greater 



4. To Stay Motivated

You are either learning or you are winning - either way Club members never stop striving for Greatness. 


5. To Promote Capitalism

Preserving the “American Dream” for all.

Owner’s Club competes in and promotes a free enterprise. To help user build their own enterprises Owner’s Club launched free online newsrooms for users to promote themself, a humanitarian cause, group, or brand when traditional media outlets are not available to them. 

Additionally, Owner’s Club provides members with the tools to be a competitive force in the field they choose.


6. To Stand for Democracy

🚨” Democracy is in a 911 State of Emergency“ — Senator Raphael Warnock

Owner’s Club believes that “American Democracy” is a concept worth fighting to get right. 

These 8 American Standards gets us closer to getting Democracy right by establishing a culture of equal opportunity to knowledge, wealth, and promotion. Using Agency Groups any Club member can reach supportive audiences regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. 


7. To Honor Loyalty

Members shall not physically harm other community members. 

For mental harm, Owners Club creates support groups to help members understand their value, worth, and competitiveness. 

Owner’s Club believe in respect; including respect for mind, body, image and other Owner’s Club members. As long as members share the same 8 American Standards as Owner’s Club then users should expect to receive a level of trust, loyalty, and respect from other members that Owner’s Club is known for. 


8. To Respect Nature

Owner’s Club take care of the earth.  members shall not kill for sport, but to provide, protect, and survive. 

Owner’s Club listen to nature first, science second, metaphysics third, philosophy and spirituality fourth. We use these naturally 8 American Standards to incentivize innovation without destroying humanity, family, genders, loyalty or democracy to succeed. 

Overall, Owner’s Club isn’t about one big team agreeing on everything; Owner’s Club is about individual groups having independent agency to reach the highest levels of prestige, technology and privilege, while being united under a core identity. 


Is it Free to use Agency Groups?

Yes. Agency Groups provides all users with a free group messenger that makes it easy to stay informed and connected to their family, friends, brands, teams and Owners’ Club affairs. 

However, depending on how immersed members want to be with Agency Groups and Owners’ Club, members can upgrade their Agency Groups Messenger to corporate newsrooms, boardrooms, news centers, learning management systems  (LMS), virtual cities, or invest in digital NFT real estate. 

Club members vary on status, strategies, accessibility, and world's top talent but all Owners’ Club members share a deep commitment to community service, paying it forward, and defending the Club's 8 American Standards.

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