Investing in Gossip Depot and Positive Gossip, aka Good Gossip

An Executive Summary for Investing in Next Generational Cloud Technology

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November 23, 2020, 1:42 pm

Gossip Depot, Go tell the World About Us

Harnessing the power of the cloud, specifically cloud technology is lucrative, but to enter the market there is a high barrier of entry that the industry does not talk about; you need growth and soon. 

Growth can be achieved with a solid operational strategy, but most companies fail to plan for it. Instead investors keep throwing money and developers keep throwing ideas but their company never grows. 

For example, you can have all the money in the world like the failed $2 billion Quibi, or you can have a great idea, but no money. Regardless of your size a company without an operational plan is a company without growth. 

No operational plan = No growth. 
No growth = Quibi.

However, if financing is merged with the right management team, and a clear vision every cloud based software, product, and app can become the next TickTock. 

Gossip Depot, LLC will demonstrate how revenue merged with:

  • a competent management team guided by a clear mission
  • a solid operational plan, and
  • world class Innovators will make you part owner and financier of the next unicorn.

To try out our products for free go to and log in. 


What is Gossip Depot?

Gossip Depot is a software design and development company. Currently, Gossip Depot is testing out a new product called Gossip Depot CMS, a blogging platform with multiple use. For users who sign up and test the application we provide them with over 100+ news feeds and reference material.

Gossip Depot innovation boutique consists of trained designers, engineers, and developers all working together to create user friendly interfaces and secure, engaging cloud products. 


What is Gossip Depot's out-of-the box secret to success? 

Gossip Depot delivers superior products by incorporating three gossiping concepts: Engagement, Learning, and Communication.

  1. Increased engagement increases: leads, customers, and purchases,
  2. Easy to use, user friendly interfaces  = more engaged learning, which results in higher test scores and higher sales.
  3. Safe, secure, and open communication keeps your members and students informed.


  1. User Friendly: The learning curve with Gossip Depot products are designed with complexity but are easy to use and quick to learn.
  2. Ransomware Protection: Reduce or eliminate data loss due to ransomeware with self service data protection technologies at a click of a button.

Users can try out Gossip Depot's CMS platform by signing up for free and login to Gossip Depot. Once logged in users have access to test and demo our content management systems, blogging tools, and community features for free. 


How does Gossip Depot Make Money?

Gossip Depot is a software development company that sell CMS, LMS, and CRM upgrades to the newsrooms that users try out for free. 


What Will the Investment be Used For

Gossip Depot, LLC and it’s three properties (Gossip Depot Software Design & Development, Gossip Depot CMS Platform, Good Life party) is seeking a $65 million investment or line of credit to:

  1. hire world class engineers, content creators, developers and designers,
  2. open our headquarters,
  3. open new Good Life centers,
  4. build out our global infrastructure, and
  5. R&D (research, development and deploying new products and services).

With financing, Gossip Depot will become a household name known for world class innovation and easy to use, engaging products such as designing and developing the article that you are reading right now. 


Exit Strategy

Per our financial projections, Gossip Depot’s revenue will exceed $30 million within the first 12 months.

With your investment and our vastly superior SaaS capabilities Gossip Depot will quickly become a requirement in both the news industry and throughout the enterprise, education, and media landscapes within 3 years. 

Within 4 year, our exit plan is to go public.


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