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Businesses are flocking to online Newsrooms by Gossip Depot

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January 7, 2021, 1:03 pm



“That complacency is costing you.”


Not every employee gets to ride around the city as a journalist. Scouting stories to tell while driving around in a satellite-enabled van complete with high powered cameras, streaming gear and a skilled production crew.

Journalism and the bustling careers can be an engaging work experience but the reality is a lot of people is trying to communicate but the right people will not listen to them. 

Gossip Depot is for moguls who want to avoid communication breakdowns in 2021. Gossip Depot news center specializes in bridging communications between community and industry and now we’re extending those bridges down to ground level so that each team member feels like part of the team.

When team members have avenues to knowledge share, and feel free to provide suggestions both privately and openly research shows people become engaged in the process, improving productivity.

But when people on the team feel like they are not heard this can lead to disgruntled employees, law suits, inspection fines, and missed deadlines all that could have been easily prevented by simply avoiding a communications breakdown somewhere in the process.

When team members or students do not feel good about communicating their ideas, feedback, and concerns the more likely they will become disengaged.  

“In 2021, Gossip Depot‘s personal and corporate newsrooms will be an essential component for the success of any corporate communications strategy, but also an essential system for overall business operations.

According to Forbes, most companies won’t discover a breakdown in communication (or within a process) until it affects their bottom line and, “That complacency is costing you (businesses).” How much? According to Gallup, over 70% of the average business’ work force are disengaged during work. Within these disengaged employees, 37% had higher absenteeism, 18% had lower productivity and 15% had lower profitability costing the American economy $350 billion per year to lost productivity from disengaged employees. On a local level, disengaged employees cost employers 34% annually ($3,400 for every $10,000) worth of an employees annual salary.

To reclaim the $350 billion in lost revenue, businesses use Newsrooms by Gossip Depot to:

  1. Increase Profitability: Reclaim your share of that $350 billion in loss productivity and/or
  2. Improve Productivity: Provide your business with cloud-native systems designed to increase and sustain profit margins by improving productivity.

To provide these services at scale Gossip Depot launched Newsrooms in 2021 to provide companies access to Gossip Depot’s invite-only News Center. By licensing newsrooms members receive an easy to use, efficient and effective way to connect with Millennials and Gen-Z and make them feel part of the team, reducing disengaged workers, avoiding communication break downs, keeping everyone on schedule and ultimately improving productivity.

Newsrooms receive inputed information and communicates that information to the rest of the team. When community discussion is allowed companies can capture the team’s attention and quickly show each member how their individual efforts directly contribute to the productivity and success of the organization or a specific project. Give your staff, shareholders and clients visual charts, boards, and social networking features that sync their various activities with your newsroom and create a dynamic, single sign-on and visual experience with the ability to manage individual productivity, launch a communications department with your own brand of journalism, or operate a business that achieves the right message.

Add Admins to manage your individual news desks and give your supervisors and team leads the right data driven tools that are flexible enough to form sub work groups, committees for regulating separate departments, caucuses and unlimited organization levels.

Newsrooms gives executives, team leads, and supervisors their own 24/7 personal office space to capture various aspects of your story and win over media for positive coverage, guide your visions to life by giving your the tools to achieve objectives, and providing SEO blogging style features to promote products, send announcements, or use SEO and content marketing to rank higher in search engines. Skip the newspapers, radio, email, text, or social network. Launch your own newsroom and speak to your staff, clients, shareholders and customers directly. Newsrooms  is where you can generate articles, craft drafts, gather reports, and promote your own news to any size community, work force, membership, or student body.

Like traditional newsrooms, Gossip Depot’s Newsrooms give you the ability to host and manage a number of different fast-paced projects, jobs and large staff of people working at your many news desks that you add to your newsroom. Whereas newsrooms measure productivity, upgrading to news centers sustains the desired results and objectives that you achieved by utilizing custom development services provided by our R&D teams to gives you direct access to world class engineers and researchers that provide concierge servers to develop custom, scalable systems that boost productivity by reducing inefficiencies and designing products that are unique to your company’s capacity, and for every individual objective.


How online Newsrooms works

When there is a lot of moving pieces, your newsroom becomes your eyes, ears and administration assistant by grouping together all the factors of your business into similar groups, projects and tasks so that executives, managers, employees and customers does not need to physically be together to better collaborate.

 With over 300 well-organized online Newsrooms in use Gossip Depot's Newsrooms spread information on a wide scale to masses all over the globe. Newsrooms utilize a mapped framework of tiered news desks to aggregate data from each level of your organization. By adding news desks managers can clearly see an overview of the whole production team, including clients, customers and staff. With facebook-like features companies receive a visual way to communicate a clear and uncluttered vision that is comprehended the same way from C-Suite down to potential customers while also allowing managers to learn about concerns within the ranks that may threaten the total potential of the mission or objectives.


9 Benefits of an online Newsroom in 2021

In 2021, online Newsrooms by Gossip Depot is the best way to avoid communication breakdown and improved productivity. While there isn't much collaboration in traditional newsrooms when Gossip Depot's news desks are correctly configured your online Newsroom can optimize the synergies that naturally occur when individuals are grouped into work teams, departments, and organizational systems. As of Jan 2021, Newsrooms improves the following business facets:

  1. Profit Surge: Increase Monthly Revenue per Employee (sales / employees) to increase the net profit of your business
  2. Community: Discover out of date processes and standards that may be causing defects in a certain area. Cultivating a community based on effective journalism, engaging work force, media contacts and potential customers will keep the whole organization driving in the direction that best serves the company’s needs.
  3. Communications: The only way to capture the voice of the company is to provide a safe space employees feel free to voice concerns, give suggestions, and provide feedback on what they are hearing and experiencing on the ground level. Avoid communication breakdown to reduce human error in different departments and locations.
  4. Effectiveness: Find out where delays are causing one department to wait on another department. Quickly discover and respond to controversy or negative press in the media. Provide a trustworthy source of company news for journalists and media personalities.
  5. Efficiency: Strategize, prioritize tasks and plan work against capacity to quickly decide on  pricing, scheduling, and many other activities connected to separate projects and objectives.
  6. Quality: Set the tone, transparency, and roadmap and then measure the quality of your leadership with Data Driven Analytics that visualize costs, time, output rate, and resource usage
  7. Productivity: Define productivity and clearly communicate to workers, the supervisors, and others the common expectation from the task and what producing the desired results looks like.
  8. Evaluating Quality of Working Life: Determine employee's performance evaluation by recording performance, provide feedback, and checking progress of separate objectives.
  9. Loss Aversion: Diagnose problems before they become crises and permits early adjustment and corrective action by identifying the source of the problem.

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