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December 4, 2020, 8:10 pm


Gossip Depot makes being part of a team better.


Problems with many group apps are they make for great productivity tools but they fail to provide any solution to the original problem: miscommunication.

Introducing, Gossip Depot, an online platform that promises to inform the next generation of humanity, by giving people newsrooms.


What does Newsrooms do for Groups?

While daily breaking news is included with your newsroom on signup, it’s Gossip Depot’s other free knowledge sharing tools that empowers groups.

Users use Gossip Depot to create configurable groups called News Desks to keep their groups informed and improve communication and engagement.

News Desks can be used as: 

  • virtual workspaces,
  • class-room spaces for e-learning, and
  • as a communications hub to share information, content, alerts, and announcements across any size group, student body, business, or community.

News Desks solve many challenges that groups, large teams, and communities face (including staying informed and improving communication).  

News Desks allow group members to upload video, audio, send posts (like Facebook), but in private secure rooms. 

By using News Desks for your group you can prevent people from misunderstanding what they need to do and stop people from working on the wrong task, or going to the wrong section.

In addition, users can create a public or Invite-only news desk. 


With Gossip Depot you can create your own Mini-communities where members can view, send and share info easier than ever. 

Two examples of knowledge sharing on Gossip Depot: 

  1. members can quickly find out who is coming to rehearsal or who is planning on missing games.
  2. creating a news desk for your family reunion. plus with Gossip Depot family members create breakout rooms within the group. 


Who is Gossip Depot group app best for?

While many of Gossip Depot‘s group communication features are free to all group sizes 2 or more Gossip Depot is best for team leaders in large organizations who want to keep everyone in the loop, such as:

  • clubs,
  • leagues,
  • associations,
  • Sports clubs,
  • social groups,
  • schools,
  • businesses who want to improve communication and explore monetization of company merchandise, or
  • Alumni/Greek organizations seeking to improve cash-flow by increasing membership and attendance to club functions.

Gossip Depot can accommodate per project management up to complex group tiers and organization structures making it great for sports franchises, entertainment agencies, school districts, universities, churches and businesses.

However, regardless of your profession or club, Gossip Depot helps you manage the network of people who are around you. Even smaller groups such as a traveling aau teams, gaming tournaments, and high school seniors can rally around moments that everyone shared together.

With Gossip Depot your group can create yearbooks worth of content that lasts forever. Gossip Depot does not store any content that’s deleted past 30 days.

Gossip Depot is planning on releasing the app at music festivals and concerts, after coronavirus, and places where large groups want lasting memories.


How do you get more control

Gossip Depot gives you a single platfrom for:

  1. creating groups and projects,
  2. quickly contacting team members,
  3. break out of any group into a separate private room,
  4. send alerts and
  5. receive real-time feedback on ideas, projects, and proposals.

With Gossip Depot you get to control who has access to you by creating connected and informed communities called News Desks.

Signup for free, or upgrade today and a trained Account Executive can get you setup with advance SEO project and database management tools to manage any business, school, or group at scale.


Mission Statement

We Gossip With a Purpose.

For every newsroom that is upgraded to a news center 30% of Gossip Depot’s profits will go directly towards funding Gossip Depots centers to keep disenfranchised communities informed for free.

What makes us different

While this list is exhaustive, two advantages that stands out above other SaaS platforms and social communities:

  • On Gossip Depot your groups (aka News Desks) have access to numerous tools to manage your ideas, content, projects and work flow.
  • Gossip Depot is a content and information hub meaning unlike WordPress, Facebook, or Monday Gossip Depot provides clients with a constant feed of market research material, daily breaking news, and information from over 100+ sources, as part of their free trial.

Google —> Gossip Depot ——> Your Website

  • Built in Content Marketing and SEO Ranking Strategies. Publishing public content that meet SEO Best Practices will get your articles, stories, and questions ranked by Google.

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