What are the four main parts of a Newsroom?

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December 4, 2020, 7:22 pm

With Gossip Depot, communicating and staying informed is easier than ever by using the concepts of professional newsrooms. 

On Gossip Depot the four parts of every newsroom is:

  1. New Desks,
  2. Discussion Feed,
  3. Publishing Tool,
  4. News Desk Discussion Feeds.

With these four sections any every day person can report their own news, create their own media, and manage their own news desks. With Gossip Depot newsrooms you are empowered with an extraordinary amount of audience reach and media resources to get your voice out to the world.

Below, provides a summary of what each newsroom section does.


1. News Desks

Your newsroom is your command center. In your newsroom is News Desks. By creating additional News Desks you can manage each one of your circles (family, friends or professional circles) separately. You can also turn any News Desk to any type of productivity management system you need for your group

For privacy, each News Desk can be set to:

  • PUBLIC: it means anyone can see the gossips of the News Desk and subscribe to it
  • PRIVATE: No one can see the gossips of the News Desk; neither subscribe to it, unless the owner of the News Desk sends an invite to the user.

Additionally, gossips published in pubic news desks can be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and our Discussion Feeds. Private gossips can on be found and searched in the news desk that it was published in. 

2. The Discussion Feed

The Discussion Feed is how you stay informed with your groups, local community, and the world around you. There are many productivity purposes that discussion feeds provide such as:

  • class schedules and announcements
  • workplace notices and events
  • daily breaking news from over 100+ news sources
  • quick access to research material
  • personal discussions from your inner circles.


3. The Publishing Tool

Gossip Depot gives the voiceless a free and powerful bullhorn into the world and across businesses, colleges, and universities alike. With Gossip Depot's unique publishing tools businesses and brands can:

  • Publish blurbs, short stories and podcasts,
  • Send alerts,
  • Create and publish surveys and quizzes,
  • Promote company events and services such as wellness programs,
  • Create projects and course materials,
  • and more.

***For simplicity, we would like organizations to stick to developing no more than 4 publishing solutions per newsroom. 


4. News Desk Discussion Feeds.

Located under My News Desk is News Desk Discussion Feeds allow users to quickly access their group, department, or team's discussions. Additionally, students, clients, and staff can provide immediate feedback and communicate ideas more effectively in real time with team leads and other members of their circle, aka News Desks.



When it comes to staying informed, engaged and connected Gossip Depot is your go to newsroom.  Need more? Gossip Depot makes it easier than ever to upgrade your newsroom. Contact an trained Account Executive today or get your free newsroom today, Only on




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