Why Newsrooms are Must-Haves for Businesses in 2021

Newsrooms for any size team.

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December 18, 2020, 3:57 am

Gossip Depot is a remote workstation called a newsroom that keeps underserved communities informed, employed, and in control of their life for free.

To support this mission Gossip Depot sells software licenses to access their cloud-native newsrooms on a larger scale. This commercial license gives large businesses a direct line of communication to their workforce at every level of their organization. 

Depending on the license, newsrooms provide access to project management systems, group communication tools and additional mini newsrooms called News Desks.

Adding unlimited people to News Desks are the most efficient method of sharing information among communities, businesses, schools, and organizations.

To further manage information, each user’s newsroom comes pre-installed with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and group collaboration tools that makes knowledge sharing and communication easier then ever.

All In a Name 

The name “Gossip“ Depot is associated with effective communication, freedom of expression, and the best way to get the news, share stories and exchange feedback with a group of people.

Additionally, Gossip Depot keeps communities informed by adding 700-2,000 news articles per week with direct access to 100+ news outlets in one place.


Top 5 most popular Gossip Depot features

  • Recreate your whole organizational structure with OBS hierarchal grouping (think March Madness Bracket) that maps every level of an entire organization, including subcontractors, within a project, but with unlimited bracket levels.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) where multiple people can be logged into the same group at one time.
  • Remote conversation: Stay in the converstation without being in the same building or location.
  • A corporate communications hub that prevents the break down of communication between company and their customers, employees, stakeholders and the general public.
  • Kanban Boards and Gantt charts to simplify complex projects, achieve work-life balance, improve workflows, track project deadlines, and monitor hours worked.

Bonus: Search Gossip Depot’s built-in News Stand to see what the national media is saying about you or your company and then quickly switch back to your newsroom to devise strategies and to publish content that creates your own media and quickly address any misinformation.


How newsrooms work

Whether you are managing a crisis, conveying a company’s message, or hosting a focus group newsrooms empower businesses to create mini communication hubs called News Desks. 

These news desks act as hierarchical leveling systems for groups that can replicate any organization‘s structure and open a line of communication between management and team at every level.

To maximize productivity during hours worked, each news desk gives the members of that desk a collection of training, scheduling and management tools to help each team member prioritize their day.

News Desks’ productivity tools are modular so each organization can develop their own custom remote workstations that are unique to their organization or student body. 

So what about the Perks?

With Gossip Depot you get superior SaaS products and superior service from a trained team ready to serve you and your whole organization.

Gossip Depot provides our Newscenter clients with additional access to exclusive concierge services and specialty add-on packages such as in-house POCs and assigned Account Executives.

Account Executives job is to explore ways to ensure your newsroom is reliable, boosts productivity, improves morale, and opens dialogue between you and your subordinates or peers. 

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