What is Agency Groups: A Global Messenger for Purpose-Driven Communities

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April 6, 2021, 5:45 pm



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How does Agency Groups power innovation?

Agency Groups is a Best in Class, free group messenger for creatives and businesses needing digital flex spaces for building communities, such as virtual classrooms and upgraded intranets.

Users login to Agency Groups to connect their group members, students, or workforce in ways they couldn’t before. Unlike other messengers the groups users create on Agency Groups adds to a cloud economy of purpose-driven ideas, world's leading brands, and inspiring innovations that drive change and where investors, creatives and volunteers can easily tap into.

Slogan:  Turning innovative groups and businesses into thriving, happier, productive communities.


About Agency Groups

Whereas most business messengers (like Slack, WhatsApp and Microsoft teams) are tools for coworkers to work together, Agency Groups is a toolkit that makes it easier for entrepreneurs, creatives, peers and businesses to build vibrant communities and innovate together. 

Agency Groups is a high-end group messenger for creatives and businesses to turn any group chat into digital flex spaces giving other users the ability to join their group’s news desk, be part of innovations, get expert insights, make world-changing discoveries and form strategic partnerships with disruptive brands around trillion-dollar problem-solving projects. 


Innovation + Group Messenger + Creators’ Economy  = 

Agency Groups


With Agency Groups businesses can even control their physical environments such as connecting their flex space to any smart building‘s or tower’s wifi and systems to control AC, security, and more right from users space.

Agency Groups flex spaces can also be used to manage onboarding, attend training sessions, sit in on virtual classrooms, collaborate in digital workspaces, join remote workshops and present portfolios. 

Collectively, the digital flex spaces create a global network of creatives, teams, and businesses coming together to collaborate and  join opportunities to innovate with world class engineers, media titans, moguls, education systems, and influential people from all over the world. 

To achieve this mission, Agency Groups gives users the ability to turn any Group Chat into their own thriving, happier digital economies by using News Desks to keep their group members informed, standardize business processes, make teamwork easier across distances, and promote wellness and company events. 

As an enterprise group messenger creatives, employees and classmates can easily communicate, share knowledge, and schedule work with each other like daily “Watercooler” discussions.

Public group chats let all creatives join your discussions, while private News Desks are like personal intranets that users must get invited to join. The possibilities of your group’s flex space is unlimited. Users can establish carpool groups like What’sApp, publish pre-made syllabus, agendas, articles and training materials like Blackboard and Canvas, add their own services that are exclusive to their group’s flex space like WeChat, establish individual profiles like LinkedIn, share information and files like Slack, and post to news feeds like social networks. 

With a News Desk users get everything above that other platforms offer; except, users don’t have to switch apps, users get all these services at a single News Desk and in one group - Agency Groups. 

Agency Groups + Community Builders = Innovation Bubble

On Agency Groups each creative in your group can easily understand their roles and responsibilities on your world-changing projects and use agile task managers and calendars to improve productivity and generate revenue together for your cutting-edge ideas, concepts, prototype, missions and more.

Each creative gets appropriate credit and compensation allowing you to focus on building an impactful ecosystem around your  innovation.

Stop joining groups that waste your time and annoy you with mundane notifications, join Agency Groups and find the communities where you belong or create your own by turning your group chat into economies where creatives, students, and world class talent feel good joining.


10 Benefits of Agency Groups

Agency Groups is the only enterprise group messenger with out-of-the-box features that gives businesses the ability to build a culture throughout workforce, customers, external contractors, and media in one central place giving users the ability to regularly communicate, collaborate, and engage with the whole organization. 

Increasingly, Agency Groups brings all the elements of your business together to provide you with everything you need to increase research and power innovation at scale, built into a single group chat:

  1. Connections: Connects your organization across hierarchical structures, locations and time zones and with frontline workers.
  2. Integrations: Choose your integrations: seamless workflows = better user experiences.
  3. Enhance Efficiency: Upgraded collaboration tools to exchange staff info, share presentations, publish videos, archive internal communication, add policies and procedures, create a Help Desk, add hr benefits page, add events to the company calendar and sync it with employees calendars, onboard new employees, communicate with each department separately, start a company Blog.
  4. Wellness: Improve the well-being of your work force or creatives. Create a News Desk to keep employees and creatives informed about the group or busines’ wellness program and events.
  5. Navigational Portals: users can book meeting rooms, message valet, get a map of the office and contact co-workers.
  6. Community: Get online Newsrooms and a News Stand to instantly collaborate with other creatives, anywhere, in seconds through curated, company-branded experiences that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources so employees, customers, and creatives can come together, explore, and have fun with different types of projects and ideas that interest them.
  7. 60+ Flex Space Features: Pick and choose your level of collaboration from 60+ features that allow users to turn group chats into flex spaces.
  8. Build relationships: Content Marketing gives businesses the ability to form authentic relationships with their customers and other creatives, while building strong employee relations that are key to employee retention. Using the News Stand businesses and creatives can bridge common interests both within and outside the company and recruit new team members.
  9. Business Processes: Build your business around your messenger with automated Administration and Management Systems.
  10. Office Building Process: Book a meeting room, request valet service, or order from the cafeteria. Contact Agency Groups today to discuss how to connect your flex space to any smart building‘s infrastructure to give management, tenants, and employees the ability to control the AC, connect with security, and to discover more ways to improve the experience for all the companies and tenants working in a new building.


How Agency Groups Works

Agency Groups gives creatives the power to develop their own digital economies and thriving communities using News Desks and breakouts for organization and to keep all creatives of the group or project informed. 

By providing the digital space and tools necessary for multiple communities to exists and continue doing whatever they’re already doing more effectively, each user can join multiple News Desks according to their interests. For example, users can individually join their company’s group chat, connect to a their smart building’s flex space, and join additional working groups. Each group chat or flex space can have its own sets of systems, rules, and features with branding abilities to create a more cohesive experience for the News Desk. Joining News Desks is like being able to join multiple WhatsApp groups or being invited to sign into others' Microsoft Team workspaces.


What's needed to use Agency Groups?

Agency Groups is web-based so employees don’t need to download anything, unless businesses request to have an app built for their flex space. Plus, users can set their flex space as the homepage on their Safari app or any existing browser to quickly access their group’s chat using the phones exiting real estate. 


Does Agency Groups have a Search Feature

Agency Groups powerful search feature can find: 

  • Posts and published content
  • Training sessions that the group offered
  • Topic Headings and body Content
  • Uploaded files that contain text
  • Group Member profile names
  • News, Documentation, and Resources


What's in Agency Groups’ free demo?

When signing up each user will get their own individual News Desk to share experiences, expertise, and information with other creatives.  

An Account Specialists will take you on a 30 minute tour of Agency Groups, while exploring how you can tailor your News Desk to meet your specific digital and operational needs. 

You'll see how easy it is to:

  • Manage digital assets like documents and images
  • Create, edit, and publish content
  • Automate processes and get your forms online
  • Collaborate in real time with online tools
  • and more.


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