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April 12, 2021: Comprehensive Agency Groups Vs WeChat Update

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April 8, 2021, 4:01 pm



How does Agency Groups differ from WeChat?

Agency Groups does not manage or represent MeChat agencies; Agency Groups is an American, veteran-owned agency trusted by agencies from all over the world to provide best in class investment opportunities, technology, networking, prestige, access, and more to MeChat's creatives, clients, and owners (collectively, “agencies”). 

MeChat agencies join Agency Groups for exclusive collaboration with other agencies outside of using the revolutionary group messenger that allows each agency to customize their group chats in unlimited ways. 

For simplicity, Users login to because they get to be a part of a commerce community, which offers a multitude of digital services in one platform eliminating the need to switch apps. However, once users become agencies by signing up on users can access Agency Groups Collective (or go to to get a Swiss Army knife of professional services such as providing MeChat agencies with software, technology, conferences, events, and connections necessary for MeChat agencies to scale their own services globally more effectively and efficiently.

Plus, when other users join your group chats and flex groups your agency will be able to connect with people in ways that it couldn’t before and still give you access to traditional video conferencing, instant messaging, calling features, and group collaboration that society is accustom to.

Users who use Agency Groups receive a competitive edge by being in the forefront of spearheading innovation, growth and prosperity while Agency Groups evolves in parallel providing the software, expertise, communication, creativity, resources, and funding to connect agencies with their target audience and each other. 

To get started, simply login to to have immediate connection to multiple agencies, business processes, products, and people without having to switch apps. 

Slogan:  Find Your Spark, Live Your Passions.

Mission: Agency Groups’ mission is to create an environment where users have the freedom and opportunities to find their spark and live their passions. 

By using MeChat to power Agency Groups we can invest more into spurring innovation, growth, and prosperity across America and the global economy.


Vision: Agency Groups vision is to be the leading dominant and influential force driving collaborative innovation. 

Unlike other American technology companies, Agency Groups emphasis is less about profits and more about creating an economy around collaborative innovation. 

The exchanges that take place on MeChat and during Agency Groups sponsored events are responsible for the type of technological, economic, and creative development that is necessary to drive purpose-driven ideas, form strategic partnerships with world's leading agencies, and make groundbreaking discoveries.


About Agency Groups

If business messengers like Slack, WhatsApp and Microsoft teams are tools for coworkers to work together, Agency Groups consults and develops speciality toolkits that automate businesses processes, provide effective workflows for people, and organize products and projects into a cohesive and concrete corporate vision.

As of 2021 Agency Groups launched MeChat to make it easy for new aged companies and entrepreneurs to develop IPO-related ventures that appeal and connect directly to investors, creatives, journalists, media, and other agencies seeking to form vibrant thriving, happier communities, barter resources in exchange for another agencies collaboration, and seed ventures.

Once users join a group MeChat gives users the power to coordinate data between calendars, Kanban boards, Newsrooms, Collectives, a Newsstand, breakouts, and other users.

By providing the digital space and tools necessary for multiple communities to coexist and create more effectively, Agency Groups and MeChat creates a supportive ecosystem that’s conducive to learning and inventing. 


Agency Groups’ Messaging Systems

Another crucial part of achieving this mission, of course, lies with Agency Groups free group messaging platform called MeChat. 

Agency Groups connects agencies using MeChat to provide enterprise-level technologies and specially designed, digital real estate to agencies around the world. 

Agency Groups best in class group messaging system revolutionizes group chats into digital flex spaces that users use to manage people, organize products, and automate processes

MeChat offers at least three main messaging capabilities for free: 

  1. Public Group Chats so any creative can join your  discussions, and
  2. Private Groups for personal intranets that users must get invited to join.
  3. Direct Messaging: 1-1 Instant Messaging with other users on and off the site.

To further enhance the group chat experience Agency Groups launched Outcomes for MeChat. Outcomes is what turns a normal group chat into independent flex spaces giving any user, group, or business the ability to quickly and efficiently standardize office processes, make remote work easier across distances, and keep employees and customers in sync about upcoming projects, events, or accounts.

In February 2021, Agency Groups launched Breakouts for WeChat giving agencies the ability to recreate digital “watercooler” brainstorming sessions and breaking down their organization by levels, classrooms, or departments.


What's needed to use Agency Groups?

Agency Groups is web-based so agencies don’t need to download anything for use, normal signup and login is all that is require.

Agencies can request to have an app built for their group specifically. To save money on development costs agencies can have their group members set or as the homepage on their Safari app or any existing browser to quickly access the website or group messenger using the phone’s existing real estate. 

How much is Agency Groups?

Agencies are charged based on their level of collaboration and other standard SaaS pricing.

Users group chat, get daily breaking news, and instant message for free, but requires either credits or a monthly subscription to use the MeChat‘s collaboration and team building activities. 

Agency Groups clients can also subscribe to an annual SLA License through MeChat to have their group upgraded to virtual classrooms, video conferences, audio calling sessions, screen sharing, UCaaS platforms, and upgraded intranets. 

For additional assistance Agency Groups releases documentation, blogs, learning resources, premium support, video galleries, and more through MeChat. 

Summary: 10 Benefits of Agency Groups

Overall, Agency Groups is the only high end consulting firm offering enterprise group messaging and work class software with out-of-the-box features that gives users both a competitive edge and the ability to build a culture among their workforce, customers, external contractors, processes, and media affiliates all within one central place. 

Agency Groups gives agencies the ability to regularly communicate, collaborate, and make transactions with groups in-person or online and brings all the elements of your business together with the following synergies:

  1. Connections: Agency Groups makes life secure and comfortable for users by eliminating the need to carry a wallet, purse, or cash. Simply by signing into Agency Groups users have the ability to pay for things, get updates, and train with other groups and users. Agencies can connect their organization across hierarchical structures, locations, and with automatic time zone syncing.
  2. Integrations: Choose your integrations: seamless workflows = better user experiences.
  3. Enhance Efficiency: Upgraded collaboration tools to exchange staff info, establish policies and procedures, create Help Desks, share presentations, publish videos, archive internal communication, add HR benefits pages, and schedule group events that sync to group members calendars.
  4. Navigational Portals: users can book meeting rooms, message valet, get a map of the office and contact co-workers.
  5. Community: Users use Agency Groups to announce, collaborate, and manage their group, project, task, or business more efficiently. Users also join other group chats to create a startup, innovate, and solve global challenges with other users on the site. Get online Newsrooms and a News Stand to engage with creatives, anywhere in the world using curated, company-branded experiences that deliver relevant news, conversations, and other resources.
  6. Collectives: Groups where employees, customers, and creatives can come together, explore, and contribute to different types of projects and ideas that interest them.
  7. 60+ Flex Space Features: Pick and choose your level of collaboration with 60+ features that can be added to any group chat.
  8. Build relationships: Content Marketing gives groups the ability to form authentic relationships with their customers and other creatives, while building strong employee relations that are key to employee retention. Using the on-site, public News Stand businesses and Collectives can bridge common interests both within and outside the company for recruiting new group members.
  9. Business Processes: Build your business around Agency Groups and automate Higher Education, Marketing and Advertising, and Administration and Management Systems, such as onboarding new employees.
  10. Office Building Process: Connect to IT services and environments such as book a meeting room, request valet service, or order from the cafeteria.

Contact Agency Groups today to discuss how to connect your flex space to any smart building‘s infrastructure to give management, tenants, and employees the ability to control the lights, connect with security and more right from their phone and maximize the experience for all companies and tenants working or living in any smart building.


Does Agency Groups have a Search Feature?

Agency Groups powerful search feature can find: 

  • Profile Names
  • Posts and Published Content
  • e-Learning Sessions
  • Headings and Body Content
  • Uploaded Text-Containing Files
  • News, Documentation, and Resources

Industries We Serve can be upgraded to accommodate the following Industries:

  • Accounting
  • Administration 
  • Banking
  • Call Centers
  • Corporate
  • Customer Service
  • Education 
  • Entertainment and Filmmaking
  • Faith Based
  • Government
  • Grassroots
  • Healthcare
  • Hedge Funds and Investment 
  • Hospitality
  • HR
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Manufacturing 
  • Marketing
  • News and Media 
  • Non Profit Organizations 
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Staffing
  • Unions, Associations, Membership Clubs
  • Talent
  • Transportation and Logistics


A Word from Agency Group’s Creator

Agency Groups will continue expanding into additional verticals ensuring our clients receive the best in technology, media, sports, VIP experiences, and education. 

With Agency Groups, users get everything that other platforms offer without the hassle of switching apps to do so. Users get all these services in a central, easy to use, beautifully design space flexible to accommodate any requirement.

So stop joining groups that waste your time and annoy you with mundane notifications, join Agency Groups No-Code, No Reply-all group messenger and find groups where you belong while also creating your own inspiring spaces. 

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