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The Power of MeChat Extends Beyond the Cloud.

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April 15, 2021, 12:40 am




A cashless society doesn’t mean an abrupt apocalyptic end to cash, it simply means cash services will become a premium service for people who enjoy nostalgia. 

For businesses, MeChat's cashless systems of payment make life easier to do business, diversify their portfolio, and reach their target audience - all in one. 

To get started investors, founders, entrepreneurs and journalists from around the world (and their teams aka “AGENCIES”) logs into and print the QR MeChat Code located in the group chat’s dashboard. 

When customers (or employees) scan the QR MeChat Code information, communication, and transactions can be exchanged without customers, servers or cashiers having to touch the other person's cash, identification, or personal belongings. 

Plus, with MeChats’ QR code’s, businesses get real time data about their clientele and patrons that they cannot get with their existing QR scanning strategies.

With MeChat users get a commerce-friendly universe that gives businesses cashless payment systems, founders the ability to create startups, existing businesses the diagnostics to scale globally more efficiently, and provides investors and banking with a visual tool to maximize results and minimize loss. 

And its all done on


Why MeChat? was born out of the need of several business owners wanting to create a better way to do due diligence before investing in new aged entrepreneurs and businesses, specifically in underserved communities.

 The problem is:

  • Traditional commerce was not built for the new-aged generation. Millennials and Gen Z are creative, artistic, and can implode or explode a brand to stardom based on a brand's social positioning and purpose.


  • Many people living in underserved communities does not have bank accounts. Wall Street refers to these people as the “UnBanked”.


  • Investing is even riskier considering their is no guarantee that your investment will return a positive yield. People want to invest money in new-aged startups but without a way to measure a brand's purpose and digital property it is easy to make the wrong investment.


  • Crafting a profitable investment strategy before you start your endeavors is time consuming. This part of the process should be standardized so that users can clearly see the risks and value before making an investment.


The Solution

MeChat is an online FinTech super app that is based on the commerce industry’s best practices. Users login to to use out-of-the-box buisness process systems that integrate with their cashless payment  environments. 

MeChat‘s framework protects the financial future of users seeking to invest time or money into a brand, innovation, or movement. 

Furthermore, MeChat is a global think tank where PR, media, bankers, journalists, moguls and investors come to find and connect with viable entrepreneurs, founders and ventures. 

How to use MeChat?

After logging in for the first time users can either jump right into other people's group discussions, promote a product, or create a news desks for their interests and invite other users to join.

Each news desk owner will decide the terms, systems, rules, privacy, and features that their group (or agency) will use. Users can create a separate news desk for each inner or professional circle they would like to keep informed, collaborate with and perform cashless transaction with.

Once users decide to use their news desk for commercial purposes their group will officially become an agency. Agencies receive additional business tools such as cashless payment systems, the 4 Ps toolset (people, products, process, and purpose), and the ability to grow their following organically through mini-blogging, content marketing and more.

Ultimately, with agencies working together and users looking for convenience MeChat will spearhead America’s cashless society, while creating a global network of wide-ranging opportunities that connect new aged innovation, business standards, and a global community of world class engineers, media titans, business moguls, education systems, and influential people from all over the world. 


Investing in MeChat

To complete MeChat‘s seed-round MeChat will sell 1,000,000 of MeChat’s 10M common shares.

Users can purchase as many shares as they like until all 1 million shares are purchased to obtain a greater ownership stake in MeChat. When all 1m shares are purchased the seed round will close. 

Shareholders must cash out their shares at the date their shares mature, or as extended by Board of Directors approval. 

Until the IPO, shareholders can also sell their shares to other MeChat members and shareholders seeking to invest in MeChat.

Shares are purchased directly on and it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, MeChat HOA, and all agencies to ensure MeChat reaches its $500 billion IPO within the next 5 years by using the platform to build a cashless society.

For more information, attend a MeChat HOA Town Hall, occurring each Tuesday and Thursday.


Investor Perks

Users must be a member of to purchase shares. To become a member:

  1. First, Login
  2. Open your Agency Dashboard
  3. Scroll down and add a News Desk for your group or agency.

Common Share-based subscriptions that users can select are: 


  • get 1 share added each month *
  • Get Outcomes



  • get 4 shares added each month*
  • Get an additional 5% Bonus Shares
  • Get Access to MeChat Events

$5,100/ month

  • get 170 shares added each month*
  • Get an additional 10% Bonus Shares
  • Qualify to Join committees


$25K/ month

  • get 834 shares added each month*
  • Get an additional 20% Bonus Shares
  • Qualify for MeChat HOA


$145,000/ month

  • get 4,834+ shares added each month*
  • Get an additional 30% bonus shares
  • custom software


$1.2 million/ month

  • get 40,013+ shares added each month*
  • Get an additional 30% bonus shares
  • custom software
  • Board of Directors Advisory Board Seat
  • Be apart of steering the direction of the company
  • 12 month MeChat Center Naming rights

*while supplies last. 

Reasons to Invest

  • Solid infrastructure and path forward.
  • An average margin of over 90%, which we anticipate will increase as we scale.
  • A seasoned Board of Directors consisting of techies, developers, and creatives determined to alter the America’s technology landscape and create a cashless society.


MeChat Investor Auction Party

To spearhead this $500 billion dollar venture, MeChat Board of Directors will crowdfund the necessary seed money via fundraising events to raise the $5.6 billion required to upgrade America's infrastructure to rival China‘s super tech ecosystems.

The funds will be used to create a separate MeChat app and cloud-based community that not only powers the next generation of IoT but also serves as the trusted “Commerce Community of the World", representing American Ingenuity, American Standards, and American Greatness.

The first of these events includes an Agency Groups hosted, lavish MeChat Investor Auction Party May 29th, 2021 where investors from all around the world will get a chance to officially invest in MeChat, in person or online during a rapid selloff that will last 8 hours only. 

During this 8-hour formal spectacular (covid-rules enforced) investors will get a first hand presentation by Board Members to highlight MeChat capabilities, walk the celebrity red carpet, receive live entertainment, take home swag, attend exclusive auctions, and reconfirm MeChat’s commitment towards achieving the $500 billion valuation. 

Join MeChat today or attend the next MeChat Town Hall (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to join MeChat in spearheading American innovation, growth, and prosperity., cashless founders create, investors invest, and journalists write about the innovations we create.


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