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Why Play MeChat Universe?

Build, Earn, and Invest in Digital Land Inside MeChat Universe

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November 5, 2021, 7:36 pm



Build, Earn, and Invest With Others

MeChat Universe gives employees the ability to become their own boss by making it easier to run side gigs like a full time business, using their cell phone. 

MeChat Universe seeks to give aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs proven tools to  build confidence and make their journey more sociable, enjoyable, and successful.

MeChat’s Vision is accomplished through an online gameplay that gives registered users the ability to win cash, prizes, and all-inclusive vacations with the family, friends, and people who support them.

Additionally, MeChat Universe is listed as an online sharing/gig economy with PayPal to give players, also called World Builders, or just “Builders” the automation and payment tools to start online businesses, invest in other entrepreneur and leaders, and generate extra income with others.


How to Use Digital Properties

One of MeChat‘s gameplays consist of transforming a digital property into a digital world with a Purpose.

By registering a Purpose, a Builder provides new opportunities for other Players, called Contributors, to invest in with confidence: 

  • side gigs,
  • projects,
  • goals and milestones,
  • common interests,
  • an existing business,
  • school project,
  • a team,
  • a prototype, or
  • an idea that a player believes in.

Like a real life role playing game, ("RPG"), subscribers play a digital property owner, seeking to become a real estate mogul, aka World Builder, by creating a valuable, sustainable, and thriving economy inside of their digital property. 

High performing World Builders and digital properties are nominated each year to win cash, prizes, prestige, and more. 


What is the Purpose of MeChat RPG Game?

In 2018, the creator of the game, Antonio James, didn’t want to keep winning in life if, the people who supported him didn't have the same opportunities to win with him - introducing MeChat Universe.

MeChat Universe is scheduled to launch July 3, 2022 as a platform where leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and visionaries get the space to build with others. 

By building with others, players can join other players in each other's digital property to build digital businesses and digital economies with the support of their family, friends and super fans. 

By building digital worlds, all players who contribute to a world's success gets to share in that property's winnings.



How does MeChat Game Work?

MeChat Game Center gives you the statistics and leaderboard needed to highlight your ingenuity and prove two things:

  1. that players have what it takes to make change in their own lives and the lives of others around them; and
  2. that players are the best in the world in  leadership skills, being an entrepreneur, and winning in the game of life.

Each World's winnings will be calculated from the revenue that the world generates. For example, depending on the digital property level, players may collect revenue from:

  • taxes and fees,
  • selling their services,
  • monetizing content,
  • contributing to other worlds,
  • and more.

To get started building worlds for free, simply register on, logged in, and explore your digital property.

Until players start building up their digital property, their digital space will be empty with no activity, no system in place, and no revenue; therefore, no winnings. 

How players use the property to make money is completely up to them as long as they have a sound business strategy that follows the Community Standards.


How To Win?

The objective of MeChat Universe is to create a strategy and use that strategy to build and invest in sustainable worlds. 

To measure player progress, players must achieve badges that signify their economic level in MeChat Universe. 

There is one badge per level and each level will require players to use:

  • software,
  • analytics,
  • strategy,
  • innovation,
  • teamwork,
  • leadership skillsets and
  • business acumen

to create a world, with purpose, using the tools and resources the game provides.

Achieve all 14 World Building badges and become an accredited World Builder.

Join MeChat Universe and get the digital property to Create your Own worlds with the tools to win cash, prizes, and all inclusive vacations with others.




What Tools are Available for Digital Properties?

Digital properties can be retrofitted with one of 36 customizable, software systems found in MeChat's World Building Product Catalog. 

However, apply for a digital property now and MeChat Universe will pay for your first 12 software tools to help you start your World Building journey for free.

The 12 tools that are included are:

  1. Digital Property empty server space that “visitors“ and “tourists” can visit and join. Populating your world means turning visitors and tourists into citizens by providing unique, niche, and new opportunities that makes players want to join you on your property. How you build up your digital property is completely up to you - just make it engaging and sociable.
  2. A Public News Desk to retain your visitors so that they will always choose to purchase from your digital property over another world. Public News Desks comes with a Publish Button giving players the ability to publish different types of content, projects, and tasks that visitors can engage and interact with.
  3. A Mobile Checkout System so players can display products in the digital property and take payments on the go. Since, everyone prefers a different Payment Method, the Mobile Checkout System can receive most credit cards and can connect to players existing Point of Sale systems (POS).
  4. An Inventory Management System to help players manage any orders that their digital property receive. Upgrade the property to book appointments for your services.
  5. A Content Management System to help players manage the content that’s publish in your digital property.
  6. A Digital Wallet to monetize and invest in the property, residents, super fans, and customers. Players digital wallet processes multiple types of transactions from collecting revenue to ensuring players world awards Contributors.
  7. Access to proven business strategies for a self-guided, step-by-step checklist on how to achieve the next level in the Universe.
  8. CRMs: to handle customer support and reduce churn. Churn is the visitors who became citizens, contributors, or residents of a world, but now wishes to unsubscribed from your world.
  9. Public News Feed to help visitors decide if they want to join players world or not. The more people who join a property the more revenue the digital real estate can generate.
  10. Customer Rewards to boost customer retention and customer loyalty from players who purchase products and services from a Mobile Checkout.
  11. A QR Code to give people quick access to a digital property.
  12. Breakouts to create hierarchies and a dynamic functional economy. Breakouts can become portals into new worlds,  become lots for staking, or mobile offices to work on the go.

To start building worlds for free Apply for free digital lot, only on



Build. Earn. Level Up - Digital Property Ownership – What You Need to Know 

One of the best things about MeChat Universe is that it gives players the ability to create a digital, visual representation of their ideas, projects, and businesses. 

Using MeChat can also:

  • Provide players with Business Essentials to Accelerate their Business
  • Take more of areas of their business online to make working easier, organized, and simplified
  • Unlock the power of existing customers, super fans, employees and infrastructure data
  • Improve planning and risk management of assets to reduce operational costs and keep more revenue
  • Provide analytics and business intelligence (BI) to help players and their team make data-led decisions in real time and with confidence

Additionally, digital real estate can provide a tremendous opportunity for both players and investors looking to make money online from acquiring digital land.

In fact, digital property is a booming commodity. Some states are even enacting laws to leave “digital property on record” to heirs like the Wisconsin Digital Property Act, which allows people to include their digital properties in their estate planning documents.  

Furthermore, MeChat Universe makes it easy for players to obtain, keep track of regulations and compliance, and make money from their digital property with a comparable level of control, transparency, and security of blockchain assets. 

With MeChat digital properties players own their digital property as long as they have ownership, and players are fully in control of the branding, data, content and what can be built on the property. 

Once players create a thriving ecosystem the digital property will reach full maturity, aka maximum value and unlimited winnings. 


What are Digital Assets?

Digital assets can be multiple “things” but in MeChat Universe digital assets is connected to and stored on digital properties allowing the property to increase in value, without learning code. 

Digital properties that are connected to a physical business or address trend to increase in value faster.

For example, most digital properties come standard with business startup assets such as databases, content management systems, and/or CRMs to store files and process information.

Digital properties and their assets are governed by contracts between the property owner, people, and the assets that is added to the property. 



What can players store in their digital property?

MeChat properties are essentially any online webpage that formally represents an idea, Project, brand or company. 

However, players digital property also includes Back office software and newsfeeds to help players manage their data, Customer accounts, contractual rights and other intellectual property rights players have in their digital world. 

Players can explore the digital universe to socialize and discover other properties and digital worlds to join. They can even collect assets and recruit talent to help them build up their own digital properties.

In addition to email, social media accounts and all the above, players can store:

  • Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, and Litecoin*
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Domain names for websites
  • Digital photos and videos
  • Digital rights to literary, musical composition, motion picture, or theatrical works
  • Digital accounts in an online betting account
  • Blog content
  • Online video channels where the content is monetized and producing an advertising revenue stream for its owner
  • Online gaming avatars that offer online goods or services that may be worth real-world mone
  • Website Domain
  • Website Content Management System
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Pages
  • Computer software
  • Websites/Blogs/E books/E Articles etc. which generate revenue
  • Podcasts
  • Art, music, photos, videos etc
  • Accounts used to manage money transactions such as Bank accounts, PayPal accounts etc
  • Mailing lists, subscription lists, e-newsletters, e-books etc
  • Client information


Why Does Digital Property Ownership Matter?

To many of us, owning a piece of digital property is an abstract idea. Digital does not mean a tangible thing that you can actually feel. But in MeChat Universe owning digital assets are tangible and valuable.

Who owns the Property is significant as whomever owns the digital property has control over its finances. 

Similar to traditional forms of property (such as: real estate, stocks, bank accounts, NFTs, vehicles, personal property, etc.), MeChat provides digital landowners with defined processes to: 

  • identify procedures and processes, and to
  • transfer control or ownership of the digital property upon a player’s incapacity, death, trade or sale.

Additionally, MeChat Universe automates assessing risk management and compliance for landowners so that players can focus on world building.

As MeChat Universe continue to grow, digital property owners have full autonomy over how their digital property will scale and expand into additional emerging verticals. 


How to get a Digital Property in MeChat Universe?

MeChat Universe is an open world, online strategy game so almost anyone who registers or buys a digital property can get get started building worlds and buying and selling digital properties.

To improve game quality, MeChat Universe sells digital properties to organizations, virtual real estate investment funds, and accredited businesses who are committed to building on the digital property to add value.

By default, each digital property will contain standard Customer Retention strategies to make it easier for players to retain more visitors, talent, suppliers, and customer data from one space. 


How to run a digital business

Rather players require an efficient way to manage their digital property or run a digital business MeChat Universe’s user-friendly digital real estate makes it easy to navigate the property and access the digital property from anywhere in the world. 

Plus with all in-one, standard Business Essentials players can control more of their digital business from their cell phone.


What are the different types of digital properties

MeChat Universe classifies digital properties between three stages of progression: 

  1. free digital space to build communities.
  2. a digital subscription business to sell products online, monetize services and create hierarchy’s within the property.
  3. digital worlds allowing you to become real estate moguls with functional economies.

Almost any digital asset located on your property is completely customizable and selected by players from the Product Catalog. 

For best opportunity to win, select software systems that when put together, gives you a complete replica of your strategy. 

As players continue to reach new property stages, MeChat will offer players more adventures, opportunities, and even additional winnings. 

Plus, high performing and award winning MeChat properties become highly sought-after tradable assets that can sell for more than players invested into the property. 

Start for free now. 

Apply now and get access to 12 tools to help your property succeed.



Benefits of Owning Property in MeChat Universe

Tremendous Income Potential

Once a digital property reaches maturity,  the digital real estate can provide tremendous returns for its Contributors. 

Similar to other types of investing, digital properties can sell for tens of millions of dollars.

Plus, digital properties offers compounding returns that can quickly multiply. 


Low Start-up Costs

It’s free to get started with digital properties, making it a viable option for players of all ages and income levels. 


Easily Scalable

With the introduction of Breakouts, digital properties can add depth and hierarchies to transforms a digital space into a thriving digital world with a functional economy.


Leave a legacy

Think about all the people who died without giving their loved ones access to their social media accounts. In MeChat Universe digital properties can be transferred to any beneficiary or heir.


Digital Copyright

Most digital properties and assets are protected by MeChat and local copyright acts around the world.

Additionally, MeChat Universe algorithms ensures some automatic rights that’s obtain when players register their ownership and Purposes. 

Usually the copyright holder is recognized as the first person who owned or created the digital asset, unless it was done so while in employment. In such cases, the copyright vests with the employer.


Protecting Digital Property and Assets

When automatic ownership is difficult to prove MeChat analyzes the digital property for clear ownership using these common methods:

  • Show that the player owns the digital property by including the Copyright Symbol © and comprehensive legal statements warning that “All rights are reserved and no part may be reproduced without permission”.
  • The landowner creating Terms of Use and addition policies for their property.
  • The digital property is setup properly with a register declaration of ownership.
  • By publishing content that establish ownership of the digital property and assets found on the property.


In Conclusion

MeChat universe is the leading cloud option win, invest, and build in life with others who support you.

Use MeChat Universe to start a business, make working easier, and retain more customers while having fun winning prizes, vacations, and money with others.

Get started for free by Applying now and get access to 12 essential tools to help your digital property succeed.





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