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October 28, 2021, 9:11 pm



MeChat Town Hall Block Parties 

“The Future of Work”


World Building Is building an empire with purpose, standards and having it all.

In the book: Build an Empire How to Have it All, Elena Cardone asks,  “Is your life everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be? Do you have the partner, the kids, the career, the community, the social network, and heck, even the car and house you thought you’d one day have? “

If you are reading this then just like we were before MeChat Universe, the answer is probably, “You’re Working On It”. Well stop seeing other business people creating the kind of success you want for yourself.

As you work to complete one level of your life, you start to see other people achieving your opportunities, that’s called anxiety because even though you know you are going to succeed its a big world and in these unpredictable times those few opportunities are becoming farther and in-between. People are achieving your success.

Now you are tired of seeing a lot of less deserving people win, so you login to MeChat Universe because you are ready to win too. You ready to feel like a boss and you will transform your digital property into a new world and prove your ambitions.

With MeChat Universe you get the data-driven solutions and proven self-guided checklists to know What It Takes To Build A Successful Empire.

Until now all your moves in life has been about laying the ground work for you to reach your full potential and achieve the next level before you give up, loose interest, go over your budget, or worst - settle.

MeChat Universe is an Business Empire Building Game that simulates the life of Business Tycoon starting from scratch and building the top Business Empire in the World.

Get excited about your dreams again!

Apply now to MeChat Universe and get the technologies, systems, and tools to build your business empire faster, more efficient, and with real supporters that contribute to your dream.

Think about the world you want to build, its culture, its core values and Login to MeChat Universe to build your empire. Start achieving real goals and progress toward your ultimate Purpose in life.

Rather you are building a business, empire, or kingdom MeChat Universe is a World Building simulator for building your new world together and making your mark in the real world.



How do you make an empire?

Throughout the history of civilization real estate has always been the cornerstone of wealth and in MeChat Universe its the cornerstone of become the world’s Top Business Tycoon.

Either you can Start Free and working your way up to becoming your own boss or Preordering a higher property value level up to level 14. Every level has its own Quest that you must complete before collecting the Badge and ultimately, its winnings.

As your empire becomes more trusted, successful and popular other players will want to support your empire’s model by joining your world. Joining someone’s digital property will allow them to swear allegiance to that digital property leveling up and becoming its own thriving world, in exchange for a share of the winnings.

Additionally, to form your new empire, you need to create your own settlement, which means you need to register a Purpose other world builders wan to join. By leading your own world to prosperity under a united system, culture and economy other players will want to pay your world to get listed in it. This allows them to publish in your world, get advertising space amongst others by staking their property in your world.  As you stake more properties in your popular, high trafficked world your digital property will receive Royalties from each digital world in your digital metaverse.

By signing a  Property Staking Agreement, each digital property listed remains autonomous with separate high-level management, however you all get to contribute to the success of each other as allies who share in the winnings.

Also as a world builder creating your empire you can acquire another digital property, that property will keep its structure, URLS, and assets including with the digital property as a whole, however it will be found as a Breakout similar to staking.

With MeChat Universe one person can build an empire and gather players to help manage operations for generations to come. By becoming a Business Tycoon living in your Purpose, you get access to a Business empire game that lets you share your winnings with the network of people who help you build the empire, every step of the way.





Presented by MeChat Universe

MeChat Universe seeks Sponsorship, Vendors, and Investment Partners to help AJFF discover, recruit, develop, and promote new Startups and family members with the need for financial stability and new opportunities. 

To do this AJFF in partnership with MeChat will host weekly, live streamed Family empowerment events in select emerging communities, churches, small businesses, and universities. 

MeChat will start with 20-29 cities, beginning in March with a $2,000-$5,000 per event per city budget per week with each event providing local communities with: 

  • a safe family friendly event,
  • Vendors
  • Food Trucks
  • Bounce Houses
  • an infusion of revenue for local economies, and
  • a pathway for local aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and leaders to achieve heir goals
  • a suite of free financial tools, connections, and business intelligence technologies.

The total monthly cost for the event is $600,000 per month paid for by Advertisers, Vendor Fees, advertisers, VIP Workshops. 

As we grow in attendees the Parties budget according to, How much it cost to run a music festival costs could increase to $1.3 million to $1.7 million” per month for:

  • issuing grants and scholarships,
  • meeting local regulations,
  • safety expenses,
  • ticket and servicing, and
  • occupancy overhead— including utility bills.

Lesser" costs like celebrity guests, performances, stage setup, local taxes and fees, travel, and maintenance can cost an additional $200,000 to $600,000 each as the Family Empowerment Parties scale.


How the Financial Empowerment Block Parties will look?

Each weekend the Family Foundation celebrates and promote local entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and visionaries seeking to better themselves and provide positive contributions to the community around them.

MeChat's Family Empowerment Block Parties are the place to be if your are looking to do business with, invest in, and support the businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs who are launching a:

  • business,
  • project,
  • an idea, or
  • Purpose

that will ultimately give back and contribute to the communities that supported them. 

To improve financial literacy, attendees are encouraged to register their business, project, or a purpose on   

MeChat Universe will in turn, provide the user with business management software and digital property to:

  • drive their business forward
  • enter new markets,
  • use obstacles in life as a vehicle to figure out and capitalize from lessons and challenges,
  • make extra income to help others achieve their goal , and
  • rewards money based on world building performance including the highest economic level users can reach on the platform, which is Level 14.

Achieving a Level 14 badge will deposit up to $5,000 per month for 100 years, in their digital wallet.

29 States, hundreds of cities, every weekend.

MeChat's Financial Empowerment Block Parties will become the biggest things happening from day 1. It will feature the grassroots of Who’s Who with our own prestigious awards, cash prizes, and the software so you can GET PAID FOR YOUR CONTENT, MONETIZE YOUR SUPER FANS, AND SELL YOUR MARKETING DATA - ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Each Weekend MeChat's family-friendly Block Parties are about to revitalize a MainStreet near you.



How to Join MeChat Universe Weekly Family Friendly Events

Are you a vendor? Join MeChat for weekly Town Hall Block Parties. 

To expand the number of digital properties in MeChat Universe, MeChat.Us will launch Town Hall Block Parties to create round-table focus groups to gather immediate insights about the platform and understand the direct needs of our users. In addition, the family-friendly Town Hall Block Parties will give MeChat Universe the ability to speak to customers, test software, and discuss new concepts, directly.  

The Town Hall Block Parties always have both an Outside and VIP Inside areas connected to the attendees digital property. For example, the Town Hall Block Parties are:


For Guests

  • free for subscribers, simply scan the QR Code at the gate and your in,
  • $5 for non-members 20 and under +,
  • $10 for non-members that are 21 years old+,
  • $250 VIP workshop and reserved seating,
  • $5,550 VIP Monthly Pass (attend all Workshops),
  • $12,250 to reserve a VIP Meeting Table and Booth.
  • $25,000 to host a workshop.

For Vendor Pricing and Information, View Vendor Pricing

10% off for employees, college students, military veterans, and freelancers with the desire to become their own boss. 

The Town Hall Block Parties creates local stars from aspiring world builders that fit the message, imagery, and promotion of a MeChat Property Owner.

Aspiring World Builders are required to have the leadership skills and business acumen to lead a team or be a contributor on a winning team that could generate a million dollars or more if they had the same systems and tools as rich people.

The weekly Town Hall Block Parties provides the World Building focus group that MeChat.Us needs to receive constant feedback, and in return, MeChat Universe provides:

  • family-friendly activities
  • Food Trucks
  • DJ
  • Musical performances
  • Open-mic stages for leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries
  • Financial Empowerment Vendors
  • B2B Vendors
  • MeChat Property Managers to help attendees use MeChat Universe to build a digital world that fits within their Purpose.



How Do I know If The Block Party is Not Sanction?

First, every official MeChat Financial Empowerment Block Party 

Now since we know people are going to steal our idea, which can cause you to fall victim to scams, identity theft, and a bad experience as unsanctioned Block Parties are fakes that do not value quality or the Standards that you an official MeChat's Financial Empowerment Block Party adheres to. 

Family products strive for world-class and greatness.

Plus, as a guide any official MeChat Financial Empowerment Block Party will Include:

  • Family-Friendly
  • Food Trucks
  • Bouncy Houses
  • News and Media (optional)
  • Radio DJ
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • MC
  • Open mic for Testimonials and Business promotion
  • Local media for Red carpet
  • Vendor both
  • Red carpet
  • Large  Sign and entry
  • Security: Local Police, NOI, etc.
  • Stage
  • Sound
  • Lights
  • Ports Potty’s
  • Decor and Decorations
  • Goodie Bags

1 Weekend, 50 Sponsors, sponsoring 29 states, hundreds of block parties, 1 million Family Members reached each weekend. 4 million attendees per month.

Each weekend bring the family and enjoy food trucks, music, and bounce houses. Family friendly fun start with Family Block Parties.

Join the Family now only on MeChat Universe, and support the Block Parties by preordering an annual subscription. Preorder members get VIP membership with early access to, priority seating during block parties, and more.

And  the block Parties are now🤑🤑‼️🚀🌎


How Do We Pay For It All? 

The Family and our Family of products get sponsors and Investors (big and small) to fund the Family Block Parties. Anyone can support choosing an annual subscriptions based on their level in life.

We use MeChat memberships, Family Block Parties, Family products and crypto to discover other black people suffering from PTSD, and fund the Antonio James Family Foundation.

The Antonio James Family Foundation is the official foundation over Family Affairs. The Antonio James Family Foundation offer “Veteran Affair’s”-like services to hood niggas”.

The block Parties are a representation of what being a Family Member is all about🔥🔥🔥

Our local cbocs are known as:

  • Urbanstylz Centers (specializing in tv and Media, News and journalist, politics),
  • MEChat Empowerment Centers (Economic freedom, stability, and Building wealth), and
  • Good Life Centers (Family owned amphitheater’s, baseball-style stadiums)
  • MainStreet (Local pop-up block Parties)

And at the Block Party we sponsor empowering vendors like USO, wealth- building, startup help, etc, to promote purposeful brands that aim to help people.

Family Members get early access to it all while we build.






For free membership, simply Apply on

For early access, preorder a digital space from MeChat’s News Desk.

To throw an Official MeChat Block Party in your area, contact us.







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