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Why Join the Antonio James Foundation?

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October 26, 2021, 7:39 pm

Why Antonio James Foundation?

Building a black-owned trillion dollar company without selling out majority share.

Join MeChat Universe and join us on the Family digital property, or purchase AJFF to support us as we “build in public” a vision of creating an American Atlantis.


The Problem

It’s October 2021, we survived September 11, Covid-19, Trump, Charlottesville, George Floyd, CapitalRiots aka an Attempted Coup, and now we surviving Biden.

As an American 🇺🇸 - I swear it’s hard asf- but does life really need to be this hard, simply because a few old azz individuals still refusing to unite?

We all have solutions to America’s problems, yet the same problems still exist.

To the rest of the world: Is Americans entitled? Fk-Yea!

But we earned that right! It’s guaranteed in our  constitution as our inheritance. Furthermore, America can’t fix the world problems, but we can be the vacation hotspot the world needs, one that empowers, and a nation that leads through a true example of Greatness.

What I’m trying to say is that America is today’s Atlantis!

Yet, we keep destroying it, instead of enjoying it. We need to secure our borders in order to preserve America’s environment and wealth for generations to come. But as the new Atlantis, we can have an honest conversation about who should be forwarded a pathway into the new America.



In 400 years, Americans witnessed, starred-in, and started a lot of 💩. America has been at war with itself or other people since Columbus discovered America.

In 2020, the Foundation will register 3,000,000 family members who need a place of respite. A place similar to an international airport where a diverse community comes together, drink together, eat together, and yet we still have our VIP lounges and billionaire Perks.

The best part of an airport, besides reduced racism, is that nobody cares about the social class difference. As passengers, we don’t mind others enjoying ”extra” amenities and pampering because we all know that everyone has the same opportunity at leveling up and achieving “first class” one day.

As a black man, from Memphis, I can say the airport is the only place I have been to in the world and never experienced racism.

I never went to the gate with money and was told I was to black to fly first class, or nothing.

I’ve always been served at bars, got my food, and spoken to when in stores and now, VIP areas.

I’m not saying racism doesn’t happen in airports, I’m just saying that for me the airport world has shown me many differences in the way people, with different views, engage inside the airport from how they act outside the airport. 

If 100,000s of diverse strangers can freely interact and co-mingle inside those gates, then I believe Americans can co-exist outside the airport. 

Plus, we can isolate the situations like we do the Ken’s and Karen’s now on planes.

In 500+ years, America has always did 2 things right: party and whoop azz. Well, I’m tired of whoopin azz.

It’s time to party!


The Solution

The Antonio James Family Foundation is an online American Atlantis. A MMO Role playing game created to give new aged Americans the opportunity to visit their own universe, trade their own cryptocurrency, and be apart of a  digital economy where we enjoy and protect the world together.


How to Join

Rather you practice the 12 American Standards or not, only registered users will be allowed on our cryptocurrency community. 

To register, apply on MeChat Universe where you will get the digital space to become World Builders and create your own digital worlds and set rules and systems for how people who visit your worlds will interact. 

Each year we give out awards and cash prizes to  distinguished World Builder.

Come, join the Family, and build a New America online with 3 million others: 

  1. Follow this and MeChat
  2. Apply on
  3. Buy AJFF to support








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