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Do You Have a Purpose in Life?

Preorder a Digital World with a Purpose. An Antonio James Family Foundation and MeChat Universe Partnership

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October 19, 2021, 6:50 pm

Preorder a Digital World with a Purpose

MeChat’s Family Purpose is designed and operated by the Antonio James Family Foundation and leased to MeChat for 27% ownership shares and royalties.

Having the ability to launch and distribute a Purpose is what makes MeChat’s universe a trillion dollar digital economy; the biggest competitive advantage; and why the Family charges such large percentage to lease it.

With a Registered Purpose it literally pays to contribute to your team’s success. Each quarter MeChat Universe will fund your digital wallet with the dividends you earn from your contributions.

Providing a Purpose is something a Business can announce their giving out to their team and some digital worlds comes Standards with a number of Purposes to give our for free.

MeChat is also working on making your purposeful contributions tax deductible. 

Plus it extends more economic freedoms to our family, friends, those who contribute to our digital worlds, and customers who have common interests as the business.

After 2021, Covid-19, George Floyd, and #CapitolRiots, MeChat and the Family Foundation will be launching the MeChat Family Purpose giving the world the ability to mentor and invest in each other.

The owner of the Purpose always start with 100%.

And last but not least,  It also allows you to discover and contribute to other people digital spaces on the site.

Users receive points for their contributions that they make in other people worlds. The points add up for badges, unlocked systems, and are weighted against others Contributors contributions to give everyone a fair dividend each quarter.

How it works

When people look to PREORDER a digit world in MeChat Universe they need the ability to create a Purpose. 

There is a story about the Commissioner realizing that the only difference between his company and his peers companies were that all his peer’s employees and partners made them money. While all the Commissioner’s (who was a director at the time) employees was costing him money. 

With that epiphany, that was the last day his world existed without a Purpose and the last day his employees cost him money.

With that mission, the Family Foundation partnered with MeChat Universe to develop a  software system for AJFF’s digital world that enables a mutual beneficial partnership to automatically exists based on everyones contribution to that world.

Trial runs were a success, and the MeChat Family Purpose will be available for MeChat‘s launch July 3, 2022. 

By doing business with a Purpose:

  • employees can share in the success of the business.
  • customers can support the buisness
  • businesses who have a Purpose get a competitive advantage for to-talent because it means the buisness is contributing to their employees dreams, aspirations, and purpose in life.

Digital Spaces vs Digital Worlds

In contrast, digital spaces does not have a Purpose, unless they are employed by a business that distributes a Purpose to their workforce.  

Plus, MeChat’s design enables managers and business owners the ability to view random digital spaces and worlds and provide professional mentorship and advice to challenges that their employees and customers publish in their digital spaces in order to your super fans and supporters get the next level based on your experience.

If your contribution is selected you will get rewarded points.

Businesses who give out a Purpose can not get booted by the owner until the employee purchases your contributions, plus interests.

Additional Benefits

While it’s possible to make a significant living by living in your purpose and helping others live in theirs,  having a Purpose;

  • Improves Retention
  • All in one services to make Purposes  function
  • Empower Economic Freedom for all involved
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Create a passionate community of those interested in Purpose, company culture, and brand positioning

Users can create a purpose for:

  • Any positive movement:
  • New opportunities, adventures and experiences
  • lead a project that makes a difference
  • Contribute on Purpose-driven missions
  • Join community volunteer initiatives
  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility
  • Provide Aid in major disasters
  • Fundraising and Grants on a grassroots level
  • Collaborate in round tables discussions
  • Invest in others who are making social impacts and positive change happen
  • Help Preserve National and historical treasures
  • Support diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) in economic freedom


Benefits of Preordering a Digital World

Unlike a digital space, when users PREORDER a digital world they receive the purpose tab. Also PREORDER NOW and:

  1. Get the Purpose with any digital space level 2+ ( a $ value)
  2. Your employees after 1 year of verifiable employment gets access to a Purpose
  3. Each digital space gets gets free Purposes to give out. (Limited Time Offer)
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