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Using MeChat Universe to retain more customers

Article By 901Director

November 8, 2021, 2:51 pm

Many times businesses on the fence about purchasing MeChat Universe will come up and ask me, “how does MeChat Customer Rentention Strategies” fit in with the World Building game?

And what we tell founders is: “70% of of new businesses will fail within the first 10years, this has been the statistic since whenever the government and non profits started tracking it; MeChat Universe prevents entrepreneurs from spending a lifetime building up their buisness only to have it fail because they didn’t retain enough customers. “

It just doesn’t make sense to continue making life altering sacrifices to keep the dream moving forward until you fix your Businesses foundation.

This is where MeChat Universe Customer Retention strategy comes In.

Your world gives you all the tools you need to transform your shaky Financial, Back Office, and Compliance departments stable.

With the right systems and tools in place you will feel more confident about the hard decisions you need to make and the fun ones. (Insert happy office gathering)

Build your Brand by Creating a world around what you business stands for, the back story, the culture, the goals, and announcements of new products.

It’s your digital property, so use it to take the casual diner, shopper - “Visitor”, and turn them into your Super Fans, employees, vendors, and distributors that help you move forward.

And last thing before I fly out, All to often we have everything we need to get to the next level. MeChat Universe now gives you the software, System, and self guided tools to capitalize on new opportunities, turn visitors into loyal customers, reach the next level.

Plus you track the contributions of the people you want to level up with - family, friends, and customers.

Join MeChat Universe and get the digital property to Create your Own worlds with the tools to win cash, prizes, and all inclusive vacations with others.


What Family, Friends, and Customers Receive

 As a guest, shopper, or vendor of a MeChat Business you can:

  • A trusted business community. When your investing “real” money into something. You want to trust it’s legit, it has real reviews, and that your money is secure. Plus, if you need assistance you want a person, not a bot, to answer you.  
  • login to engage with the the business further to include receiving customer service, accessing invoices and reports, make reviews, and provide contributions
  • As a Contributor you can help the buisness succeed by investing time, advice, or resources for the documents that businesses publish to their online News Desk and in return businesses share winnings with their Contributors
  • Get the ability to Live in Your Purpose. Collaborate, shop, and invest in businesses that share your best interests and has owners that share many of the same beliefs as you.



What Businesses Receive

  • The digital property to retain more customers.
  • Discover and learn more about your product market and niche. 
  • Get visualization systems to clearly monitor your KPIs, Analytics, and Business Intelligence of your digital business and digital property. 
  • Become a brand: Transform your buisness into a brand by retaining your ideal customer, partners, talent and more all Contributing to brand‘s success.  
  • Ability to Live in Your Purpose. Get the ability to discover, retain and build a community around shoppers who wants to contribute more to your brand, your purpose and who shares many of your same beliefs.







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