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April 7, 2021, 3:14 am



For many of our clients they will use Agency Groups Free Subscription model. As Agency Groups continue to add value to our clients they will need to have Activity Credits to use our premium services. 

Clients may also find that switching to a Monthly Subscription package may be more beneficial for them. 

For enterprise clients who want even more out of Agency Groups they subscribe to Annual Subscriptions allowing your messenger to evolve with the organization, which speeds up business operations, increase revenue,  and improve productivity. 

For annual subscriptions our world class team of engineers, designers, analysis, and more will provide clients with a ready -to-go out of the box, cloud messenger that molds the organizations' culture, processes, logistics, trainings and more into a neatly organized Agency Group that works for them. 

While there are thousands of factors that goes into designing the right Agency Group such as adding e-learning platforms like a LMS, HR systems that use CRMs, or another business process this document provides a foundation of what to expect when choosing enterprise software on Agency Groups and our competitors. This article includes the design, development, and unexpected hidden costs of the SaaS industry. 

To start, the average business spend $70,614 per year on enterprise-level software such as a learning management system (LMS); however 48 percent of organizations say they are not satisfied and is interested updating their business process applications. So, why doesn’t more business switch if they are unhappy? Well, when it comes to business processes upgrading may be rewarding but it is a tedious, resource consuming, and a confusing process that costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars. 

Agency Groups simplifies the upgrade process by using technology to streamline and bring transparency to the upgrade process, making the decision to upgrade a lot easier to understand.


Getting Started

When selecting a business process system, like a LMS, businesses must take several factors into account from configuration strategies to preparing migrations to navigating hidden costs. Free open-source systems are free to use but charges for enterprise-level features that businesses need to scale. There are over 600+ LMS businesses alone to choose from and 15,529 SaaS companies in the world and the average enterprise software cost between $70,000-$350,000 per year.


How to begin the upgrade process? 

Agency Groups is a free group chat and messaging system that only costs to use in-site enterprise-level features or to upgrade to more desirable business applications. Agency Groups gives users improved working experiences allowing them to retain information and knowledge longer, improve productivity, and increase revenue. 

Agency Groups is similar to open-source software companies except there is nothing to  download and install. User can customize the software on their own at a click of a button making the process seamless and easy. 

  1. When clients want to upgrade or customize their existing business process or Learning Management System (adding and removing features, moving into the cloud, changing user IX and design). They only need to contact Agency Groups to hire an eLearning  developer and any software specialists needed.
  2. Agency Groups will walk you through the progress from initial contact to deployment and training of staff.
  3. Agency Groups comes with full support and an in-house development team to help convert eLearning materials and migrate existing data to the new system.

Once you have decided to choose Agency Groups the process of upgrading your existing LMS or business process is simple.

  1. Log into Agency Groups.
  2. Open your Admin Panel and scroll down to News Desks.
  3. Click Add and choose your option.

A step by step customization startup process will begin for the option that you choose. 


Agency groups flexible pricing models

In an effort to make enterprise-level software accessible to more businesses Agency Groups offers flexible pricing models. When users add news desks it will prompt: How do you want to pay for this News Desk? 

Users have 3 Payment options:

1. Free : Pay as You go

2. Monthly

3. Annual License


1. Pay as they Go

  1. Free to create News Desks
  2. Free to create working groups, group chat, and message other users. 
    1. Get all systems included,
    2. Use Available credits to pay-as-you-go for enterprise features.
    3. Pay Per Course/Activity only: 
  • Businesses pay each time a registered user logs directly into a specific course or function.
  • Single use users can pay using Activity Credits to take and create courses without instructors or professionals designers.
  • This is common for compliance or certification-based training.
  • Pricing varies based on training or module being used.
  • like a cell phone line users pay per month
  • Choose the max members you want to join your News Desk.
  • Choose the features you want included, or bundle them to save money.


2. Monthly Subscription: 

  1. Bundled, Upfront Payment Plan(Most common model) .
    1. A single user pay monthly fixed price to have unlimited access to the specific systems they subscribe to.
  • Users have access to potentially unlimited resources but pays for features their members actually use. 
  • Members are capped per News Desk.
  • Users get Activity Credits that are used as the user and their members participate in the Activities that you offer.
  • Also known as the “Pay-per-seat” model as users can easily predict their monthly and yearly expenses for the total system and each component by paying a fixed price for a certain number of students and employees added to the system.
  • For example: $175/month to get 10,000 monthly credits and 300 “seats” (users)


3. Annual Licensing: 

  1. Businesses pay a single one-time fee to access all the system or component’s features and functions they need for a set period of time.
  • Great for 10,000+ user licenses.
  • No Activity Credits: Free for their “registered users”.
  • Business can request broad “packaged/bundled” services on a yearly rate for specific business processes
  • Can add as many people as they want to it to use it.
  • Starts at $25K+
  • Select features to customize using online RFPs.

IF YOU ARE NOT CHOOSING LICENSING AS YOUR PAYMENT, STOP  HERE.  If you are choosing licensing as your payment, continue reading. 



One of the main pricing factors is the time it takes to develop a system. Agency Groups timelines is based on developing and designing following the instructional design best practices and the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implementation, Evaluation):

  1. Analyze: Agency Groups investigate your market and competition to see what similar      products are available and how they are being promoted to provide you with the latest in technology and design according to your requirements.
  2. Design: designing the distance learning materials following the instructional design best practices.
  3. Development: Ability to write lectures, notes, practical tasks, and quizzes, creating graphs, diagrams, video materials, etc.
  4. Implementation:
    1. Designing and authoring the structure the online course content,
    2. organizing systems into an online courses, usability, and efficiency;
    3. QA to ensure the product is ready,
    4. beta testing; and then
    5. deployment.
  5. Evaluation: Monitoring the systems performance, feedback, and comments of learners; adjusting the content to reach maximum eLearning ROI.

With revisions in between.

In total, it takes between 400 - 500 hours, or about 2-3 months, for building an initial MVP.

  • 40-100 hours for business analysis
  • 40-100 hours for platform architecture for larger projects
  • 50-80 hours for proposing 2-3 design options and revisions
  • 50-100 hours for building the frontend and backend functionalities
  • 40 hours for integrations
  • 20 hours for testing

Depending on your system, it may take twice less time or a few more iterations, before the final version is built; therefore, additional time should be reserved for code reviews, project management, 3rd party tools installations, media or content creation, etc. 

However, when schools and districts upgrade to Agency Groups during February to April of each year they will receive our optional Educators Expedited Services, which guarantees a ready out-of-the-box system before the start of the new school year in August. The Educators Expedited Services hires double or triple the staff to ensure that demands and requirements are met.



Agency Groups average costs per license is $3 per user per month. SaaS companies often differentiate plans based on the number of total licenses (small, medium, large). For example on Moodle any organization with 1000 users or more is considered enterprise, but 999 users qualifies for a large plan: 

  1. Starter ($120 per year for 50 users),
  2. Mini ($5.50 per month for 100 users),
  3. Small ($390 per year for 200 users),
  4. Medium ($870 per year for 500 users), and
  5. Large ($1,540 per year for 1,000 users).
  6. Enterprise (over 1,000 users)


Agency Groups 

Cost of a full license for a university or school district as $???,000 per year. 

  1. Small: $5+ per for 1-500 users per month
  2. Medium: $3 for 501-5,000 users per month
  3. Large: $1.70 for 5,001 - 20,000 users per month
  4. Enterprise: $1.10 for 20,001+ users per month



cost of a full license for a university or school district as $160,000 per year. 

  1. mid-range plans were $25 to $30 per learner, per year
  2. enterprise plans were $17 to $20 per learner, per year.



Complicated pricing, but approximately, 

  1. $3 per student, limited
  2. $4 per license, per month Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  3. $50 per student


Microsoft Teams

Complicated pricing, however, approximately, 

  1. Office 365 A3 ($2.50 per user, per month for students;
  2. $3.25 per user, per month for teachers and staff) and
  3. Office 365 A5 ($6 per user, per month for students; $8 per user, per month for teachers and staff).


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