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MeChat Universe: Digital Business Powered By MeChat?

The Business of Connecting your audience to all of your content with just one link

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

August 2, 2021, 1:02 pm



How To Make A MeChat For Your Instagram Bio

When Antonio James needed to link his social media followers to other aspects of his businesses he turned to Linktree. However, as a marketing strategy for lead generation Antonio found that Linktree was not great for business marketing, or consistent monetizing.

“In a good week maybe CTR increased double digits,” said Antonio, “I needed a more professional, engaging link-page, one that could make my lead generation process on Instagram, Twitter, and when I’m out in neighborhoods canvassing and recruiting more easier; however, it didn't exist. So I created MeChat.”

MeChat is a FinTech software offering a central, all-in-one dashboard that gives influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses one link for all their links and a one stop shop for their team, customers, and lenders to stay updated on their favorite brands, and interests.

While simple in concept, MeChat is a powerful FinTech software and virtual office for engaging, publishing, and managing customer data. MeChat helps freelancers go from solopreneur to CEO by giving businesses a centralized digital space called a News Desk for:

  • seamless internal communication,
  • sharing relevant information easily,
  • announcing and selling products,
  • booking appointments,
  • setting up Virtual Offices, and
  • sending followers to multiple different URL links, lead magnets, your website, and other social media channels - all in one place.

As a Linktree alternative, MeChat makes it even easier for entrepreneurs to get more clicks on their content by combining all your content under one shareable URL link that you can place in your Instagram, Twitterm, and social media bios. Each link also comes with a printable QR Code that when scanned, directs your followers directly to your online News Desk, link page, and beautifully designed, free Storefront that makes it easy for visitors to navigate between your links, products, professional portfolio, services, and business content - all in one place.

Free plan available.


MeChat Vs Linktree

Unlike Linktree, MeChat Universe streamlines more than your links. With MeChat’s businesses, freelancers, creatives, and influencers also get QR Codes and access to:

  • businesses processes,
  • daily motivation,
  • a digital business coach,
  • online back office process,
  • virtual offices available,
  • payment processor,
  • industry insights, and
  • growth plans to help gig workers go from solopreneurs to entrepreneurs.

MeChat includes everything entrepreneurs everything that they need to create a unified customer experience platform that focuses on their business's development needs, growth, and goals, while also helping freelancers, influencers, and creatives to reach their full potential.

Additionally, to help convert more followers, when visitors join your News Desk they automatically get added to your e-mailing list.


MeChat vs Linktree Comparison:

Add URL links                                                     Linktree (Yes) | MeChat (Yes

Manage Links                                                     Linktree (Yes)  | MeChat (Yes

Collects payments                                             Linktree (Yes)  | MeChat (Yes

Analytics                                                             Linktree (Yes)  | MeChat (Yes

Create tasks and polls                                       Linktree (No) | MeChat (Yes

On-site Bookings                                               Linktree (No) | MeChat (Yes

Manage Schedules                                            Linktree (No) | MeChat (Yes

Get a QR Code                                                    Linktree (No | MeChat (Yes

Get business advisors                                       Linktree (No) | MeChat(Yes

Professional CRMs                                            Linktree (No) | MeChat (Yes

Send and Capture Emails                                  Linktree (No) | MeChat(Yes

Sell Products                                                      Linktree (No) | MeChat (Yes

Monetize Your Talents and Services               Linktree (No) | (Yes



How to get a free QR Code, News Desk, and link page:

MeChat is very easy to use, and is simple to create a News Desks, link it to your social media, and then manage and change it as needed.

To get started now:

  1. Go to to create your MeChat account
  2. Verify your email
  3. Enter your information to setup your business and News Desks (for your link page)
  4. Once you are talking to your News Desks (green background) you will have access to your QR code. You can also copy the URL in the browser and share the link anywhere you can paste it.


How to add MeChat to your Instagram and Twitter bios?

  1. Copy the link to your News Desk
  2. Open Instagram
  3. Go to your Instagram profile
  4. Select "Edit Profile”
  5. Paste the link into the "Website" field
  6. Select "Done" in the upper right hand corner.

After adding your MeChat link to your Instagram bio remember to add "Link in bio.” to add as many posts and stories as you want.


Want MeChat Now

For a limited time, entrepreneurs who join the waitlist will receive a free MeChat Storefront, Merchant Account, QR Code, and online News Desk that lets you up to 50 links, publish content to your own optimized newsfeed, update your bio, access multiple payment processors, and reach new customers by promoting your Storefront in MeChat’s online pop-up shop- all in one place - all accessed when your super fans, customers, guests, or constituents scan your MeChat QR code.


With MEMBERSHIP you can easily…

✅ Connect everyone in one place

✅ Turn your social following into email subscribers

✅ Get analytics to measure you and your team’s revenue, productivity, and individual contribution

✅ Build your brand and identity with customized themes, a URL Shortener, and branded domains

✅ Statistics and data to tell you which content, link, and merchandise resonates with your audience.


Gather all your professional, personal, and social worlds in one place, streamlined into a single QR code, and powered by the MeChat Universe.

To get your free QR code and link page up and running for your business Join MeChat now!

To Demo the worlds first QR Code for Business, click here:


Join the Waiting List:



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