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August 19, 2021, 1:08 am

Join MeChat’s online Business Center and get a  Business-Ready e-Business for free and access to our World Class Innovation Team, QR codes, and automation software to start, grow, and build your business with others.

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e-Business Start Free. Upgrades Starting at $29. Start free 90 Days. full or pay-as-you-use services. MeChat comes with everything you need to build a sustainable Business. Upgrade as your business grows. Cancel Anytime.


Heading:  A Business Center Without Limitations

Get an e-business free 90 Days. Perfect for small businesses, failing business, new entrepreneurs, and purposeful organizations.

Professional Business Development Services for your e-Business

Get Business Development Services to help you achieve your Goals

  • Get a business address
  • Digital Mailrooms: Combine all your emails
  • Link or Develop a new website
  • Virtual Offices
  • Training and startup boot camps
  • Business Toolkits
  • Selling Products and services
  • Buisness Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax Preparation
  • Software and Business Automation
  • World Class Innovation Team
  • More


Start Free

e-Business Details:  Work from a News Desks and enjoy the benefits

  • Business Ready-Virtual Offices
  • Digital Buisness Card
  • Newsfeed
  • QR Code
  • Messenger

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A Virtual Office for Launching Any Ambition To The MOON! Starting $29.99

e-Business Details: Work from a Virtual Office and enjoy the benefits. 

  • Easily manage overhead costs for a growing buisness
  • Great for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and startups
  • Quickly establish a global company
  • Buisness address for business licensing
  • Use for opening a bank account.
  • Share on website & business cards.
  • MeChat number and phone receptionist to answer calls. (Private Numbers Available)


Included Benefits

  • No Setup Fee
  • World-class products
  • Grow Your Business (online, hybrid, remotely)
  • Get Organized easily
  • Work Remotely
  • Transparent pricing
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Data Ownership (MeChat Pro)
  • Take your Data With You (.CSV)
  • Receive & Route All Incoming Mail
  • Physical Business Address
  • Automatic Check Deposit
  • Rate Lock Guaranteed


How It Works

  1. Register your Buisness on and Try Out a Virtual Office for FREE up to 30 days.
  2. When ready, Pick Your Plan.
  3. Choose a Business Address.
  4. Setup your Virtual Office.
  5. Go Pro and Build your Digital Business.


MeChat Pro

MeChat Pro e-Business Details: Turn your virtual office into a Digital Business, starting with an Entrepreneur badge, and enjoy the benefits.

  • Everything in the Virtual Office Plan
  • Build Your Business Credit
  • Community networking
  • Digital Businesses for Remote Team working
  • Get a Virtual Private Phone Number
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms (zoom Integrations)
  • Access to HR Outsourcing (Payroll, etc.)
  • Access to Growth and Empowerment Events
  • Access to Capital
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Professional Services


MeChat Centers

MeChat Centers Membership Details: Compliment Your Digital Business with a Physical Office and enjoy the benefits.

  • Starter Office: $250 per month Private office 10X10 - 1 hour/month
  • Furnished Office: $750 per month Private 10x10 office (Furnished: Desk and Chair)
  • Suites: $2,500 per month (750 square foot)
  • Suite with private Boardroom: $5,000 per month (1,750+ square foot)
  • Book a Day Office or Need more space: call Us
  • Co-ops and Coworking Locations
  • Mail Receipt & Forwarding
  • Business class secure Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 Security
  • Up to 240 mail items per month free
  • Lobby Directory Listing (Included)
  • Get a 1800 Number (Extra Price)
  • State-of-the-Art Entry Badges
  • Signage Available (Extra Price)
  • On-Site Meeting Rooms, earn Free Hours per Month
  • Free Parking
  • 24/7 Community News Network
  • Access on-site Members-Only Lounge
  • Lobby receptionist to greet visitors.


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Ready July 3, 2022



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