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How to launch a modern e-Business In 2021-2022 ,The Right Way!

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

August 23, 2021, 2:40 pm



Rather you run a service-based business or own a product-centric business, MeChat has an e-Business for you

On average, you can launch your e-business and start selling products in about 5 minutes; however, to properly setup multiple services can take you 30 minutes or more. 

What is a MeChat e-business?

MeChat offers a digital economy where business owners use e-businesses to connect their goods and services to consumers, supplies, and partners using the internet.

With MeChat, an e-Business receives their own intranet to communicate and collaborate with everyone involved in the success of their business. 

Benefits of setting up an e-Business on MeChat includes the ability to develop business models, conduct research, deploy marketing strategies, track sales, coordinate logistics, and create a sustainable business by having access to thousands of businesses tools to mitigating many of the challenges that small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and failing businesses can face.

Aside from the fact that e-businesses are virtual, users pay rent to lease an e-Business from MeChat's Digital Business Center, called MainStreet, U.S.A, with pricing based on the size and professional support services that owners want for their e-Business. Plus, e-Businesses are risk fee, owners can easily cancel anytime, and no credit card is needed to get started. 

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E-Business vs E-Commerce

E-business is similar to E-commerce but it is more than just a simple act of buying and selling services or goods online.

E Business utilizing digital information and advanced communication technologies to streamline different business processes

E-business has several components including BI (Business Intelligence), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), Collaboration, online activities, and electronic transactions within the firm

Additionally, MeChat’s e-business is highly secure and although anonymity can exists, each complete business profile gives  users peace of mind of each seller. Furthermore, because MeChat uses AI and machine Learning without requiring humans to view data, MeChat  can consolidate data in a proprietary private way that cross reference transactions to ensure security and detect fraud without reducing privacy.


How to start an e-business the right way?

MeChat universe and it’s collection of e-Businesses allows the administration, customer service, technical support, and management of people and commercial resources with the power to facilitate several types of commerce: B2B, B2C, C2C, among others. For example MeChat B2B benefits connects buyers and sellers at scale, while B2C encourages price transparency and lowers payment Processing fees. For C2C, MeChat enables users to transfer funds from one account to another for free, users only pay for expedited deposits into a 3rd party bank account.

MeChat Business Center can provide you with an e-business for your offline, physical business, at a minimal cost, and without the burden of maintaining an office facility. By taking your business online, you will have access to additional office services for your e-business such as:

  • virtual mailing addresses to use for an LLC and that is located in desirable commercial neighborhood,
  • a virtual assistant to answer your calls,
  • a call center handle technical problems and customer service complaints,
  • and more.

To setup your e-business the right way, first conduct proper research to determine a suitable business structure, prepare a business plan, build an aggressive marketing strategy, complete your local and federal legal formalities, rent an office in a business area (if you desire), equip your office with the necessary furniture, and hire competent employees. If you have no idea where to start first than use your e-business's built-in, step-by-step business checklists for direction on what to do next. 


How Does e-Businesses Work?

Having an e-Business allows you to manage your business 24/7 from anywhere in the world using your computer or smart phone. After you register your business on, MeChat will provide your business with a centralized, virtual space to learn, build, and streamline your offline operations with your employees, managers, officers, customers, and stakeholders. 

To meet demand users login to MeChat to launch an Electronic Business (E-Business) version of their existing business, transforming their physical and routine processes into improved operational efficient, productivity, logistics, and a better customer experience that easily Shares data and conduct transactions .

To begin you must choose an e-business plan objective. Currently there are several objectives available:

  1. to become a Vendor,
  2. to become a Entrepreneur,
  3. to become a Small Businesses,
  4. to become a Booster,
  5. to become an Investor, or
  6. to become a Sponsor.

According to your objective, MeChat will provide software, access to that supportive community, and provide proven business strategist and checklists according to your business plan, marketing plan, sale strategies, and financial projections. If needed, MeChat offers professional services to help you tailor your plans and develop strategies to sustainably achieve your ideas, sketches, and ambitions.

Once your e-business is setup, MeChat will notify you of breaking news, information, any any customer inquiries about your business through text or email, where you can login anytime and from anywhere to make faster decisions. Even better, you can designate users as admins to help you manage your e-business and create a visual organization structure.

With MeChat you stay in control of your business and rather your are in the office or on-the-go, you will have peace of mind and the assurance that your business is growing according to the terms you set for your business, or get the tools to mitigate risks - powered by MeChat.

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