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October 7, 2021, 1:01 pm

“Every skill you have remains useless unless you can apply it. You need to know how to get your expertise into the market and let clients see what you can do.” —- Unkown

MeChat Universe is a great way to legally setup your business the right way and then bootstrap your way into a successful business with self-guided resources to help you manage your data, formulate your thoughts, and create sustainable strategies. 

With MeChat‘s Business Startup and Resource guides any aspiring Builder can scale and operate like a real buisness. 

Once you use MeChat to discover your market and customers MeChat will also give you the tools to become efficient with your time while you scale.

Apply for digital space now and digital tools to figure out a working strategy that you understand, build a team, connect with a community, and start to feel confident as CEO to lead a self sustainable business on your own terms.


How MeChat Helps Solopreneurs Feel Like a Boss and Not a Startup?

To help solopreneurs feel like CEOs, MeChat gives users their own digital space to: 

  • network with confidence,
  • practice their business strategies, and
  • connect with potential customers within their area, and
  • get financial systems for things like tracking and monitoring your net worth.

With MeChat, users get robust small-biz software to help them start a business from scratch with little to no money, no credit, and no expert friends to help.


Why Now

As you have learned, MeChat is a business resource platform to TURN YOUR SKILLS INTO A PROFITABLE SIDE BUSINESS, but why now.

In the US alone, there are an estimated 22 million single run businesses, aka sole proprietors.

Many of these solopreneurs started as freelancers, hustlers, and entrepreneurs with the passion and skills to change the world for others or change their immediate world for their family and community.

However, these solopreneurs often have no funding or direction and so they get overwhelmed with the amount of administrative work it takes to sustain a business - and so their dreams and passions never scale - and for the ones brave enough to take that step they sub come to the tune of 70% failure rate over 10 years.

Plus, with the new laws Biden is enacting, many freelancers, hobbyists, and solopreneurs could face significant tax liabilities for making over $50 per month from selling their skills.

From building physical products to selling  services, MeChat suite of digital products gives you the ability to turn a business idea or skillset into a viable working process. Get the ability to earn extra money and reoccurring healthy side income with the systems to manage it all.

In conclusion, MeChat is one of the easiest ways to sell your skills and monetize your strengths based on what you are good at. MeChat provides you with the business startup tools to help you manage the day-to-day of business owners all from a single place.

If you’re ready to build a solid financially future by creating a solid foundation from day one MeChat can get you started with a profitable side business by following these steps:

Step 1.

Apply for a free QR code and digital space. Once approved, your digital space can be used to build a world equipped with a functional and sustainable economy of your own making.

Step 2.

Your new digital space will come with seven components, one of which is your public News Desk. This green space is where global audiences can view your content, be informed about your world, and join your digital economy.

Step 3

To help you manage and grow your world efficiently you will need a team. If you don’t have one already), you can discover and recruit talent from MainStreet, USA for the job you need to be handled, by publishing an RFP to your News Desk (formerly, News Feed).


Step 4.

Any “public” document you publish to your News Desk is shown randomly to digital businesses that subscribe to MainStreet, USA, and will apply to your RFP.

Step 5

Get notified of all RFP submissions and keep a history of digital businesses neatly organized in your built-in CRMs for later retrieval. 


Step 6

Use your leadership skillsets, strategy, and MeChat’s:

  • software,
  • Business Intelligence,
  • analytics, and
  • other business tools

to increase the value of your digital space and digital businesses, while growing and expanding your virtual mini-verse.


Only in MeChat Universe


Apply Now for digital space.





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