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Making a Living with a Purpose-Driven Life

Monetize your purpose in life.

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October 6, 2021, 11:38 pm

What is the easiest way to increase the value of digital spaces?

While there are unlimited ways to use MeChat to build wealth, the easiest ways of generating revenue and increasing the value of a digital space is to: 

  1. Create a sustainable business in the space
  2. Sell advertising space and data
  3. Establishing a Purpose

While, #1 and #2 may be the easiest path to revenue, the quickest way to increase value is to create a Purpose.

A verified Purpose is valuable to other verified  MainStreet users who seeks to join and invest in common interests, purposes, and adventures from around the world.

As other users begin to join and contribute to your Purpose your digital space will increase  in value, which can later be sold at auction on MainStreet, U.S.A.



Increasing the value of Purposes increases the wealth for all contributors involved with the Purpose. 

Therefore, intentionally, de-valuing a digital property through malicious contributions can result in forfeiture of compensations, suspensions, expulsions from MeChat Universe, and possible legal ramifications. 

How to Create a Purpose for your Digital Business

To get started monetizing your purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Decide on a Purpose. Discover something in your environment that you are willing to fight for, defend, and build up.
  2. Signup and Login on
  3. Get Verified. Apply to Become a member of MainStreet, U.S.A. After a successful registration you will see the Purpose Tab on your Owner’s Panel
  4. Open a Cash Wallet Account. After you have launched or joined a Purpose, you will need to open a Cash Wallet account, if you have not already.
  5. Develop Your Purpose. After opening your Cash Wallet account to receive contributions, return to the Purpose tab and click on each section to optimize your Purpose.
  6. Get Contributors. Advertise your Purpose. Other verified members can access any digital space on MainStreet, U.S.A. to explore your digital spaces and any available Digital Assets, data, and content to decide if your Purpose is worth contributing to.
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