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September 26, 2021, 2:05 pm

What is MeChat.Us?

First, what is passive income? Often, we hear the saying, “Make money in your sleep”, but what people mean is Passive Income. 

Passive income is income that requires little, if any, labor to earn and if you want passive income and several other streams of income with complete insight and oversight over your money, then the best tool is MeChat.

MeChat Universe (MeChat.Us) is a digital economy where users lease digital spaces to build the type of digital worlds that they want to generate revenue and take control of your financial destiny with three simple strategies:

  • wealth management services,
  • financial management tools, and
  • free business startup software that helps you begin your millionaire journey - step by step.

Currently, there are over 400 digital spaces already on preorder waiting for MeChat’s official launch July 3, 2022.

Like a Facebook alternative, MeChat offers a social platform for users to socialize, but also the software to generate passive income, royalties, and the dividends to enjoy life with other digital property owners in your peer class.

On MeChat, everyone has an equal opportunity to build wealth as each digital space is connected to a free QR Code, a suite of business tools, and a Digital Wallet to:

  • start a business,
  • build a community around their business,
  • take payments online or in person, and
  • build generational wealth with others - all without leaving their digital space.

Collectively, the VIP membership level to MainStreet, the inventory, storage space, people, back office software, and other business automation tools that users add to their digital spaces make up your digital world. 

By being world builders in MeChat Universe, members receive monthly deposits equal to there overall value of their digital space, in relation to other worlds on the platform.

Plus, contributors can join your digital space and provide assistance to help you manage and grow your digital world by using MainStreet, U.S.A. to discover worlds that offer a common interest.

To join MainStreet, U.S.A. users pay a monthly subscription based on the services and key features they want to bundle with their digital space, such as:

  1. The “Peer Class Level” users want to join.
  2. Back Office Software & Tools needed to manage their digital space.
  3. Access to Business Coaching and Checklists
  4. Self-Employed Services desired for their digital space.

Preorder a digital space for 12+ months and get 6 months free, meaning your next payment is not until January 2024. 

Only in MeChat Universe.



How To Get Paid Building Worlds on

Thinking about joining our digital universe?

MeChat gives you the digital space and FinTech solutions to build any type of digital world you want and start generating revenue from it. The catch is your digital world must serve a Purpose. 

With a registered Purpose, other users can join your digital world from MainStreet, U.S.A.   because of common interests, providing you with new customers, goods and services, talent, and revenue for your world.

Together you all create the perfect world, and together you all reap real world benefits.

While MeChat is open to try experimental feature as we build in public, MeChat Universe will launch July 3, 2022 with a purposeful economy. And in our purposeful economy MeChat’s goal is to help users build wealth and enjoy passive income with each other using their digital spaces.

As we build in public we invite Merchants who have something to offer the world the opportunity to build their own world in our digital universe.

Each user logs into MeChat for different reasons, for different use cases; however, serious digital space owners follow the below guide to maximizing the value of their digital properties. 










MeChat is a great tool to organize and manage digital assets, investments, and build portfolios and wealth, users should still:

  • Seek professional legal advice.
  • Contribute to new opportunities to diversify your portfolio by joining up and coming leaders and digital properties that need help demonstrating skills, qualifying for funding, and creating high-value SEO content.



Key Benefits

7 things MeChat members can do:

  1. Start and build a sustainable business.
  2. get a Merchant Account
  3. get more insights and metrics into your buisness
  4. use digital spaces to start a new business or opportunity
  5. increase the value of their digital property
  6. pick and choose digital assets to invest in
  7. managing relationships
  8. build strategic communities


Until MeChat launches July 3, 2022, MeChat will be releasing new features and removing others as we finalize the universe's final framework. 

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