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Antonio James Invests $300k in MeChat To Simplify Buisness for Entrepreneurs

The World’s First Business Automation Tool to Help Entrepreneurs and Startups Accelerate Business Growth & Increase Black Ownership

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

July 12, 2021, 12:21 pm



Are you an entrepreneur or small business, join MeChat and transform your business with the tools, resources, and software to grow efficiently, reach critical mass, and scale. While many entrepreneurs launch with ground breaking ideas and world-class executive teams, less than 1% of businesses will ever get funding from investors, such as venture capitalists, or a bank. While MeChat is for all businesses,  MeChat also understand that Black owned businesses launch with three times less capital than new white-owned businesses (the Kauffman Foundation).  

The challenges facing black entrepreneurs starting or growing a business without adequate funding can be to much of a barrier for many overcome.  “Without the proper relationships or connection to an Angel Investor or loan officer businesses simply do not have access to the capital required to hire the right management team, organize administrative work, streamline workflows, efficiently manage their inventory, implement the right processes and culture, and keep up with the various compliances, financial liabilities, and tax laws required for a business to grow and be successful,” stated Antonio James, MeChat founder, “This is why 70% of businesses fail within their first 10 years- they are overwhelmed, which can lead to over thinking and bad decision making. MeChat simplifies running a business and seeks to be the bridge that closes the gap between Main Street businesses, Success, and Wall Street lenders.”

MeChat breaks down the barriers to business ownership and growth by providing the financial and Back Office systems to support business intelligence, business execution, streamlined business processes, workflows, and manage people. 

MeChat uses an all-in-one, user-friendly, easy to use interface that simplifies each aspect of the business and enables each disconnected system to “talk” to one another.  

MeChat even integrates with Stripe to give businesses a built in payment processor, QR Codes for selling, and databases to organize financial records. Entrepreneurs can use MeChat to verify continuous revenue with lenders and generate reports that represent business acumen and viability when applying for bank loans.

MeChat FinTech Messenger provides self-serve Business Automation tools and Business Intelligence to help businesses collect, organize, and utilize Big Data. 

MeChat also partners with Wall Street and Main Street through local town halls to update national standards, lobby for legislation that protects members' investments and wealth, and gives Badge Owners the opportunity to vote on changes to MeChat policies, the platform, and community. 

Additionally, MeChat FinTech Messenger aggregates businesses for online fellowship, peer-2-peer support, and global marketplace in it’s Main Street Online Super Mall where businesses and subscribing customers explore multiple businesses, quickly acquire services, make purchases from thousands of vendors, connect with other owners, access self employed benefits, and more – all in one place.

Like the SBA, Score, BBB, and Business Commerce organizations, MeChat also provides entrepreneurs free online mentoring and advice. To stay connected to Main Street MeChat will build local Business Centers in underserved communities using funds from Sponsors. The highest grossing sponsor will receive naming rights, while larger donors receive statutes at the centers. The centers are expected to employ over 10,000 people nationwide, earn more that $10 million per year per center, and increase MeChat asset portfolio. 

Through a comprehensive FinTech Messenger, teams of strategist, consultants, and developers give entrepreneurs the best chance to reach critical mass and grow, specifically, when traditional financing and resources are unavailable.  

With MeChat, all Main Street business and black business owners can bypass traditional financing and resources.

With MeChat, all Main Street business and black business owners can bypass traditional financing and resources. Through MeChat membership and Town Halls, entrepreneurs and businesses can leverage their own collective bargaining power to lobby for the basic business essentials that larger companies and wealthy founders have access to when starting their business. 


How Does MeChat Reduce the Number of Small Business Failures per year


According to CBInsights analysis of 101 startups polls, below are the top 9 reasons why small businesses fail:


1. 42% of small businesses fail because there’s no market need for their services or products.

  • There is 7 billion people in the world and 4 billion will shop online. As MeChat becomes a household name MeChat machine learning technology will begin to display entrepreneurs’ shops on Main Street Online to users that are searching for what your shop offers.
  • MeChat develops our own proprietary, self-serve Ad Technology to provide better marketing and target of each shop's niche

2. 29% failed because they ran out of cash.

  • MeChat offers shop owners an 8 week, Start-up Accelerator- Boot camp that invest in businesses who graduate the program
  • MeChat offers grants and competitions to our Badge members throughout the year

3. 23% failed because they didn’t have the right team running the business.

  • MeChat gives entrepreneurs multiple channels to find, research, and solicit top talent without leaving the platform
  • Channels include Main Street online, local Town Halls, red carpet events, and exclusive getaways for networking

4. 19% were outcompeted.

  • With Funding MeChat will promote to and expects millions of shoppers to visit Main Street online per year, with MeChat AI and Machine learning systems each shop will be able to get the exposure and reach the audience that match what their product offerings
  • Main Street will promote and display retail shops who are actively building for free

5. 18% failed because of pricing and cost issues.

  • MeChat provides shops with an Inventory Management System that can track sales, costs, and identity pricing issues
  • MeChat Inventory Management Systems can also display orders, give refunds, and sync inventory as items are sold

6. 17% failed because of a poor product offering.

  • A poor product offering will deliver a poor financial return. MeChat offers showrooms and beautifully designed Product Stores to display their products and services to customers
  • MeChat gives users private news feeds to connect with their audience to understand customer needs, instead of spending money and time fixing non-existing problems

7. 17% failed because they lacked a business model.

  • MeChat understands what it takes to build a business from scratch and makes available the common processes, checklists, and business software ensure entrepreneurs have sound financials and a reasonable business plan.

8. 14% failed because of poor marketing.

  • MeChat‘s Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will identify if businesses are targeting the wrong market when advertising their shop on MeChat.
  • MeChat provides tutorials and lesson plans on SEO best practices, content marketing strategies, and offers Do Follow features to help shops target their audiences
  • MeChat also offers an online News Stand where users can submit press releases

9. 14% failed because they ignored their customers.

  • According to, 72% of customers will write a review if a local business asks them to. MeChat gives businesses their own private newsfeed that allows for 2-way communication between businesses and their  customers
  • MeChat can provide businesses with customer service chat bots to answer customer questions and provide technical support
  • MeChat gives customers and businesses the ability to publish several type of posts to their news feed such as Polls, Articles, surveys, and more.


6 Key Infrastructure MeChat Provides Business

As best described by the Kauffman report: ACCESS TO CAPITAL FOR ENTREPRENEURS | REMOVING BARRIERS, MeChat gives entrepreneurs access to the following six types of infrastructure to help them form a solid foundation and Business Execution Strategy:


1. Capital infrastructure. 

Capital entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop new investment vehicles that provide access to the 83 percent of entrepreneurs who are not served by private institutional capital. Greater diversity of investment vehicles and intermediary financial institutions can be developed to bridge the gap between money centers and the spectrum of entrepreneurs seeking capital. 


2. People infrastructure. 

From purposeful jobs, to once-in a lifetime excursions, MeChat provides an online Main Street and Newsstand where businesses can recruit top talent for your talent pool or offer new opportunities to other badge members.


3. Information infrastructure. 

Enhanced data and technology can create stronger infrastructure and clearer standards for efficient market operations, speeding the flow of capital to a greater number of entrepreneurs.


4. Knowledge infrastructure. 

More targeted research can better inform efforts to improve capital access for entrepreneurs, providing insight regarding the origins of capital market gaps and the effects of capital constraints on firms.


5. Policy infrastructure. 

Entrepreneurs and capital entrepreneurs can be at the table to assert their voices when lawmakers and regulators are forming policies that affect the functioning of capital markets for entrepreneurs.


6. Community infrastructure. 

Together, with local businesses, MeChat forms a Main Street coalition that empowers financial freedom, generational wealth, and economic diversity, inclusion and equality for all MeChat Badge members. And it starts by attending a town hall or signing up on MeChat.


To get started, entrepreneurs and businesses owners can preorder a badge based on their expected level of engagement with the community by going to


Investing in MeChat

Beside infrastructure, stability, and saving small businesses, MeChat FinTech Messenger includes the following Key Features:

  • A MeChat Store for online ordering
  • QR code’s for selling in person
  • Ability to raise money directly from their MeChat Retail Store with no deadlines or goals
  • An online Business Page to capture leads and nurture loyal customers
  • Stripe Integration to accept MasterCard, Visa and other card Payments
  • Task Management Portals
  • Calendars for Syncing Appointments
  • Analytics to visualize the Health and Performance of the business
  • Marketing Funnels to turn casual customers into lifelong, repeat clients
  • Sales Pipelines to track new Opportunities and leads
  • News Feeds to connect with customers
  • Main Street Online to connect users to other businesses and entrepreneurs

In 2021, Antonio James partnered with Angelo Byrd and Raza Hussain to raise a $3M seed round to complete its FinTech Messenger and ecosystem. 

The new investment will bring MeChat total investment to $3.3m. To Invest, Sponsor, or Donate, visit

Any additional funds will go towards hosting Town halls, building up communities, instilling camaraderie, and delivering the synergy needed for entrepreneurs to think less and make faster decisions.

James said that MeChat will be launching its  local MeChat Town Halls in Atlanta, GA each Thursday starting Nov 1, 2021 at 9:30 p.m to give local entrepreneurs the ability to learn more about the MeChat, join Investment clubs, learn how to start local investment pools, get in-person support for their MeChat account, and shape the direction of MeChat’s platform. 

MeChat officially launches July 3, 2022; however, badge preorders and free business name registration started July 3, 2021. 

For more information about MeChat, pricing, and to demo MeChat FinTech Messenger, visit , email Antonio James at [email protected], or text 470-230-8311.


About MeChat 

MeChat helps entrepreneurs manage, structure, and organize their business for growth using technology,  Automation, Business Intelligence, and Business Execution

Some of the tools used are : a Business page, Business checklists, QR codes, and online stores for Selling their products.


About Antonio James

United Air Force veteran. Former Hollywood Film Director, notable Trey the Movie, Resolution Song. MeChat creator, CEO.


About Angel Byrd 

Angelo Byrd, CMO, General Manager of SCS, responsible for growing Dupre Logistics division from $23M to $105M Forecasting $150M by the end of year (EOY) 2022. As Director of Transportation for JB Hunt Transport Services, Angelo led startup of new Brokerage Branch Office for a Fortune 500 company - employing over 22,000 associates, 12,000 trucks, 47,000 highway service trailers, and 80,000 intermodal containers servicing USA, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico. Earned recognition as the #1 ranked branch/P&L in the company in O/I% to plan in Q4 2013. CH Robinson, Transportation Sales Supply Chain Analyst: Recipient of the Presidential Award for outstanding sales growth. MeChat Partner.


About Raza Hussain

Raza Hussain is responsible for software infrastructure and web development for


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