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Your QR Code is the gateway into a universe that you build.

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September 15, 2021, 6:08 pm

What if there was a way for you to have the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of owning the world you live in?


MeChat is a virtual playground for visionaries, offering virtual environments consisting of software, services, and real users as the avatars whom you interact and join.

Your virtual space can be accessed via the QR Code, which users get for free when they signup for a new account on

MeChat QR Code environments provide visionaries with the space they need to grow with others without loosing perceived value of their brand.

MeChat QR Codes are used by politicians, business owners, charities, media moguls, and other visionaries from around the world. And in 2022, users will be able to go inside their QR Codes and access the virtual server space that powers them by renting, leasing, or owning the space your QR Code is attached to.

Both the QR Code and the virtual space that users subscribe to creates one Virtual Property (or e-Space) that is designed as a space to build wealth. The systems, software, events, and benefits that make up your QR environment are all designed around collaborative commerce.

Collectively, virtual properties form our modern economy and sustains our digital universe of premium connections, resources, sustainability, and convenience for generations to come. 

While offline, virtual property owners take advantage of the level of enjoyment and self-employed benefits that are bundled with their e-Space subscription.

How much can I make with an e-Space?

What you do within your QR Code‘s environment is up to you as long as it’s contributing to commerce; therefore revenue possibilities are limitless and only bound by your entrepreneurial spirit.

For example, users can become virtual landowners by owning a private virtual island that comes bundles with access to a real private or luxury island.

Users can also get paid royalties as a virtual Franchise owner or become a sponsor of our universe and get paid for having your name on one of MeChat Business Centers.

These Business Centers are local leasing and development centers located in underserved communities to promote and build wealth equality.

MeChat also gives users the option to be a freelancer, with online rental space and software to generate revenue without risking your day job.

Likewise, businesses and artist alike rent temporary e-Spaces to create their own modern economies around the ideas, ambitions, and projects that they want to showcase or launch. And for a more permanent solution artists can lease their e-space to display their art in their custom virtual art gallery. 

And finally, some Vendors rent a QR Code and virtual space only to sell items and take credit card payments at their booth during local festivals and craft fairs. While, most leaders in our modern universe tend to lease virtual space by the month or year to subscribe to being a Visionary.

Regardless of why you decide to become an e-space owner, there is a space for you to build wealth with the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of running a multi-million dollar business, starting from your couch, only on MeChat.


So Why Haven’t You Joined MeChat Yet?

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