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Invest in the Virtual Real Estate Boom in MeChat’s Metaverse!

In MeChat Universe cities are virtual, designed, and owned by you.

Article By Antonio James, MIQ

September 16, 2021, 2:10 pm




Key Takeaways

MeChat QR Code owners get virtual space and software to:

  • do more with their QR Codes,
  • run their physical business online from anywhere, anytime,
  • invest in digital properties globally,
  • partner with other merchants in our digital universe, and
  • run a Fortune 500 from the comfort of their couch, yacht, or private island.

With MeChat anyone can build wealth, even without a sound business strategy.

Furthermore, this document answers the common questions investors, businesses, and other merchants may have about MeChat and becoming a tenant in MeChat’s digital universe.


Introduction to a New Way of Building Wealth

Doing business online has exploded over the years. 

Modern businesses, organizations and municipalities require a flexible, sustainable, digital strategy in place to navigate a successfully economic recovery and maintain a competitive advantage. 

With MeChat, users who use our secure QR Codes can rent, lease, and purchase the virtual server space and software that powers their QR Code turning them into digital tenants and landowners in our virtual economy.

All tenants can rent and lease digital space to perform secure and fast transactions, collect customer data, or grow a sustainable business.

Each virtual landowner will receive a deed of ownership which gives them the software and extra Breakout space to sublease and resell  “Prime” virtual real-estate within popular and high traffic digital environments.

With MeChat Universe now including QR Code environments, banking, and professional services, business will be able to take a deeper dive into their management teams, company valuation, and key risk factors.

Offline tenants and landowners can attend MeChat sponsored events, town halls, and corporate retreats. 

To preorder your discounted digital property,  with no new payment* until July 2023, checkout on


Sounds Good, What is the Preoorder Fee for?

MeChat is a Software Development company that creates virtual commercial spaces for QR Codes and the businesses who uses them.

Starting July 2022, MeChat QR Code owners can bundle 3 main services with their QR Code

  1. Tailor-made business software modules,
  2. Self-employed benefits, and
  3. Professional services to take any size virtual workplace to the next level.

There are more perks to owning virtual and digital properties in MeChat Universe but for simplicity we will provide those in a later section. 

To develop and maintain MeChat‘s metaverse, QR Code property owners rent or lease on a monthly or annual basis with the expectation that MeChat takes care of:

  • maintenance of server space,
  • increasing benefits and community perks
  • providing on-demand software development,
  • 24/7 security monitoring,
  • free patching,
  • community backups,
  • among others, so merchants can focus on their business and increasing the value of their digital space.

Additionally, merchants can connect their digital spaces to their real world businesses, projects, teams and our virtual economy. 

For clarity, instead of building digital houses and virtual trees, merchants differentiate their digital environments from one another by adding tradable digital software and securities. 

As their spaces begin to take form into something commercial and monetizable, each  QR Code and it’s digital space will begin to build wealth, increase in prestige, and add to your investment portfolio. 


What are examples of software and securities that can be added to your digital space?

Examples of software and securities that can be added to your digital space, include:

  • Business software, analytics, and step-by step-checklists for entrepreneurs and  emerging Businesses.
  • Communication and Networking systems for innovators, leaders, and visionaries
  • Transparency, Business Intelligence, White Label branding, and Clear Standards for organizations and cities seeking to expand or adopt a successful digital strategy.

For veteran cryptocurrency, blockchain, and technology investors, MeChat bridges the gap between the metaverse and the physical world by creating a decentralized commerce ecosystem that builds individual wealth through closer cooperation via trade, joining other member’s digital spaces, and even subleasing the server space to other users.

QR Code owners decide who enters their virtual environment and they have full autonomy over how their virtual real estate will be used. 


What Types of QR Code Properties are available?

MeChat creates digital properties  can be accessed by our secure, high quality QR Codes.

When users get a free QR Code on that can subscribe to a News Desk. News Desks are like social, interactive buisness pages where your customers scan your QR Code and immediately get access to your products, services and modules that you added to your virtual property. 

To increase customer loyalty, QR Code owners can use their Breakouts to create separate sub-communities that each niche audience can follow or subscribe to.

There is nothing to download and most activations are same day with 5 minute setups.

MeChat offers several types of digital spaces, services, and benefit bundles for your QR Code Properties. Here is the last listing of digital spaces listed for preorder on MeChat’s News Desk: 

  1. Level 1: Virtual Plot of Land (Rent at $87 per 10,000 QR Code scans)  - Preorder Now
  2. Level 2: Virtual Workspaces (Lease until 2023 for just $327 per Workspace)  - Preorder Now
  3. Level 3: Flexible Offices (Lease until 2023 for just $14,997 per Flexible Office) - Preorder Now
  4. Level 5: NFT Virtual Private Island (own until 2023 for just $1.08 million per Virtual Private Island)  - Preorder Now
  5. Level 9: MeChat Metaverse Sponsor (own until 2023 for just $3.6 million per MeChat Business Center Sponsorship) - Preorder Now

To lease digital assets you need a secure, high quality QR Code. 

Do you want a free QR code for your business? To get a free QR Code and to start directing people to a centralized, targeted marketing strategy, just follow this video on


Does my Digital Property Appreciate In Value? How? 

Yes, like real-world land, MeChat‘s virtual land appreciates and depreciates in value according to the market of buyers, sellers, and investors. 

MeChat is designed for entrepreneurs, communities, trailblazers, and other merchants who want to design their own world.

In fact, in many ways,  MeChat Universe is structured like any “real-world” city — ‘there are:

  • town centers (“News Desk”),
  • neighborhoods (your “Breakouts”), and
  • residential and commercial developments (“the software and benefits” bundled your e-Space).’


Can Other Users Join My Virtual Space?

Yes, MeChat is just like any real-world city - they just happen to be digital, owned, and designed by you. 

Once your build out your digital environment, other users and merchants can join your virtual space to:

  • make purchases
  • collaborate
  • spend their time working for one of the e-business on your virtual property
  • rent and lease software that you have on your property
  • advertise within your Space
  • get direct customer service

With MeChat, digital property owners can build businesses, offices, workshops, galleries, schools, and more within the space or sublease their Breakouts as “Prime” virtual real-estate within a popular and high traffic environment.

Plus, MeChat Universe‘s agility and ability to facilitate localized and global peer collaboration, creative processes, and software requests is the key to driving up the value of e-Spaces.


What are the most common ways to increase the value of digital properties?

They 12 most common ways to increase the value of your digital properties are:

  1. Increasing Digital Property Size: Server Space, Bandwidth.
  2. Adding a Sustainable Business to the Property.
  3. Adding Business Essentials,  (Link to other article).
  4. Having Streamlined Business Software and Process in place.
  5. Adding exclusive access to Leadership & Management Advisory Services.
  6. Displaying a high level of complex Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy within your virtual environment.
  7. Having up-to-date, and accurate Finance & Accounting.
  8. Having Analytics and Business Intelligence for Growth.
  9. The partnerships and communities you have within your Space.
  10. Bundling Wellness and Gaming experiences with the Deed of ownership.
  11. Collecting Badges on the Deed.
  12. Adding self-employed benefits.

While there is unlimited ways to add value to your digital property, these 12 will significantly increase your virtual property’s value. 

Plus, all the above can be provided by MeChat or you can partner with another e-Businesses in our metaverse.


For a detailed overview, view What are the Characteristics of a MeChat Digital Economy?




MeChat creates a digital e-Collaboration world where commerce and innovation thrives through the trading of goods, an enhanced purchasing journey, and happier workforce. 

MeChat rewards merchants with real-world products, virtual real estate that increase in value, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrency.

Rather you open virtual stores, take your physical business online as a Pocket Business (e-Business), install a LXP to create an online school, or use the digital property to connect with scientists, academicians, and leaders all over the world MeChat gives you access to a global, vibrant community of businesses, entrepreneurs, problem solvers and other merchants - all in one place

Use your virtual spaces as a new way to socialize, collaborate, and build wealth by create just about anything your entrepreneurial spirit wants. By default, your e-Space is setup for creating digital versions of your physical companies.

This standard setup gives you an online extension of your physical businesses so that you have direct contact with their customers, and a 360 overview of your whole operation to run the business from anywhere in the world, using only your cellphone.

For entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and other aspiring visionaries, MeChat makes it easier for you to make a living on the site while you explore new professional opportunities such as investing in real estate, starting your own product business, or selling your services - without risking your day job.

MeChat also extends beyond savvy Tech Investors and online cryptocurrency communities. 

Now, any common man with the desire to invest in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs can add an alternative digital investment to their portfolio or daily lives with the extra security of value, by tying their digital real estate to things of real-world value.

As you develop your Space becomes more attractive to business owners, advertisers, and investors who have the money to aquire your property or components within your property. 

Additionally, e-Space purchases, trades, and sales are publicly documented on MeChat's Metaverse Land bank, and coming soon, the Family blockchain, to increase transparency,  transferability, and to prevent fraud.

To rent, lease, or purchase virtual properties, see available listings on MeChat’s Storefront, here.

If you want a free QR Code, merchants can get a QR Code on




Additional Benefits of Joining MeChat

MeChat is owned by the members, so all merchants share in the value, voting, and outcomes of that each of our virtual properties create. 

Therefore, property owners should create locations that are desirable, fun, social, educational, and offer creative opportunities for other users who want to do business or shop.

The advantage of this type of metaverse allows faster transactions, and increased wealth with regulations in place to protect and stabilize our digital economy as a whole and maximum standard of living for merchants in our metaverse for generations to come.


How Can I Go About Investing in MeChat? 

By leasing or owning digital property. 

To rent, lease, or purchase virtual properties, see available listings on MeChat’s Storefront, here.


Can I Create Preorders in the Metaverse?

Yes, selling your products and services as a pre-order is the same process as adding items to your virtual Storefront.

Merchants can post a product image along with a short description, long description, details, the term (per hour, per day, per month, annual, Pay Now, Pay Later, Donate), and more to help you later track inventory and mange SKUs.

However, …. (click here to read more about Creating Preorders That Work For You)



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