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What are the Characteristics of a MeChat Digital Economy?

The inner workings of MeChat economy

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September 17, 2021, 9:05 pm

What are the Characteristics of a MeChat Digital Economy?

For extra security and resiliency of our digital world, MeChat Metaverse shares many aspects of a mixed, modern economy to ensure co-operation, interdependence, and an endless chain of exchanges.

As community host, MeChat’s duties in our metaverse include:

  1. Creates Community Standards: to protects ownership and the value of merchants‘ digital properties.
  2. Defends Freedom: Freedom for merchants to live, work, produce, buy and sell whatever legal items and services they choose.
  3. Encourages Responsible Capitalism: Self-interest drives the buying and selling of goods and services, including competition and employment. Plus sellers want the highest price, and buyers want the best value for their money.
  4. Makes sure there is free access and opportunity into our virtual market.
  5. Establishes an annual budget that outlines MeChat’s priorities, per the community’s requests and needs.
  6. Establish an HOA that guides the allocation of resources via higher fees to discourage some activities while lowering fees to encourage others.
  7. Promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of concern in our metaverse and from property owners.
  8. Promote, share, and discuss high living standards
  9. To create improved and more efficient social welfare programs.
  10. To create a metaverse that exist both: as places to hang out, do business, and as a place to invest and build wealth.

Additionally, MeChat includes a variety of real-world freedoms:

  • Land owners have autonomy over how to run their businesses (e.g. what to produce, at what price, who to employ, etc.)
  • Consumers have a choice in what they want to buy and where.
  • Merchants in the same industry as Big Box retailers and brands can succeed.
  • To participate in managerial decisions (cooperative and participatory economics)
  • To travel (The Badges that you collect is your passport to access higher level virtual properties and MeChat sponsored events)
  • To buy and sell (items for personal use, for resale; buy whole enterprises to make the organization that creates wealth, a form of wealth itself)
  • To hire (to create organizations that create wealth)
  • To fire (to maintain organizations that create wealth)
  • To organize (private enterprise for profit, labor unions, workers’ and professional associations, non-profit groups, religions, etc.)
  • To communicate (Newsfeeds, DMs, Comments, Replies, Emojis, Proposals, Pipelines, Workflows, and Automation to make deals, create business partners, create markets)
  • To protest peacefully (petitions and voting to make Standards friendly to profit making and workers alike, remove pointless inefficiencies, and maximize wealth creation).

Within MeChat Metaverse there is also less income inequality, through our modern, responsible commerce society.

If you want to become a virtual property owner, merchants can apply on

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