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November 17, 2020, 10:08 pm

If you are looking to increase your brand name or website online visibility during the pandemic then you are in the right place. Get started today writing high quality articles just like the one you are reading. 

Help grow your buisness and reach 1000s of potential customers with proven SEO strategies, many of which Gossip Depot makes free to try and are easy to use.


What is Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the key to any sales or marketing department seeking to drive sales conversions to a businesses. In fact, Google searches, alone, account for 30% increase in website traffic coming from free Google page rankings.

However, to effectively use content marketing strategies your content needs to be professional, relatable to your niche audience, and grabs your customers attention. By default, Gossip Depot standardizes your articles formatting to ensure they meet industry standard formats. 

Additionally, Gossip Depot content marketing services allows users to publish unlimited, original, and engaging articles that align with their business.


What makes Gossip Depot different

You don’t have to be a savvy writer to start using Gossip Depot and driving traffic. With Gossip Depot you control your message and the content.

Get started writing in minutes.  ✍🏽  Gossip Depot content marketing services empowers sales and marketing teams with creating their own media and to write content that converts. To provide these services Gossip Depot content creators can:

  1. Self-Publish wantever and whenever you need; including gambling. note: Gossip Depot does not allow nudity to be published on the platform.
  2. Get Direct Connection to 100% of your subscribers
  3. Create contextual backlinks
  4. White hat and 100% Google Adsense safe articles and link building
  5. Increase traffic and drive readers to any website, social media profile, or blog on and off Gossip Depot
  6. Gossip Depot offers multiple resources that you can study to ensure SEO best practices are being adhered to
  7. Gossip Depot articles can rank high on Google and other SERPs when SEO Best Practices are used.
  8. Words included per article: 2500


Guest Posting features on Gossip Depot

Guest posting will help you improve search rankings and drive traffic to your buisness simply by writing and publishing articles online. With Gossip Depot articles: 

  1. Write and publish articles on the go without leaving the platform
  2. Create Do Follow and No Follow links
  3. All articles contain unique, sharable, URL links that you can share on social media, in a text message, or emailed as a newsletter.
  4. Articles and link placement is permanent.
  5. Unlimited Revisions
  6. Unlimited link building

Complementary Services:  Free with Signup

Just for signing up and trying out Gossip Depot all members receive free concierge services that premium newsrooms receive to include:   

  1. Get Daily Breaking news for free. Get 100+ news sources to keep up with your industry and what’s going on in the world. New news sources added daily
  2. An online newsroom to neatly organize articles and your online portfolio


Signup today and get 1000 free credits to posts dozen of Articles for free. Risk free and No Credit Card needed to signup and try Gossip Depot free. 

Start publishing articles now.  

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