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Mobile newsrooms are home for media coverage and company news.

MeChat empowers churches, non-profits, grassroot organizations and groups with tools that:

  • Visually deliver your message
  • Access to hard to reach communities.
  • Expand your media outreach to a global community.
  • Increasing revenue by building up your subscriber base.
  • Find professional journalist to bulk up your workforce or find freelancers.
  • Access to secure and private communication and instant messaging.
  • Easily link your newsroom to your other social media profiles and websites

Write a story that delivers

  • 93% of journalists visit online newsrooms frequently, 29% every day.
  • 79% visit online newsrooms of small to medium size organizations as well as large organizations.
  • 100% believe it’s important to access PR contacts on the online newsroom.
  • 88% believe it’s important to have a digital press room.
  • 79% say accessing video files in the newsroom is important.
  • 82% believe links to the organization’s social media profiles is important.
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