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Additional value and services for HBCUs

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November 27, 2020, 2:57 pm

Gossip Depot sales provides HBCUs, governments, humanitarian organizations, and public and private institutions with membership package that:

  1. Saves on operational costs,
  2. Make any operational process more efficient, and
  3. Reduce financial waste.

Gossip Depot will save any company money, our processes can integrate with any existing manpower or resources,  and membership on Gossip Depot can make every organization money on the side, aka passive income. 

Why do companies want an LMS?

The most common use for learning management systems are to onboard employees. 

Gossip Depot does offer affordable employee onboarding learning management systems that support new staff and educators with understanding the institution‘s business culture. Gossip Depot LMS smoothens any learning curves that new employees have when trying to learn or stay informed about your institution and your offerings. 

Gossip Depot also creates the best CRM systems for small businesses. Gossip Depot customer relationship management (CRM) software improves business growth by efficiently using technology to manage all your organization’s relationships and interactions with students, alumni, educators, boosters, staff and more. With Gossip Depot CRM and LMS newsroom functions your institution stays connected to your student body, streamline cumbersome enrollment process, educate your students and staff on internal processes, and improve profitability.

However, this article is about how Gossip Depot learning management systems (LMS) technology makes education simpler and more user friendly by turning any mobile newsroom into mobile classrooms. 

What does Gossip Depot offer?

Gossip Depot successfully hosts hundreds of professional mobile newsrooms for writing on the go, created nex gen content management solutions, eased journalist workflows, and empowered people living opportunity zones and underserved communities with a way to stay informed with 24/7/365 breaking news daily. 

Now Gossip Depot is looking to make educational systems more user-friendly, or as we say, “student-friendly”. 

As part of Gossip Depot sales department you will contact institutions and organizations to offer them custom-built learning management systems designed specifically to meet the needs of their organization‘s newsrooms. 

Below are additional examples of how institutions can retrofit their newsrooms into all-in-one, made-to-order toolkits with unrivaled ease of use.


Gossip Depot For Students

When schools join one of Gossip Depot’s Publisher memberships each student newsroom will be able to:

  1. turn in assignments though their teachers newsrooms as guest posts allowing teachers to provide notes,
  2. facilitate online discussions with separated  comment sections,
  3. upload and host their portfolio,
  4. generate extra income for your class essays and stories that you publish,
  5. share stories and learn from each other, and
  6. teachers can give students real-time grades.

Plus students have access to an international bulletin board to keep up with student affairs, events in their local community, and stay informed about breaking news happening around the world. 

When students login they automatically see updated news and content from their school first. After graduation any assignments submitted throughout  students time at the institution will be archived so that they can always retrieve their published assignments.


Gossip Depot For Administrators

Gossip Depot‘s innovation team designs premium learning manage systems to:

  1. help teachers: develop, manage and distribute course materials;
  2. announce school news and activities;
  3. Create Instant message groups with students, parents and other administrators;

Membership to our newsrooms are generally lower than most learning management systems. Higher memberships can send mass communication messages to the student body, manage system-level roles, and request to have custom learning management systems, customer relation management systems and enhance content management systems built to order.


Gossip Depot simplifies teaching

  1. Set up a class in minutes by directly adding students through a secure, shared link and an encrypted, randomly-generated code given to students by Administrators.
  2. Students use their credentials to claim a student newsroom (if they don’t already have one) and join the whole class in the administrator’s newsroom.
  3. Additionally, after students are linked to a class the student and their student  newsroom will automatically link to the school so that senior administrators have full transparency and management over the whole student body.

The HBCUs discount

While Gossip Depot targets all major organizations and institutions Gossip Depot provides an addition discount to HBCUs. HBCU, or Historically Black Colleges and Universities can receive up to 20% off their total monthly membership.

For every year that an HBCU commit to a monthly membership they will get an additional 2% off their monthly total, up to 10 years.

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