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November 19, 2020, 8:48 pm

Who is Gossip Depot for?

Gossip Depot provides industry standard SEO strategies, SEO best practices, content marketing resources, and more to:

  1. Beginning internet users who are just starting to learn how internet marketing help businesses.
  2. Medium skilled internet social media marketers needing comprehensive internet market strategies. And,
  3. Mainstream brands that have established household names looking to increase revenue without disrupting existing operations.


How is Gossip Depot Different from other platforms?

Social networks limit your posts marketing reach to either:

  • a small portion of your friends and followers only, or
  • limit your paid audience reach to their platform only.

However, on Gossip Depot, unlike social networks, when businesses and brands publish something on our newsfeeds you will create your own media that reaches international markets, a global audience, and local communities anywhere. For example, if anyone searches for what is the best company for “XYZ” they will see your gossip if it contains key words that match “XYZ”


Is publishing gossip the same thing as advertising?

Yes, publishing gossips are the same thing as creating ads for companies. With Gossip Depot you control the narrative. Depending on your gossip type your marketing, PR, SEO, or communication team can personalize each ad. The four gossip types lets businesses:

  1. write a book,
  2. write an essay,
  3. write abstract,
  4. write about yourself,
  5. write an article
  6. publish news about your company or brand
  7. publish podcasts

With Gossip Depot every brand, business, and advertiser now has a self serve advertising platform for advertisers to self-publish detailed articles that target a specific niche. Or for quick response advertising advertisers and brands can self publish blurbs that reach the general public. 

Gossip Depot search engine advertising tools does not limit advertiser's offsite advertisement reach based on any monthly subscription plan. Gossip Depot's self serve advertising platform for advertisers increases the number of potential buyers that is searching for products on Google that matches any services that your company advertised in your gossips. And as you establish a reputation of being a Publisher then your gossips will be ranked higher on other social networks and your company or brand will be the #1 brand or businesses that Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple, and other search engines show to their customers. 

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Does Gossip Depot self serve advertising platform and internet marketing services extend to markets outside the USA?


With Gossip Depot, your existing marketing budget will go further. 


When users use Gossip Depot, top platforms and search engines from every country in the world including Google, Baidu, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo will make your content available to internet users around the world in as little as 6 days after publishing any content. 

With the same ad dollars your company can access internet users' search results around the world, in addition to internet users from your local community. After publishing gossips our automated marketing system will automatically ping internet websites around the world so that your gossip can reach and bring you, your brand or business buyers with the intent of purchasing product and services that you and your competitors sell. 

How to reach more people on instagram, my website, or blog without spending a dime on advertising?

Each time you want to increase your advertising performance, without increasing your marketing budget you have two options:

  1. Write blurbs. Blurbs are free gossips that users can write up to 300 words.
  2. Have your marketing, SEO or communication department revise a previous existing gossip to ensure that it meets SEO best practices.

The more professionally written the gossip according to national internet standards and SEO best practices, the higher other websites will rank your gossip's content

By using SEO best practices your gossip can go from showing up on page 6 of Google to page 1 of Google search results and above your competitors. 

If you need additional guidance on writing for SEO best practices Gossip Depot will provide additional free resources and internet strategy tips for beginning internet users, brands and businesses who use the platform.

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