What are Gossip Depot Centers? The Breath of the Community

Teaching prosperity, increasing community engagement, and staying informed: A Good Life for All

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November 18, 2020, 1:36 pm

Gossip Depot Centers are the breath of local communities 


Gossip Depot provides free remote workstations called newsrooms that keep underserved communities informed, employed, and in control of their life for free.

To support this mission on a larger scale Gossip Depot will launch Gossip Depot Centers in 2021 to make the Good Life available to all Americans. 

These Gossip Depot Centers will be vital in expanding our mission and providing central, safe, and free information centers in  underserved communities across America.

Gossip Depot Centers‘ purpose 

Good Life centers aim to bring the community together and foster a “village“ atmosphere of mentors, mentees, doers, and community leaders.


Where are Gossip Depot Centers Located?

Our first round of Gossip Depot Centers will be  strategically placed in underserved communities and opportunity zones with high crime, or numerous distressed, or abandoned properties. 

By targeting blight and old buildings Gossip Depot Centers will revitalize areas and breathe new life in previously undesired, forgotten, and unlivable areas. 

What programs does the Gossip Depot Centers offer?

Gossip Depot Centers offers communities free access to computer labs, training rooms, safe spaces to learn and attend focus panels, access free internet and wifi, and have peaceful place to be productive citizens and escape the challenges they may face at home.

Each center will include youth programs and adult programs to teach communities about news and everything news related including providing ways to generate extra income using the media and news related services, such as journalism, content marketing, and community engagements. 

Each Gossip Depot center will actively do community outreach to proactively keep communities engaged in community affairs and whats happening in their city by registering the local populace for volunteer opportunities such as community clean up, Christmas toy drives, feed the need, and more. 

For an in-depth review of Good Life opportunities, Click here


How can I get involved or support Gossip Depot Centers?

To get started, first login to access your free newsroom, or reserve your newsroom name today by signing up from the navbar above or on

Next, go to your newsroom’s “City Hall“ tab and click Use Your Newsroom For Good to get involved with the Good Life party, financally support our movement, to volunteer, or to help launch Gossip Depot Centers in your own city. 

To become a Sponsor review: Why Sponsor a Newsroom: Rebuilding Communities One Story at Time


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