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Gossip Depot is a movement to #RebuildBlackAmerica : Will You Join?

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December 4, 2020, 2:19 pm

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Why should I join Gossip Depot?

It's simple, the more newsrooms there are the more Good Life stories. The more Good Life stories shared on Gossip Depot → the more revenue goes back into #RebuildingBlackAmerica communities.


What is Gossip Depot?

Gossip Depot is the movement people gossip about! 

Gossip Depot is a social platform (like facebook), but members come together to stay informed, network, and to empower each other in pursuit of one goal: 

To Rebuild Black America.

Gossip Depot is a members only platform for the Good Life party, a social organization charged with overseeing the communication, coordination and rebuilding of Black and underserved communities across America. 

Follow Gossip Depot’s journey as collectively we take charge in rebuilding Black America and underserved communities, instead of waiting on external support to help us rebuild.


Who Can Join Gossip Depot? 

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of Black America,  the Antonio James Foundation developed,  designed and launched for 4 types of members:

  1. For organizations currently providing services that rebuild communities.
  2. For community leaders, grassroots organizations, non profits, and activists/street teams who are actively in the trenches rebuilding communities.
  3. For people who may not have the time or energy to support the #RebuildBlackAmerica movement but can support financially by joining Gossip Depot and upgrading their newsroom, and
  4. For people who aren’t sure about what “rebuilding” means but don't want to be left out of the progress of Black America.


How it Works:

As a sustainable way to connect the Good Life party with the people who are living in underserved communities and who want to be the breath of the community Gossip Depot licenses its software to large groups, associations, schools, businesses, and organizations.

To further expand the mission, Gossip Depot Llc uses and Gossip Depot centers to connect: resources, people, time and energy. 

  1. By logging into Gossip Depot and sharing positive gossip about the good moments in your life (Good Life stories) you inspire others to join Gossip Depot to #RebuildBlackAmerica, too.
  2. 7% of every newsroom licenses will go directly towards executing the actual movement of rebuilding communities across America.
  3. 70% of sponsored newsroom licenses will go directly to fund Gossip Depot Centers and executes the actual movement of rebuilding underserved communities across America.

Thats it. 

By sharing your positive gossip, aka Good Life stories on Gossip Depot, the Black community will literally create its own media and begin to reshape the negative imagery that traditional media has drawn for us.

If you just want to stay updated on the progress of Gossip Depot and the #RebuildBlackAmerica movement then signup for free, here


I want to do more, How can I get Involved with #RebuildBlackAmerica?

To get involved with #RebuildBlackAmerica there are seven official ways you can immediately be a part of Rebuilding Black America 🇺🇸: 

  1. Signup for Free on Gossip Depot.
  2. Logging into Gossip Depot daily to share Good Life stories.
  3. Become a Corporate Partner of the Gossip Depot (Upgrade to a Newscenter).
  4. Sponsor a Newsroom.
  5. Launch a Street Team.
  6. Donate to Gossip Depot Centers.
  7. Volunteer.

Always refer back to this article for official and the most updated information on how to get involved with Gossip Depot and #RebuildBlackAmerica



This article is hosted on, to learn more about #RebuildBlackAmerica please view: #RebuildBlackAmerica at

If you suspect that a #RebuildBlackAmerica-like agency is a scam or is fraudulently collecting payments, please refer to this article and contact Gossip Depot immediately at [email protected]

ONLY this article can provide you with official links, partnerships, and services representing the #RebuildBlackAmerica movement.  All other organizations, documents, agencies, and sponsors representing #RebuildBlackAmerica are scams. 

WARNING: As our movement continue to grow, bad people will attempt to exploit our movement. Please, do NOT give to any  money to fundraisers, agencies, or movements claiming to support the rebuilding Black America. 


THE ONLY WAY TO SUPPORT #RebuildBlackAmerica is to license a newsroom or newcenter only on website. 

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