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November 27, 2020, 12:41 pm

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Gossip Depot, LLC is a team of developers, coders, designers, innovators and engineers creating the best family of products and services for improve communication and the sharing of information.

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Gossip Depot Divisions 

Gossip Depot is broken up into three separate divisions. With each iteration of Gossip Depot each division is tasked with improving the way information is shared.

  2. Gossip Depot for the Workplace
  3. Gossip Depot Centers
  4. Gossip Depot Good Life social club



With Gossip Depot Gossip Depot is the community’s information center pulling information from 100+ news sources and corporate newsrooms from around the world.

Users can also add their own information to their newsrooms by inviting people such as your friends, workforce, church, team, and school to join one of your news desks.

News Desks are separate social distancing groups that you create to manage your daily interactions, projects, and communications with a group, team, or family member.

Each news desk gives you and your desk members easy to use scheduling tools and project management systems that you can use to collaborate on projects, increase productivity during hours worked, and make life easier, balanced and more enjoyable.

Once information is added to your news desks your newsroom will simplify your workloads and show you which activities in your day will cause bottlenecks in your life.

For more about Gossip Depot Software Development and Design services go to: Software Development for improving communication and information sharing


2. Gossip Depot for the Workplace

Gossip Depot for the Workplace is the best way to successfully achieving a healthy work-life balance. With Gossip Depot users get a personal newsroom that will organize your activities and information and provide you with user-friendly charts, boards, statistics and upgrades that empower you to quickly manage any conflicts and prevent you from burning yourself out.

Newsrooms are modular so schools, organizations and businesses can upgrade their personal newsroom into corporate communication newscenters that can be customized to create tailored solutions that evolve with your work force or student body’s changing needs.

Our most popular upgrade is Gossip Depot LMS - Learning Management Systems. The Gossip Depot LMS upgrade interacts with other newsrooms and news desks to share knowledge and to give their teams both formal and informal discussions and sharing of information.

For more about Gossip Depot LMS upgrades view: What is the Best Learning Management System for Schools?


3. Gossip Depot Centers

Gossip Depot Centers is a philanthropic mission to keep communities informed and connected.

Gossip Depot is the community’s information center. The more people we can get to join Gossip Depot Centers’ news desk the more relatable alerts, announcements, and call to actions we can make available to you.

WE are going door to door to answer general questions, show people how to you use their newsrooms, and discover people who want to support keeping underserved communities informed by putting Gossip Depot information centers in underserved communities across America.

With Gossip Depot centers, both youth and Adults who didn’t have access to daily news, newspaper subscriptions, and traditional means to stay properly informed during the last election will have safe productive locations close to them that will provide constant information, skills training, and mentorship opportunities.

Gossip Depot Centers will use Gossip Depot as the communication tool, team management software, and personal workspaces to keep the whole team connected, provide access to the Centers, provide  STEM skills and training, keep you informed about employment opportunities from around the community, and provide volunteer opportunities to become productive members in society.

For more about Good Life centers got to: What are Good Life centers? The Breath of the Community

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