Gossip Depot is the Best Learning Management System for Schools?

Rewarding your alumni and student body with their own online newsroom

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November 20, 2020, 10:08 pm



What is the Best Learning Management System for Education?

Gossip Depot is the best way to share information with a group. Gossip Depot improves knowledge sharing within an organization seeking to increase productivity, collaboration, and innovation. By offering social networking features (like facebook) Gossip Depot:

  1. Reduces communication barriers between students and advisors.
  2. Deliver school announcements.
  3. Provide a casual space for students to have informal conversations.
  4. Streamline training and onboarding processes.
  5. Is where students feel comfortable with expressing their ideas within groups, class projects, or online discussions.
  6. Increases donations, learning, and engagement within your workforce, student body, and alumni.

If your school is looking to improve knowledge sharing in your organization contact an Account Executive today, or login for a free demo of Gossip Depot, the knowledge sharing app for educators. 


There is nothing more synonymous with communication and engagement than gossip. 
—Will Janey, Marketing B.A. 


10 ways Gossip Depot LMS improves knowledge sharing

Gossip Depot is the best app to communicate information. Gossip Depot shares knowledge through powerful, user friendly interfaces called newsrooms. 

Colleges and Universities use newsrooms to so their student body can:

  1. Collaborate and share Ideas.
  2. Easily post assignments online.
  3. Stay informed with news from 100+ news feeds.
  4. Get access to over 20,000 articles and research materials.
  5. Search for historical content and journals.
  6. Send direct messages to other students and educators.
  7. Search for school resource materials.
  8. Archive assignments for later retrieval,
  9. Participate in online discussions,
  10. Quickly access class syllabuses.

Two additional examples of Gossip Depot knowledge sharing services include the article that you are reading, and the social platform that is hosting it (Gossip Depot). The same social platform that you can login and try out for free in minutes, without needing to speak to anyone. 


How do I upgrade my newsroom?

To upgrade your newsroom contact a trained Account Executive about upgrading your newsroom to any learning management systems (LMS), CRM, content management systems (CMS) or any system that needs to share information. Together, your school and their assigned Account Executive will redesign and develop 5 of the 6 newsroom tabs on your newsroom (News Desk, Press Kit, Store, Services, Good Life) and equip each tab with any LMS, CRM, or CMS system that your school, student body, and alumni want.

School districts, colleges and universities that switch from a competitor’s LMS before February 2021 will receive additional discounts and features.


How much is Gossip Depot LMS newsroom upgrades?

According to the industry average costs for customer-facing learning management systems range between $80,000 and $150,000 in development costs, plus an additional $100,000-$200,000 in total per user licensing fees. For comparison, Blackboard LMS costs $160,000+ in licensing fees to cover an institution. Gossip Depot LMS upgrade starts at $25,000 per solution for design and development, plus the # of  upgraded licenses needed.

For example, Students aka Starter newsroom upgrades starts at just $9.99/ month per user. There are additional discounts for HBCUs, black owned charters, veteran owned institutions, and schools licensing 1,000 or more qualifying newsrooms. 


My institution requires special certifications, will Gossip Depot get certified?

Additional certification requirements can be obtained as add-ons for your newsrooms. Costs vary depending on the certification and maintenance of the certification.


Do I need to gather any information before contacting an Account Executive?

As a boutique software development company, Gossip Depot designs and develops each upgrade unique to each individual clients needs. 

For instance, certain upgrades can include personalized design and development services where your assigned, trained Account Executive will perform an in-depth analysis of your organization or student body. 

Gossip Depot works to find out exactly how to increase communication and improve knowledge sharing and engagement. You Account Executive can even introduce team building exercises that keeps your school, student body, and alumni part of the creative direction, research, and design processes. 

Exact requirements will be discussed between you and your assigned AE. 

However, there are some standard information that will be handy to have when contacting Gossip Depot for an upgrade:

1. Licenses:

How many students, alumni, educators, and staff will need access to your institution's newsroom? This number is important as each authorized access will require a separate newsroom. For example, One licensed login = One newsroom.


2. Solutions:  

How many solutions do you need? Choose any CRM, LMS or CMS systems to upgrade to.


3. Research Materials:

 Gossip Depot’s newsrooms include access to 100+ news feeds and over 20,000 news and research articles, however you can also request additional news and research feeds.


4. Any Self-serve: 

What self-service functions do you want your students, staff, and alumni to have? For example, do you want to allow members to have reloadable accounts, access to easy to use enrollment systems, or  automate and speed up financial and operational processes.

Additionally, colleges and universities can design for separate departments. For example, develop separate designs for:

  • Student newsrooms,
  • Administrator newsrooms,
  • Teacher newsrooms,
  • Greek newsrooms,
  • Alumni newsrooms and link them together to increase engagement, provide instant communication, and build your own learning village unique to your school's spirit and colors.

Login to Try out one of our newsrooms for free and let the ideas start flowing on how your newsroom can replace your existing software and programs.

To learn more about Gossip Depot Newsrooms, Click here

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