Gossip Depot for Buisness: Developing Secure, User-friendly SaaS Products

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November 19, 2020, 5:00 pm

Key Takeaways

The top 4 reasons to switch to Gossip Depot?

  1. Gossip Depot saves businesses money.
  2. Gossip Depot replace businesses existing: outdated, inefficient, or hard to use software with secure, user friendly content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), and customer relationships management (CRM) solutions.
  3. Gossip Depot encrypts communications with the latest AES military grade encryption technologies.
  4. Gossip Depot increase business growth by increasing internet traffic to your business up to 30% with a self-publishing, built-in solution that brings customers to you.

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What is Gossip Depot SaaS for Buisness?

Gossip Depot builds SaaS products (and Platforms as a Service applications) for brands, celebrities, and companies looking to increase revenue or brand awareness up to 30%. 

A SaaS product is licensed software created to help individuals (brands) and businesses automate and manage daily operational tasks. 

Brands signup on Gossip Depot such as influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and artists and companies because they can upgrade their free online newsroom with custom made SaaS solutions using existing resources and budgets.

Brands and companies can take advantage of community benefits that Gossip Depot provides to users who sign up on Gossip Depot


What type of SaaS platform is Gossip Depot?

Gossip Depot is a CMS platform for marketers, advertisers, and educators. 

Gossip Depot content management system is the most robust content management system (CMS) in the world offering content as a service architecture in cloud computing for Brand Awareness services and user friendly SaaS products and services that customers want to use.

 Gossip Depot uses a freemium-model powered by a cloud base, powerful custom CRM architecture. By using Gossip Depot clients can:

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How to use Gossip Depot CRM

When brands and companies post on Gossip Depot, Gossip Depot creates proprietary news articles, podcasts, blurbs, and stories that bring customers directly to you, your online newsroom, your website, an external blog website, other social media sites, and even your place of business.


How do I get started publishing on Gossip Depot?

When you are ready to publish content, promote a product, or advertise on Gossip Depot simply login and push the pink “start here” button in the top right corner. Next, select the type of gossip that you want. Currently, users who sign up on Gossip Depot can select one of four types of gossips to publish: 

  1. blurbs,
  2. articles,
  3. books, and
  4. podcasts with new features being developed daily.

After selecting the gossip type advertisers and storytellers can input their desired information into industry required fields that will automatically start driving customers to your gossip’s message or story in as little as a few days or more. 

Once gossips are published clients can check their news desk to see detailed analytics such as how many views your post received and to manage gossips individually.


With Gossip Depot you can focus on running your business and sparking innovation and let your story and brand speak for itself.


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Why choose Gossip Depot to replace my existing CRM, LMS, and CMS programs?

Storing your data on Gossip Depot gives you a secure platform that includes the latest military grade AES encryption technologies to keep the transfer of your data, workflows, and communications secure and private. 

Gossip Depot even provides self serve backup and retrieval technologies that eliminates any threat of ransomware. 

Additionally, Gossip Depot is built on top of a social network architecture giving companies the ability to communicate privately and securely with other staff and members on your team. 


How much is Gossip Depot Content Management Systems (CMS)?

While it’s free to signup and publish content, Pro licensing plans starts for as little as $9.99/user per month; while Premium plans begin at $1,450/ user per month. 

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Does Gossip Depot have any promotions? 

For a limited time only, Gossip Depot will price match any existing CRM, CMS, or learning management system monthly price that you or your company is paying for and build you user-friendly custom solutions that comes with amenities.

For HBCUs Gossip Depot will also beat any learning management system monthly price up to 20% in qualifying discounts. This will result in an immediately increase in monthly profits using your existing resources and budgets. 


Article Overview

Top 10 reasons to use Gossip Depot:

  1. Find customers who are searching for your services.
  2. Target customers by region or country.
  3. Establish a brand; or refine an existing one.
  4. Discover financial and operational waste and abuse within an organization.
  5. Create secure CMS, CRM, or LMS for your organization.
  6. For existing companies contact a Gossip Depot account executive and Gossip Depot will price match and beat our competitors price for any content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), or customer relationships management (CRM) solutions that you are currently paying for.
  7. Gossips bring potential buyers to you and your business.
  8. Generate media links to use within your gossips
  9. Get research material from 100+ news sources, periodicals, and scientific journals about your industry. Easily request gossips from national approved publications that what we don’t have.
  10. Get an advance content management system to manage your gossips without using 3rd party software.

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