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MeChat is the best place for freelance writers to try writing for the first time. MeChat also provides easy to use writing tools that will engage your readers, capture your voice, and do remote writing on the go.

MeChat newsroom services also includes:

  • Basic research from over $100+ News sources
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  • Unlimited editorial revisions
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  • Add Featured Media
  • Add the major types of media: Audio files, photos, gifs, and video
  • Free URL links to place your blogs on your website or on social media

No creeps or pedophiles allowed. This is a happy forward thinking community, Thanks 😊

MeChat is the best blogging platform to write online

Get 100+ News Feeds and read all types of Good Gossip free OR Create Your Own Media with: Guest Posts, Article Submission Services and more.

  • SEO B2B content
  • Press Release
  • Articles For Facebook Post
  • Articles For Twitter tweets
  • LinkedIn Article/Profile writing
  • Newsletter
  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Editorial content
  • White papers, and more.

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Why do you want to use MeChat?

MeChat is the Technology Businesses love

MeChat community offers an inclusive blogging platform for brands, innovators and writers, specifically for our clients, partners, investors, and the Good Life members. The platform offers social clubs, Growth hacks, upgradable newsrooms, prospect list building, and comprehensive resource guides.

MeChat Branding platform is as a great introduction to content management systems, learning management systems, CRM software development, guest blogging, SEO basics, content marketing, and our Good Life political club that offers additional opportunities on and off the site.

Login to MeChat daily to grow your buisness and exchange ideas, expertise, stories and advice with industry leaders, peers, and like-minded professionals. Apply Now today and receive complimentary access to standard business tools including 100+ news feeds and 19,000+ articles to keep you informed in your local community and what’s happening around the world.

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Shareable Content

Promote your blog as soon as you post to generate leads and build your social media presence.


Target keywords in your blog that can link to your social media profile, another article, or back to your website.

SEO Blog Writing

Host SEO articles, SEO blurbs, SEO stories, and SEO podcasts that improve your search engine rankings. With SEO best practices build up your online presence and drive traffic to your website using online searches from search engines around the world.

Add Meta Information

Increase your audience, views, and get more clicks on your blog by adding keywords, catchy headlines, and other related metadata.

Unlimited Revisions

Get unlimited editorial revisions to meet your SEO strategies for your targeted audience.

You're the owner

MeChat is one of the largest providers of user-generated content. You retain ownership of content written, published, and distributed through MeChat.

Newsrooms create Brand Awareness

Our community average 3,000 unique views per day. When you join MeChat Community Hub for Brands you can leverage your online newsrooms to build brand awareness, increase engagement, retention and long-term business growth. Use MeChat social tools to:

  • get user feedback
  • gain insights on your business
  • connect with other members in the community who can become future customers
  • Obtain customer and market research.

Case Studies for Good Gossip

case study 1

How Good Gossip helps business and leadership

case study 2

Good vs Bad Gossip

case study 3

Using Good gossip for positive reinforcement


How to get started

MeChat is for people looking to draw in readers, viewers, and customers to their online journey. To get started telling your Brand’s story is free and easy.


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