The Rise of Signal !

Signal got huge number of new users from WhatsApp, thanks to new privacy policy & Elon Musk's tweet ...

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January 11, 2021, 5:21 pm

WhatsApp decided to update its privacy policy and terms of service, last week. Many users received a notice from the app. The changes will apply after a month, after which users who do not accept the new privacy policy will not be able to use the application.

The tech journalists throughout the world warned the users that if they accept the new privacy policy then their data from WhatsApp will be shared with Facebook. Edward Snowden and many other security researchers warned the public about the use of WhatsApp and other messengers many times in the past few years. The last nail in the coffin was hit by none other than Elon Musk, the world’s richest man.

Elon musk sent the following tweet:

Use Signal

Elon Musk is followed by almost 42 million Twitter users. This tweet was sent on Jan 7, 2021 and suddenly the world, acting on the advice of the billionaire, went on to download the “Signal” App from their respective app stores. This caused a sudden surge in the traffic and Signal had to immediately install new servers to cater to this huge traffic influx. The records were shattered and in many countries “Signal” became the top application, soon after. 

Signal took full use of this opportunity and provided excellent service to its new user-base coming from its biggest competitor. Signal responded with the below tweet:

We continue to shatter traffic records and add capacity as more and more people come to terms with how much they dislike Facebook's new terms. If you weren't able to create a new group recently, please try again. New servers are ready to serve you.

Unlike other messenger applications, Signal does not collect any information from its users, which can then be sold to advertisers subsequently. In fact Signal is the only application which is safe from the advertisers, government and spy agencies.

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