Bodyguard: A Free AI Based Moderation Tool For All !

Bodyguard is the ultimate moderation tool for individual users and website owners ...

Article By Betallion44

January 21, 2021, 6:15 pm

The internet can be a toxic place sometimes, especially the comments section of social media websites. The comments could be racist, promote hate speech, insults, body shaming, sexual harassment etc. 

Although different websites try to impose some rules, and try to ban or remove hurtful and offensive comments, through moderation, but unfortunately this is a passive approach. This reactive behavior cannot guarantee a 100% success rate in making the internet a safe place for all the users, as the comments need to be flagged by enough users, before they are removed and/or that user blocked.

Bodyguard is an app which uses strong AI and could automatically hide such comments from your eyes, while you browse the internet. This app has developed and perfected an algorithm which can detect and hide such offensive content, with almost 95% accuracy. There might be some false positives around 2%, but this is a very acceptable margin of error.

The user will just need to download the application and set his preferences, for the level and categories of moderation. That's it, after that the app will work on its own and the user does not need to open the app ever again.

This app is currently capable of hiding offensive content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. The support of other platforms might be added soon, as currently their APIs have some limitations.

This application is not just a keyword based moderation solution rather it tries to understand each sentence/comment contextually. This is why its effectiveness is much higher than the traditional solutions.

The company has also launched a commercial product which can be used by website owners to keep their comments sections clean and friendly. Bodyguard has chosen a subscription model for its business customers, but for individual users it is free to use without any in-app purchases.

Bodyguard could be a very handy tool for website owners to keep their web-pages clean from offensive content, and protect the general public and in creating a safe space for all the users.

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