Apple to Enter Virtual Reality Market by 2022 !

Apple is hard at work in developing a next generation VR headset with cutting edge technologies ...

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January 21, 2021, 4:01 pm

Virtual Reality is gradually picking up pace among the consumers. Although it is still a niche market but due to its applications in entertainment, gaming and productivity, its boom is just around the corner. 

A recent news report from Bloomberg has revealed that Apple could launch a Virtual Reality (VR) headset in the year 2022. It was further revealed that Apple is working on next generation powerful chips which would allow for an industry leading VR experience. It seems that the chips which might be used in Apple’s VR headset could be even more powerful than the ones used in the latest MacBooks (M1 Mac Processors).

It was reported that Apple tried various prototype designs for its VR headset, and most were discarded due to bulky and uncomfortable designs. Apple might go with a soft fabric design for the headsets to reduce the weight significantly. 

Moreover, it was revealed that Apple could potentially finalize a design which would also include an in-built fan for VR headset. It is very unlike Apple, because recently Apple is determined to launch products which have the least amount of mechanical parts like fan-less MacBooks etc.

Apple’s VR headset will be based on Oculus Quest’s technology, and would include external cameras to enable tracking of hand movements. Going by Apple’s past practice and industry norms, this VR headset could be one of the most expensive VR devices in the world. This could also become Apple’s cash cow after launch due to high profitability of these devices.

It is a known fact that Apple was always very excited when it came to VR /AR technologies. It is reported that currently a team of around 1000 people is hard at work in developing a next generation VR headset at Apple. Let us see if Apple can conquer this segment of the market as well and become a market leader of VR technology.

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