The Tech Giants Applaud, Biden Administration's Executive Orders !

Joe Biden has signed 17 executive orders on his first day at office, two of these were related to immigration...

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January 21, 2021, 6:49 pm

Well, President Biden, has already started making progressive and productive changes, through his new administration, via the executive orders, from the very first day in his office. It was reported that he has signed seventeen executive orders in just a single day. Most of these executive orders are regarding reversing the decisions made by Donald Trump during his time in the office. At Least two of these orders were related to immigration rules, and reversal of travel bans on some Muslim-countries. It seems, in no time, Biden would control and fix the damage by the outgoing President. It was further reported that the Biden administration is hard at work, in bringing a new immigration bill, which would benefit more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The CEO of Google welcomed these new initiatives and expressed his support as stated below.

“We applaud @POTUS‘s quick action on COVID relief, the Paris Climate Accord, and immigration reform. Google has supported action on these important issues & we look forward to working with the new administration to help the US recover from the pandemic + grow our economy.”

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, commented on this initiative regarding immigration,

“We welcome President Biden’s commitment to pursuing comprehensive immigration reform that reflects the American values of justice, fairness and dignity. This effort will strengthen American communities and the pathways to opportunity this country has long fostered,”

“In the weeks and months to come, business leaders look forward to working with the Administration, as well as Democrats and Republicans in Congress, to achieve bipartisan, practical and comprehensive solutions to fix our broken immigration system, including a permanent solution for Dreamers that includes a path to citizenship.”

The other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter were also very vocal about these new initiatives and progressive executive orders, by the Biden administration. It seems, Biden would create history, and could potentially be among one of the best Presidents, the US has ever had.

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