Password Security Check Tool is Now Live on "Chrome 88" !

Google has added password security check tool to latest Chrome Build , along with other features...

Article By Betallion44

January 20, 2021, 1:34 pm

The most difficult task in the current world is remembering the user names and passwords of each and every website and service used by the person. This creates an issue where there are so many passwords/usernames to remember, that the persons eventually try to keep the same password or a variant for that password and use it on various websites. This practice creates a security issue where hackers if break one of the passwords can try a variation of passwords on all other services to crack them.

The Chrome 88 is going online for desktop and mobile versions. This addresses this issue particularly. This Chrome build adds a lot of features but the most important one is regarding security of passwords. The Chrome 88 adds a functionality where all passwords on any website are checked for possible security breach or weak password theoretically. But it goes one step ahead and provides links for each of such passwords online to be changed from the same window. This makes it super user friendly to change all the weak or breached passwords in a very easy manner. 

Furthermore, the changed passwords can be remembered by google, so in practice a user only has to remember one super hard password for google and google can take care of remembering all the passwords on all other websites/services.

This feature is currently available to desktop and mac users, and is also available to iPhone and iPad users as well. Google in a blog post also addressed that this functionality will arrive soon on Android devices as well. This password safety check tool by google is estimated to be used more than 14 million times each week. This eventually leads to a significant decrease in compromised or weak password credentials in chrome. 

The other significant features include a light and dark themes option, and all the prompts will be less intrusive, thus enhancing browsing experience significantly.

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